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To think Grimms Rainbow is the wankiest toy?

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NapQueen Thu 27-Jul-17 23:10:51

60 quid?!?!?!

For ten ish curves of wood painted in each of the rainbow colours. For a small child. To no doubt try to shove up their nose or wedge down the loo.

I do not understand how this item is worth anywhere near 60 quid, and it has got to bw something the parents buy to try and win cred or something?

NapQueen Thu 27-Jul-17 23:11:27

clicky link sorry

abigwideworld Thu 27-Jul-17 23:12:10

I do think a lot of parents are strangely obsessed with grimms toys

LindyHemming Thu 27-Jul-17 23:13:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Floggingmolly Thu 27-Jul-17 23:20:20

It will brighten up the mantelpiece or coffee table when finally outgrown grin
Also; big enough for a child to crawl through? How big is it??

Supersoaryflappypigeon Thu 27-Jul-17 23:22:16

I saw a cheaper copy of this on fb the other day-I'd not seen this until now and I thought "What the fuck is that and who would spend £30 on it ffs?"

So you can imagine how I feel
about that one...

Namesarehard Thu 27-Jul-17 23:22:18

My toddler has the 6 piece rainbow. I didn't see the fascination myself. She absolutely loves it. She plays with it all the time. It was money well spent.

Cornettoninja Thu 27-Jul-17 23:23:44

I think they look quite good fun ....... not £60 worth of fun but fun.

If we happened across some sucker who'd bought them I'm sure dd would have a bash at them.....

thatverynightinmaxsroom Thu 27-Jul-17 23:24:55

We have one that the GPs bought for the kids. It's brilliant! They use it to make tunnels, houses, random structures, all sorts. And it is so pretty. It is hideously expensive but it's really well made and looks lovely in the house unlike plastic tat.

thatverynightinmaxsroom Thu 27-Jul-17 23:25:39

It is not however big enough for a child to crawl through! Maybe a cat...

Ellisandra Thu 27-Jul-17 23:26:18

Not sure I'd have bought it when my child was young - but I like it, can imagine her using it a lot, and I'd oat £60 for it.

I wouldn't if it was plastic, but the wooden pieces are each carved from single pieces of lime - so I can appreciate where some of the cost comes from (XH is a joiner...) and I suspect it quite beautiful to look at the continuous grain and touch it.

Think what puts me off is the dimensions - says small children could make a tunnel, but I don't see how, and tunnels would have been a big selling point to me.

I've seen plenty of hideous plastic kitchens pushing £50 - I don't think this is so bad!

toastandbutterandjam Thu 27-Jul-17 23:27:47

£60! shock shock Mind you, i'd probably have a whale of a time playing with it grin

I'm not very clued up on children's toys, but is it just painted wood? I've never even heard of Grimms until now!

CinderellaRockefeller Thu 27-Jul-17 23:28:28

Oh, if my DC were small enough I would get that, it's gorgeous. Sorry OP.

I'm not sure it would end up on the coffee table after they grew out of it though, unless that is a euphemism for eBay.

toastandbutterandjam Thu 27-Jul-17 23:28:34

Ignore me, I just read the description!

toastandbutterandjam Thu 27-Jul-17 23:29:19

I really want one now

trixymalixy Thu 27-Jul-17 23:31:21

My Dd got one for a christening present. It really is lovely. It has been well played with.

rabbitcakes Thu 27-Jul-17 23:31:30

My husband loves ours. They really are brilliant.

rosyvalentine Thu 27-Jul-17 23:32:01

I quite like this actually and I think it would probably outlast most of the overpriced plastic crap that my kids have had over the years. We used to have some small painted wooden blocks/shapes and they had endless hours of pleasure building and creating stuff with them as toddlers. Lovely memories smile

frid Thu 27-Jul-17 23:33:31

shock £28 for a coloured block set. They do one at Tiger for £10, with more pieces

TipBoov Thu 27-Jul-17 23:39:56

YES! Some people are so obsessed with grimms, I just don't get it. It's a toy made from wood.

Marlboroandmalbec34 Thu 27-Jul-17 23:40:14

Haha I have this. It's brilliant. My toddler loves stacking it and drives his cars through the tunnel and my teenage nephews love balancing it and it looks lovely on shelf.

MeltorPeltor Thu 27-Jul-17 23:43:17

Ah, it could be worse. You could be considering spending over £200 on a wooden MP3 player for your toddler:

Which I swear I am NOT, but it does look so pretty...

SilverLining17 Thu 27-Jul-17 23:44:20

See I look at this and think it looks totally shit.
But then I think: is it so shit that actually somehow it's brilliant?
Then I think no. It's shit.
I can't see what my toddler would do with it really but maybe I am wrong seeing as I am not a toddler myself.

Anon8604 Thu 27-Jul-17 23:46:00

We have one too and it gets played with so much. You can build stuff like ball runs with it and it's really versatile for imaginative play - one day bits of it are pens for zoo animals, the next it's a house and the day after that it's stepping stones across shark infested waters!

They're pricey but worth it IMO.

SilverLining17 Thu 27-Jul-17 23:47:18

Maybe my toddler lacks imagination...

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