Has my date stolen my keys??

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Wilhelmine Sun 28-Nov-21 23:48:13

I’ve just come home with a guy I’ve been for a few dates with after a couple of drinks and we’ve had a coffee and he’s gone home. We’ve been getting on great and knew each other before as acquaintances. He’s a bit intense but nothing scary until tonight when he said “I don’t know what I’d do if this doesn’t work out”. Now I’ve just got ready for bed and can’t find my keys anywhere. I’m well organised and tidy and always know where things are. I’ve messaged him to ask if he picked them up by mistake but no reply. Am I being daft to think he might have taken them? If I can’t find them in the morning I’ll have to get the locks changed and I really don’t want to have to do that.....

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Lockheart Sun 28-Nov-21 23:51:01

Have you left them in the lock?

It's more than a bit of a stretch to assume your date has taken the. The overwhelming odds suggest you've put them down somewhere.

TurnUpTurnip Sun 28-Nov-21 23:51:54

I think it’s more likely you’ve misplaced them tbh

WeAreTheHeroes Sun 28-Nov-21 23:53:02

You definitely had them to get in the house? Sure they're not in a coat pocket or your handbag? Fallen on the floor somewhere? Still in the lock outside? If in none of those places it sounds as though he's got them. Change the locks. You can change the barrel yourself without needing to get a locksmith out. If you have an alarm, change the code now and put it on overnight. He might have picked them up absent mindedly or there could be a more sinister motive.

Wilhelmine Sun 28-Nov-21 23:53:05

No not in the lock. Wouldn’t think it’s him apart from the scary comment earlier and the fact that he was really full on when we first got together...

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Justmuddlingalong Sun 28-Nov-21 23:53:17

I think it's more likely that you've put them down somewhere without thinking if you've come in chatting together. Try and calm down and start at the outside of the front door, working your way around.

Unreasonabubble Sun 28-Nov-21 23:54:36

If in doubt, put a wedge under the door. Find something that would stop someone coming in unannounced.


OnlyClothes Sun 28-Nov-21 23:54:43

Are you safe to be there tonight? Can you wedge the door shut with something? Are your car keys on the key ring too?

JustaPOV Sun 28-Nov-21 23:55:42

Listen to your gut. He obviously makes you feel uncomfortable and so if there’s any chance that he might have them, set your alarm overnight and change locks tomorrow if keys don’t show up.

lightandshade Sun 28-Nov-21 23:55:43

My ex did this to me. Do you have a spare key you can leave in the lock ? Till
You find them or change the lock ?

Wilhelmine Sun 28-Nov-21 23:55:46

I’m hoping he picked them up absent-mindedly but will have to call him in the morning to check if he doesn’t answer my text. Fuckity fuck don’t want to have to go to the expense of changing the lock....

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TurnUpTurnip Sun 28-Nov-21 23:57:01

Surely she can double lock the door so even if he did have them he couldn’t get in?

Justmuddlingalong Sun 28-Nov-21 23:58:02

Are your locks covered by home insurance?

2catsandhappy Sun 28-Nov-21 23:58:04

Most likely you put them somewhere unexpected as you were not in your ususal routine.
Otherwise, did you leave him alone? Did he suddenly rush off?
Can you find something to wedge under the door and leave the sitting room light on all night?

MaryAndGerryLivingInDerry Sun 28-Nov-21 23:58:14

Can you lock the door from inside so it can’t be opened with a key from outside? What about your car key? Is it on the house keys?

Honeyroar Sun 28-Nov-21 23:58:15

I’m sure they’ll turn up.

Wilhelmine Sun 28-Nov-21 23:58:47

Have looked everywhere, house very tidy so am sure I would have found them. I’ve got bolts on the doors so don’t feel that unsafe.

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TurnUpTurnip Sun 28-Nov-21 23:59:44

There’s really no need for the hysteria you’ve more than likely put them down somewhere, double lock the door if you are worried pretty much all doors can be double locked from the inside, you obviously felt comfortable enough with him to invite him back to yours

WindowsSmindows Mon 29-Nov-21 00:01:59

Listen to your gut.
Do you want to call someone to stay with you tonight?
Get the locks changed tomorrow.

Wilhelmine Mon 29-Nov-21 00:02:14

Can’t lock from inside as can’t find keys but have bolts.

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RaininSummer Mon 29-Nov-21 00:02:30

I hope he doesn't have your keys but it's possible. I don't like what he said though. Very intense and concerning I think.

Beckert Mon 29-Nov-21 00:03:44

There’s really no need for the hysteria you’ve more than likely put them down somewhere, double lock the door if you are worried pretty much all doors can be double locked from the inside, you obviously felt comfortable enough with him to invite him back to yours

Well clearly the op doesn't feel comfortable now. With her keys missing. And the weird comments. Hardly hysterical. Are you the date? 🙄

Wilhelmine Mon 29-Nov-21 00:04:20

Yes @RaininSummer, we’ve only been dating for a few weeks. I’ll have another quick look for the keys now....

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Wafflesnsniffles Mon 29-Nov-21 00:07:01

How did you drive home/get back into your house without your keys? (practical question!)
Im with you op Id be tempted to replace them too.

MaryAndGerryLivingInDerry Mon 29-Nov-21 00:07:02

Check your bag and the pockets of everything you were wearing. Down the sofa, under the sofa. In the fridge, the bin, any cupboards you opened to get glasses etc.

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