Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 16: Calmly through the day

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MissConductUS Sun 27-Jun-21 13:08:06

I've started a new one. Please join us and share the boring and mundane things happening in your world. It will be calming for all.

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Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 27-Jun-21 13:17:34

Signing in - it smells lovely from the kitchen. DH does some form of curry.

Frownette Sun 27-Jun-21 13:19:13

Oh are we on a new one grin

I'm about to ask one of my neighbours why I get propositioned so much. He might not answer honestly of course. I feel vaguely motherly towards him, can't take him seriously. Hiccups make it very difficult to type.

soddingkitten Sun 27-Jun-21 13:45:29

Placemarking so I don’t lose you all.

We are about to sit down to Sunday lunch. We have homemade brownies with ice cream for dessert. The brownies are made with the 100% dark chocolate we bought DH for father’s day last week. It is so dark that even DH, who loves 90% dark chocolate, found it inedible. Brownies add in the necessary sugar for edibility.

MissConductUS Sun 27-Jun-21 14:44:07

Frownette, it could be a coincidence, but probably not. Pherimones perhaps, or possibly something in your body language suggests you might be approachable.

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HelenaJustina Sun 27-Jun-21 18:06:23

Leftovers for kids tea... and for me and DH later too! DC have banged out of youth group tonight, they are supposed to be having a water fight but have all decided that 18 degrees is too cold for this nonsense.

Silkiecats Sun 27-Jun-21 19:03:26

DH and DD are just back from London. Thanks for new thread.


DoctorTwo Sun 27-Jun-21 19:13:26

The 'check engine' light has come on in my car. After checking oil and coolant levels I'm struggling to know what''s wrong. I'll probably book a service and see if the garage can find out.

MissConductUS Sun 27-Jun-21 20:39:43

DoctorTwo, try tightening the cap that covers the petrol intake pipe. That can turn on the check engine light on my car.

Failing that, some auto parts stores will hook up the gadget that reads the specific code from the onboard computer. The garage will do the same thing but charge you more.

We're going to Zoom later with DD and MIL, then burgers for dinner.

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sproutsandparsnips Sun 27-Jun-21 20:50:18

DoctorTwo your post reminded me I need to replace my window washer fluid stuff.
I hope to be going to the seaside for a couple of days with a friend later this week.
Watched DS1 play rugby this morning, it was a good game to watch, although he is a timid player so not always in the thick of the action, the team played very well.
Went on a longer than expected walk this afternoon and now my feet hurt......

MissConductUS Sun 27-Jun-21 21:27:58

I just pitted and halved about two cups of cherries for dessert. We're going to have them over angel food cake with whipped cream.

I've just finished the first season of the BBC WWII period drama land Girls, about the Women's Land Army. It's been good so far, with only one badly behaved Yank. Amazon Prime suggested a UFO documentary as my next viewing suggestion. I think I'll watch the second season instead.

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MissConductUS Mon 28-Jun-21 11:54:39

Just two bits of fairly dull news. Today is my 24th wedding anniversary and we're planning a trip to see DD at uni next Saturday. She's doing tours for the admissions office that morning from 9:00 to 1:00, so we'll leave here around 11:00 and get there at 1:30ish. There's a nice restaurant in town she likes, so we'll go there for a nice meal. DS will come with us of course. They still have covid restrictions on, so I don't think we'll be able to see her room, but maybe. Campus will be mostly empty now.

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ZZTopGuitarSolo Mon 28-Jun-21 13:11:55

Congrats MissConduct and MrConduct on your anniversary.

MissConductUS Mon 28-Jun-21 13:24:59

Thank you, ZZtop. I hope your weather outlook is cooler than ours.

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doodlejump1980 Mon 28-Jun-21 13:30:11

I’ve just made scones. My house smells lovely.

HildaTablet Mon 28-Jun-21 14:35:59

I considered making scones today, doodle, but opted for a Victoria sponge instead. It's (or rather, they - I made two rather than fiddle about with splitting a single cake) currently cooling on the rack and I'll fill it with jam and cream later.

Even if opening day of Wimbledon's largely rained off, you've got to have cake.

ZZTopGuitarSolo Mon 28-Jun-21 14:38:21


Thank you, ZZtop. I hope your weather outlook is cooler than ours.

High of 91 predicted... I'm trying not to complain as I know my friends on the west coast have it much worse, but I'm sweating already!

MissConductUS Mon 28-Jun-21 14:48:50

Welcome, @doodlejump1980, and thanks for sharing your baking and olfactory news. I bake, but have never made scones, or a Victoria sponge cake for that matter. We have scones here, but I confess that I have never heard of a Victoria sponge cake.

I'm really happy about our trip to see DD. Her spending the summer on campus came as a complete surprise and we had been expecting to have her home, so it will be good to see her.

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HildaTablet Mon 28-Jun-21 15:18:03

Happy anniversary MissC

A Victoria sponge is a plain but light cake made with sugar, butter, eggs and flour. Ideally the two halves should be sandwiched with strawberry, or perhaps raspberry, jam, and whipped cream. But lemon curd will also do at a pinch, as with this previous one I made.

sueelleker Mon 28-Jun-21 15:42:52

And the weights of ingredients should be equal; ie weigh the eggs first, then use equal weights of the butter, sugar and flour.

afaloren Mon 28-Jun-21 15:58:22

I am wearing a new hoodie. It is very soft and comfortable.

I ate some lovely English strawberries while watching Wimbledon.

Driving DH to a hospital appointment shortly, then burgers for tea.

MissConductUS Mon 28-Jun-21 16:07:48

The sponge cake looks lovely. I was thinking of doing some baking this week so I'd have something to take to DD when we visit. Her favorite treat that I make is a peanut butter and chocolate swirl bar recipe.

Welcome, @afaloren, and thanks for your sartorial, fruit, and tennis news. I hope the appointment for your DH is nothing too serious.

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Frownette Mon 28-Jun-21 22:27:26

I spoke to my auntie earlier. Her son hasn't contacted her for about a year so I narrowed my eyes because he'd hurt her and texted him "hello my darling little cousin I think you're my favourite but perhaps I've forgotten, it might be cousin x instead' he would know 100% I was taking the piss

MissConductUS Tue 29-Jun-21 14:26:19

Frownette, a year? Had they had some massive row or falling out about something?

It's another really hot day here. DS is going to the beach with a few mates from high school who still live in town.

I was out watering the front garden this morning and took this close up of my lilies. The roses and cactus flowers are gone, sadly.

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Frownette Tue 29-Jun-21 16:39:39


*Frownette*, a year? Had they had some massive row or falling out about something?

It's another really hot day here. DS is going to the beach with a few mates from high school who still live in town.

I was out watering the front garden this morning and took this close up of my lilies. The roses and cactus flowers are gone, sadly.

I'm not sure what he's playing at, he's a bit of a maverick genius and retired very early after developing an algorithm for investment banking. He does absolutely love my Aunt but needs to express it so I'll need to harass him a bit more until he contacts her. She is such a love. I know how to wind him up. It'll drive him mad if I coo at him.

Neighbour amused me earlier, I was going out with black face mask on and he said "you look beautiful today" and I solemnly said back "thank you, Sir". Perhaps he was admiring my outfit because you certainly couldn't see my face

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