Snobbiest places in the UK?

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phranes Sat 15-May-21 18:59:33

Following from similar threads about overrated and underrated places in the UK... where are the snobbiest places in the UK?

From the places I've been, I'd say Harrogate, Oxford, and the rest of the Cotswolds.

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Accidentallydeletedoopsss Sat 15-May-21 18:59:53


PictureWest Sat 15-May-21 19:01:39

Harpenden! Very snobby

Do you know. I automatically went to your Chelsea... but everyone who's obviously local has always been very kind. One woman asking me with great sincerity how I was, holding newborn DS. The other chasing me up the street and handing me a blister plaster - I was walking with half my shoe off and obviously very uncomfortable

phranes Sat 15-May-21 19:07:51

Oh yes. I only know one person from Harpenden, but they were a monumental snob.

In Scotland, I would say Edinburgh.

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Hoolihan Sat 15-May-21 19:11:21


SheepPixie Sat 15-May-21 19:12:57


Splann Sat 15-May-21 19:30:01

The Scillies. I don’t think it’s the residents, just the bulk of the visitors. Mainly older people, dressed in the most expensive outdoor gear, clearly well to do, and with such a condescending and superior attitude. It’s a beautiful place though.


MrsJackPearson Sat 15-May-21 19:34:22


Whatisshe Sat 15-May-21 19:36:02


Waxonwaxoff0 Sat 15-May-21 19:40:23

Lympstone in Devon. So many snobby arseholes.

Mrsjayy Sat 15-May-21 19:42:36

Edinburgh all of it ? I can't say I've been anywhere specific that's been snobby.

MrsCremuel Sat 15-May-21 19:43:30


TheFutureIs Sat 15-May-21 19:46:17

Chichester, lots of the residents think it's tremendously posh. Having worked in a secondary school I've come across some of the worst deprivation in my career there

Partypoooooper Sat 15-May-21 19:47:22

Most places I went when dd was in a pushchair people would make room for you/step off the pavement/open doors.

Not in Holt, Norfolk, they can't even smile.

MamaWeasel Sat 15-May-21 19:47:51


MrsMoastyToasty Sat 15-May-21 19:48:25


Babdoc Sat 15-May-21 19:48:44

You can’t label the whole of Edinburgh as snobby, OP! There are some very deprived areas like Wester Hailes that are anything but. And some nice ordinary housing estates that are v friendly, like East Craigs. It would be like saying the whole of London is snobby.

PictureNest Sat 15-May-21 19:49:26

Forgot to add two actually

Basildon and Luton

newnortherner111 Sat 15-May-21 19:51:09

I'd nominate Prestbury, part of Cheltenham.

Luzina Sat 15-May-21 19:51:16

I think the snobbiest places are sometimes the nice villages near to not-so-nice towns. It’s so easy to feel “better than” in your pleasant village where the nearby town is a shithole

lurkingfromhome Sat 15-May-21 19:53:13

Laughing at the thought of Wester Hailes, Pilton and Sighthill as being “snobby”. Nothing like a good sweeping statement, eh?

Wearywithteens Sat 15-May-21 19:53:27


Letsgetreadytocrumble Sat 15-May-21 19:55:14

Luton?! confused

coffeerose Sat 15-May-21 19:57:31


HeronLanyon Sat 15-May-21 19:58:19

I need to say Crouch End. I know a lot on mn will disagree. I know it well and have for decades. Cant bear the place - at least muswell hill is a bit more obvious about it.

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