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Rocktheboot Mon 14-Oct-19 10:09:31

Show us your butter dishes!!

mine is really boring. I'll find a picture

Oooopsa Mon 14-Oct-19 10:11:04

All these butter posts are very childish

Rocktheboot Mon 14-Oct-19 10:11:12

it's kind of like this but cream coloured with 'butter' written on either side

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Mon 14-Oct-19 10:14:03

I don’t have one any more. I just cut a chunk of dromona from the block and put it into one of those plastic takeaway tubs.

WeirdCatLady Mon 14-Oct-19 10:15:46

Oooopsa - feel free not to post on them then hmm

Rocktheboot Mon 14-Oct-19 10:16:20

yet you have posted on all of them @oooopsa

Baguetteaboutit Mon 14-Oct-19 10:16:44

You know, I really miss butter. I don't know how we got in the habit of just picking up spread as a default. I think I need a butter dish in my life.

YouFellAsleeep Mon 14-Oct-19 10:17:19

This is mine.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 14-Oct-19 10:18:11

I have the glass cow dish. You all know what it looks like.

And I don't think these posts are childish at all. The more people who know the difference between butter and spread/margarine the better.

When I rule the world it will be a hanging offence to try and pass off spread as butter or try to claim that you've 'run out of butter' when you are a supermarket cafe. Asda, I'm looking at you.

No-one wants anything but actual butter on crumpets or scones, vegans and dairy allergic excepted, obviously.

Rocktheboot Mon 14-Oct-19 10:18:19

that looks like a cat carrier @youfellasleep 🤣

Grambler Mon 14-Oct-19 10:18:23

I was looking on Amazon and ebay last night for a more exciting one - I already have a plain white crockery one. I didn't find any I liked for under £25.

Rocktheboot Mon 14-Oct-19 10:19:15

@BarbaraofSeville I don't!!

Rocktheboot Mon 14-Oct-19 10:20:44

yeah, I will need to keep buying 'spread' for DD who doesn't have dairy.bbut olive oil spread is passable, and not trying to be butter

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Mon 14-Oct-19 10:22:15

that looks like a cat carrier

That’s what I thought it was too! grin

CleanHankie Mon 14-Oct-19 10:24:17

I have 3 butter dishes blush

This one we use when we go on holiday We bought it in France one year when we realised we had nothing to keep the butter in and used it ever since as it has a handy clip on lid.
We also have a plain ceramic one and a 'Douglas' Lurpac butter dish

BarbaraofSeville Mon 14-Oct-19 10:25:00

This one. Every time there's a thread on here about butter dishes, there's usually lots of posts about the glass cow butter dish, which seems to be fairly ubiquitous.

But it seems that we use ours upside down as we treat it as a plate with a cover, rather than a dish with a lid, IYSWIM?

BarbaraofSeville Mon 14-Oct-19 10:26:17

We use a saucer and a cup as a substitute butter dish on holiday.

Tavannach Mon 14-Oct-19 10:28:31

Possibly the most boring butter dish ever.

bakingdemon Mon 14-Oct-19 10:29:59

I have this Burleigh one - I asked for a butter dish for my birthday a few years ago and my DM gave me this one. I love it. Grew up in a margarine household but was convinced that going back to the old ways was best and now only have butter.

ImNotYourGranny Mon 14-Oct-19 10:32:22

I don't have one, but if I did it'd be a French one like this.

Somerville Mon 14-Oct-19 10:32:30

We have the Emma Bridgewater Toast one, which was a wedding present. The lid has been superglued back together twice (and won’t last much longer) because my toddler has an obsession with the contents of it...

This has reminded me to ask for a new butter dish for Christmas!

TheQueef Mon 14-Oct-19 10:33:12

I have it in red with a violet spreader.
Stylish fucker that I am.

YouFellAsleeep Mon 14-Oct-19 10:33:20

😂😂 that’s so funny, I really can’t see cat carrier, but probably because I know what it is! Lol. Here’s a real life photo that might be better!

vampirethriller Mon 14-Oct-19 10:33:53

This is mine

7Worfs Mon 14-Oct-19 10:35:23

Got a plain white ceramic one picked up from Sainsbury’s years ago.
Googling now, there’s some really festive ones, but I just can’t justify buying while still having a perfectly good one.

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