to do the school run in my pyjamas?!!

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conversebootmum Thu 07-Feb-08 17:32:42

come on!! Be absolutely honest. how many of you have thrown that fleece over the top of your jimmys and done the school run?! I have many a time, in fact did it this very morning, but bit embarassing when the teacher came and asked me a question about DS and noticed the winnie the pooh sticking out the bottom of my jeans!

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OverMyDeadBody Thu 07-Feb-08 17:35:57

I've never done this but we walk to school and I go straight to work from there.

I think if school was a drive away, and I didn't have to get out of the car or go to work, I might be tempted!

Sounds like something out of a Raffaella Barker book grin

Buda Thu 07-Feb-08 17:36:05

No. Can't understand it TBH. If you had time to put on jeans you had time to take off your PJs.

Vacua Thu 07-Feb-08 17:37:07

the jeans on top of pyjamas is a bit puzzling

not exactly unreasonable, just difficult to understand

conversebootmum Thu 07-Feb-08 17:42:58

soz, should explain. Cold frosty morning, those thin cotton pj's and then whack my baggy jeans straight over the top. Straight out the door into the car. On a good day DS goes in on his own. On a bad one, I have to get out of the car and walk in with him. Once back home, I have my bath and get ready for the day. It was to keep warm and save time!!

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MarmiteMe Thu 07-Feb-08 17:55:35

I do it most days, I see nothing wrong with it. I get ready for the day when DD is at school, it's easier that way

chocfest Thu 07-Feb-08 17:59:54

I've done it too!! In the afternoon..........well I do work nights!


Bellavita Thu 07-Feb-08 18:05:51

Haven't done it, but certainly see nothing wrong with it.

The post just made me laugh as I thought back to a work colleague many years ago. She was going on a night out and had to pick up her friend so they could get ready together. However she had rollers in her hair and dressing gown on when she went to collect the said friend. Only she went above the speed limit and yes you've guessed it was stopped by a policeman.

Don't think he quite saw her urgency on "I am late picking up my friend and we will be late going out!"

MarsLady Thu 07-Feb-08 18:06:56

I know someone who does that regularly. Sadly I can't as we walk to school and by the time we get there and back for playgroup it's about lunchtime!

scottishmummy Thu 07-Feb-08 18:15:06

Get a grip!Pyjama mama=scummy mummy.what next fags and curlers on the school runhmmshock
Minging lazy and gross...i am not the only person appalled by this slovenly behaviour

Head teacher begs pyjama mamas to put clothes on

3Ddonut Thu 07-Feb-08 18:15:12

I've never done it and can't see why you can't just 'throw some clothes on'

Mind you, I do sleep Naked!!!!! grin

lou33 Thu 07-Feb-08 18:16:06

i do this all the time

3Ddonut Thu 07-Feb-08 18:18:36

I'm embarrased when I have my scruffs on, I couldn't bear wearing PJ's to school, I'm not as snobby as I sound btw!!!

scottishmummy Thu 07-Feb-08 18:18:53

head teacher begs pyjama mamas put eyr clothes on

So many women in Belfast take their children to and from school while still dressed in their pyjamas that a headmaster has appealed to them to show some respect.

Joe McGuinness, principal of St Matthew’s primary in Short Strand, a Roman Catholic working-class enclave of East Belfast, was moved to action after seeing as many as 50 mothers arriving at the school gates in their nightwear.

In a bulletin to parents, Mr McGuinness wrote: “Over recent months the number of adults leaving children at school and collecting children from school dressed in pyjamas has risen considerably.

noddyholder Thu 07-Feb-08 18:23:19

I don't do the school run now but often wore pjs.I was either in those or dressed up with make up and everything no moderation for me grin

DualCylinderCod Thu 07-Feb-08 18:23:38

i did htis morning

noddyholder Thu 07-Feb-08 18:24:40

If tehy are decent you can disguise them

chocfest Thu 07-Feb-08 18:25:04

have to admit to the odd fag, but not the rollers!

sagacious Thu 07-Feb-08 18:25:51

I judge you

chocfest Thu 07-Feb-08 18:27:03

and anyway, how do we know what the headmaster is wearing under his trousers, yesterdays skankies, or commando.!

CoteDAzur Thu 07-Feb-08 18:29:59

Why can't you put on a top & jeans as your DS eats breakfast?

You do prepare some breakfast for him, don't you?

DualCylinderCod Thu 07-Feb-08 18:30:37

i was ill
and was intenfin to go back to bed
no one saw me
i dropepd em at the agte

GrapefruitMoon Thu 07-Feb-08 18:34:14

I saw someone ^picking up^ from school in PJs and dressing gown recently shock

workstostaysane Thu 07-Feb-08 18:35:56

NO NO NO. PJs on the school run is all kinds of WRONG.
Not do not judge, J'Accuse!!!

chocfest Thu 07-Feb-08 18:36:31

good on them! Think the dressing gown bit is hilarious! Love it!

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