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Yammed if you do, Yammed if you dont

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Owlpatrol Wed 30-Jan-19 07:15:03

Yammers thread 10!

Yammer rules:

A safe place for those of you who have been trying to conceive for 6+ months and even yams aren’t helping. Come and have a good ol’ bitch and a moan without judgement. Please read the rules before posting!

The Yam Commandments are as follows;

- Thou shalt not arrive one day and post BFP next day

- Thou shalt not give advice to others when TTC for one month only

- Thou shalt not participate in one-up-manship and realise TTC is shit for everyone in different ways

- Thou shall allow posters to be fucked off with the world and everything in it at regular points in the month

- Thou shalt not be offended by strong language

- Thou shalt not tell everyone to eat yams

- Thou shall accept being called a muppet for testing at 7dpo at 9pm at night

- Thou shalt not symptom spot during the two week wait and must be prepared for a telling off if you do so.

-Thou shalt not post pictures of positive pregnancy tests. We will be delighted to hear about it but no photos, please and thank you

Owlpatrol Wed 30-Jan-19 07:18:20


cupcakesandglitter Wed 30-Jan-19 09:00:00

Thanks for the new thread @Owlpatrol 😊 I'd definitely just go for it - plus a new job could make you happier and might be what you need to take your mind off the stress off ttc for a bit x

impatientmammy Wed 30-Jan-19 11:55:54

Thanks for the new thread @Owlpatrol
Af is here and tbh I'm released to have some certainty I'm wondering if the weird spotting may have been something to do with the chemical last month 🤔 anyway I'm having a month off now thanks to OH's work schedule but tbh I think it's gunna do me good. I'll still be here though and also last cycle compared to this I drank grapefruit juice and we BDd one extra day before the static smiley. Fingers crossed for yous 🤞😆 x

Owlpatrol Wed 30-Jan-19 12:36:07

You're all welcome. I'm planning to test this week and then go from there. Cramps haven't started yet, but I don't feel pregnant (not that I'd know what that feels lol!)

JustLikeTheySaid Wed 30-Jan-19 17:49:31

Hi all. Thanks for the new thread.

One set of bloods done and now just waiting for ovulation so I can have the next set done at 7DPO.

Haven't heard from my GP so I'm assuming they will ring if there is a problem? Blood taken Friday and I haven't heard (Wednesday). Not sure how long blood results take tbh.

NoseringGirl Wed 30-Jan-19 18:11:56

Hello all! Do you mind if I join? I've stalked these threads before (in the least creepy way possible grin) as I've previously struggled with TTC and could relate (was on a similarly thread last time around) but didn't feel like I could join as I hadn't been trying that long. I'm very fortunate in that I have two children already. They both took nearly 18 months each to conceive (my oldest is a clomid baby). We're pushing our luck by trying for #3 now. I have PCOS and DH had rubbish morphology (2% when tested back in 2012). We've been trying since May last year. I was very excited/shocked when I got a BFP on our second cycle but that sadly ended in a chemical. My cycles went mad after that, including one that went over 90 days. I'm CD1 now after another very long cycle (54 days) but I'm fairly certain I actually ovulated which was progress. I use an Ava bracelet to track which I like a lot more than using a bbt thermometer.
Sorry that intro was longer than I was intending!

Owlpatrol Wed 30-Jan-19 18:42:50

@JustLikeTheySaid just letting you know I had to chase my doctor constantly just to be told my results were "normal so if wait for your second set then ring them up x

@NoseringGirl welcome seen you before smile xx

impatientmammy Wed 30-Jan-19 22:08:31

@Owlpatrol I "feel pregnant" for at least one day every cycle 😂 I wouldn't go by that. When do you think your AF would be due?
Welcome @NoseringGirl I recognise your name too sorry your still ttc but I hope you find this so be a supportive thread. X

cupcakesandglitter Wed 30-Jan-19 22:26:09

hey @noseringgirl sorry to see you on here too x

@justliketheysaid I'm the same as owl, had to chase my GP up - got told it was all normal too (even though my day 21 bloods showed I was yet to ovulate and AF turned up a week later)

sorry AF came @impatientmammy but glad you have your answer, being in limbo is the worst x

BGDino Thu 31-Jan-19 01:04:39

Thanks for new thread @Owlpatrol

Welcome @noseringgirl!

@JustLikeTheySaid sorry you’re being given a run around with your bloods

@impatientmammy hugs!

Today is 2 weeks until I see my fertility specialist. Going a bit mad with the wait tbh. And the fear that the ovulation induction won’t work this time. And that even if it works I’ll miscarry again.

Am on 28 days oestrogen/progesterone from my obstetrician to clean out the lining (?) and get a withdrawal bleed. Should finish just before fertility specialist appointment. Usually get given 5 days progesterone to get a withdrawal bleed before the letrozole to force ovulation, hoping I can skip that and just get on with it since I’ve had the 28 days!

38 degrees in Sydney today!!! Thank goodness for aircon!

impatientmammy Thu 31-Jan-19 05:41:26

@BGDino I can see why your scared try and face one fear at time. You've been through so much lately, your doing amazing and hopefully soon you'll have a happy health pregnancy and a healthy little one to show for it x

Aph413 Thu 31-Jan-19 08:54:29

Just checking in to the thread, we're still taking a break from ttc but I like to keep up with you all

impatientmammy Thu 31-Jan-19 15:29:50

Hope your doing ok @Aph413 x

JustLikeTheySaid Thu 31-Jan-19 17:56:22

I am absolutely destroyed with nerves that I might have chlamydia and have destroyed my insides and not known sad I know this is ridiculous to be so worried about because before I saw it on the blood test form it hadn't even occurred to me to worry about... But still I am utterly panicked. I don't know how to calm down, I'm convinced I have ruined my life.

Was sexually abused as a child and am convinced they could have given me it or anything tbh and I would never have known. Feeling so stupid and dirty and panicked even though I know there is no point in worrying.

strawberrye Thu 31-Jan-19 18:45:06

Hello yammers! Thanks for the new thread @Owlpatrol. Fell of the last one, have been really busy with work and also don't feel I have much to add as we're not TTC at the moment whilst I wait for my thyroid to get back into healthy range.

@JustLikeTheySaid I'm really sorry to hear about your previous abuse and can't imagine how difficult that must be. I don't know if it will bring you any comfort but testing for chlamydia is a standard part of fertility testing for both men and women so it's just part of the normal workup. When do you find out the results?

cupcakesandglitter Thu 31-Jan-19 18:46:15

@JustLikeTheySaid please please try not to beat yourself up about it - it is routine but I can understand why you're panicking. Don't think of yourself as dirty for something you've had zero control over - panicking is going to make you feel much worse and bring up all of those memories again. When do you get your results? X

LondonKez Thu 31-Jan-19 20:12:46

Hi ladies,

Hoping to join too! I've lurked a little and recognise a few names from similar threads.

I'm CD8 of cycle 15. We've only been using OPKs and bbt for the last 7 cycles, but it's been 15 long cycles in total. I've had a lot of spotting over the last few cycles so been referred for a smear. If that comes back all clear, my GP has promised to get things moving with fertility testing.

I'm so sorry @JustLikeTheySaid. I know chlamydia testing is a common part of the process, but I understand that it must be difficult if you've had previous trauma. I hope you get your results soon x

JustLikeTheySaid Thu 31-Jan-19 20:22:03

Thanks for all the support ladies. Receptionist said if I ring back tomorrow they might have them. She wasn't totally sure but they were taken a week ago tomorrow so fingers crossed. I'm going to go in after work I think and ask for a print out so I can actually understand what they all mean. I have no real reason to believe I have chlamydia but I'm just totally panicked. This whole process is horrific - so much focus on my body and what it should or should not be doing is so traumatic and now I am convinced there is something wrong and bleeugghhh.

In other news I am cutting out sugar and dairy from tomorrow (or at least limiting it) so we will see how that goes!

NoseringGirl Thu 31-Jan-19 20:39:28

Thanks @impatientmammy and @cupcakesandglitter

@BGDino I don't think could cope with that heat! I hope the next couple of weeks pass quickly for you.

@JustLikeTheySaid I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope you can get all your test results quickly to put your mind at ease.
I've been cutting out sugar too and I think it's already having a positive effect on my body.

Hello @LondonKez best of luck with this cycle. I hope your GP gets the testing sorted soon or even better that this will be your lucky cycle and you won't need it!

FairyAnn Thu 31-Jan-19 20:43:42

Hello again Yammers! Been a while since I've been on these threads as we're currently in our 1st cycle of IVF

Hoping 2019 is a better year for all of us 😊

Owlpatrol Fri 01-Feb-19 18:35:29

Awww so sorry to hear that @JustLikeTheySaid did you get a result today?

I've had a busy few days, went to the interview yesterday after testing in the morning and bfn obvs, so waiting to hear back from the interview. Work busy so hoping to hear something early next week then af due anyway. Trying to chill out this weekend and not think about it all! Way easier said than done!!

SuziQ10 Fri 01-Feb-19 21:54:44

Hi all

Now on for 7 months of ttc.
Getting fed up. Trying to stay positive but I actually think I should maybe give my self a break from the ttc if it doesn't happen by Easter. A few months off might help me to recompose myself and relax a bit. Have been finding the two week waits very emotional.

Clumsykitten Fri 01-Feb-19 22:21:11

Hello. Can I join your thread? I’m TTC #1 and have had two MC, but the last was now almost a year ago, and I’m starting to think the TTC bit may be a bigger problem. Going to the GP in a week or so, and need some encouragement to stick to my guns. I’m worried about being fobbed off as I don’t fit the criteria for recurrent miscarriage but I have conceived so they may not want to refer for fertility investigations. Any suggestions?

Also, I’m reading mentions of yams and grapefruit juice and am feeling very ignorant. Where do you guys read up about this stuff?

Clumsykitten Fri 01-Feb-19 22:27:40

@justliketheysaid - I hope you get an answer soon. I can’t imagine how hard this must all be for you with that extra trauma to deal with.

@SuziQ10 - I hear you! It’s exhausting isn’t it? The whole trying - waiting - hoping - disappointment thing is a lot to go through every 28ish days... I have read some people saying that stopping TTC for a bit has really helped them.

Hope you others are ok too. Hello @strawberrye 👋

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