Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 10: Calmly through the day

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MissConductUS Sun 10-Jan-21 00:48:24

I've started a new one. Please join us and share the boring and mundane things happening in your world. It will be calming for all.

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Silkiechickscat Sun 10-Jan-21 00:53:34

Thank you for the new thread MissCElf

DH is now asleep, Silkiecat was not impressed with his plans to sleep at night but after a couple of short howl complaints that it was 12.30am and she required her night servant Silkiecat fell asleep.

Laura the lamp lamp is on. I'm reading about the snow in Madrid.

soddingkitten Sun 10-Jan-21 00:58:37

Lovely new thread. Thanks MissC.

Frownette Sun 10-Jan-21 01:06:04

Has Silkiecat always been this vocal? I want to take a shower but am being a wimp about the cold

NotanotherboxofFrogs Sun 10-Jan-21 01:12:15

Glad to find you again.

I started adding adult cat food to the dry kitten food tonight despite some strange looks from my puddy tats. Same amount of food measured out but over the weeks ahead it will be less kitten food and more adult cat.

Can't seem to find stock of the cat litter that is approved of, although they only use for emergencies now so will start tomorrow by adding different litter to the tray and easing off the anti bacterial and moving to absorbent wood. They are very particular about what they will put their bins in but seems to have a liking for next doors garden, he has already put one complaint into the housing officer about them but there is about 4 other cats who frequent it as well but I can't stop them completely (bar putting nappies on)

NotanotherboxofFrogs Sun 10-Jan-21 01:12:59

Bums not bins

Silkiechickscat Sun 10-Jan-21 01:22:18

It's only in past year or two Silkiecat has been this vocal - vets tests showed nothing but I wonder if she has dementia, it appears very jealously/attention by preferred staff driven though - Dh speaks to anyone she howls, Dh walks upstairs she howls, dh uses bathroom she howls, if DH is out and DS goes to bathroom she howls. If I say Silkiecat Dh is night-night so Silkiecat go nightnight she often goes to sleep. Or if he's out and I say what time he is back she can be quiet until the exact time he is due back though no idea how she know time but its often to the minute. She wants DH with her 24/7 and awake 24/7 and no-one else is good enough unless she is really desperate. She'll often attack DH on his return as punishment for leaving her then she's fine whereas she never attacks me, occassionally she lifts a paw then blinks at me then puts it down whereas DH gets bitten and scratched for a few minutes if he left her. Then he has hours of purring, cuddles, being licked.


MissConductUS Sun 10-Jan-21 01:22:52

Good heaven you all are up late. It's 1:20 AM in the UK.

A bunch of night owls you are. 👻

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Frownette Sun 10-Jan-21 01:50:29

Silkie perhaps it's change due to house stuff going on?

Rest assured @MissConductUS, I'm going to get some soup soon then should be able to sleep grin

Silkiechickscat Sun 10-Jan-21 02:09:23

I don't think its the house as we moved here 2 years ago and she purred for several months non-stop on moving here. I think she has gone almost blind from then but vet said not in their tests but she gets to food from sniffing and won't leave the one downstairs room now. We do have a fair bit of extra stuff from move so maybe that bothers her but she normally likes more stuff. She's scared of the rabbit but there's a baby gate to stop him jumping on her and keep him in a different room.

Silkiechickscat Sun 10-Jan-21 02:19:37

I think it may be dementia as when it was just me here when she would wake up she would howl and appear very confused then I would say its OK Silkiecat DH is at work and he's coming back to see you later, DS and DD are at school and they are coming back to see you later and I am here then each time she was fine. She used to sleep on DH each night but now she won't, she charges off him like he's taken her somewhere bad and goes downstairs and howls for him. She's very happy in the day and sleeps 90% of night.

Frownette Sun 10-Jan-21 02:23:16

Oh dear - that could be difficult to diagnose. Is she an elderly cat?

Silkiechickscat Sun 10-Jan-21 02:28:14

She's 16

Silkiechickscat Sun 10-Jan-21 02:40:27

When we had about £1k of tests done on her (heart, eyes, brain scan, blood tests), all the vet could do was a renal diet but they said they didn't think she had that long left between a few weeks and a few years sad

Frownette Sun 10-Jan-21 02:58:20

Aw, it's so sad to be told that sad Hopefully a few years.

I just went downstairs to get soup and toast and all 4 gas hob dials were turned around (not lit) - this means that gas is still coming out, right? I got out quite hastily

Silkiechickscat Sun 10-Jan-21 03:24:07

I'm not sure - think it depends on if modern or old - there's a gas safety helpline on 0800 111 999 if you think you may have a gas leak.

Silkiechickscat Sun 10-Jan-21 03:31:00

Can you smell gas at all - not that I know anything about this but I would turn it off and open windows. If you can smell gas its best to get advice from hotline as you may need to leave. Could it have been on yesterday when you felt ill?

Frownette Sun 10-Jan-21 03:33:23

Thanks Silkie, phoned helpline and they asked me to go downstairs and do the sniff test. Couldn't smell anything!

halfpasteleven Sun 10-Jan-21 05:02:48

@MissConductUS thank you for the brand new thread. I'm glad you have such a thorough GP, it will put your mind at rest.

@Frownette I hope the gas situation gets sorted quickly and easily for you and you are able to have your soup.

DD has just had her bottle- that's my night owl reason for being up!

My wrists have a dull ache in them, not enough for needing a painkiller, but mildly concerning all the same. They were quite painful about a week ago but not so much since.

mathanxiety Sun 10-Jan-21 05:03:31

Greetings all.

Nothing to report except that I noticed the garbage removal truck ignored my old Christmas tree last garbage day, so I'll have to take the clippers and take it apart. I can put the branches and a good deal of the trunk into the yardwaste bin and the rest will go under the outside stairs. Hopefully my downstairs neighbour will be able to use it for a fire in the fire pit next summer.

Frownette Sun 10-Jan-21 07:38:57

@halfpasteleven it might be the weather. It's -2° here, I'm getting up soon for egg, soldiers and tea.

I'll find out later why all the hobs were left on, such an odd thing to do. Unless we have a polterguist! Can't spell that blush

kittlesticks Sun 10-Jan-21 08:00:30

@MissConductUS thanks for starting a new thread - how are you feeling?
Owl was hooting like mad in the middle of the night.

halfpasteleven Sun 10-Jan-21 08:16:33


*@halfpasteleven* it might be the weather. It's -2° here, I'm getting up soon for egg, soldiers and tea.

I'll find out later why all the hobs were left on, such an odd thing to do. Unless we have a polterguist! Can't spell that blush

@Frownette it might be the cold but I had carpal tunnel syndrome with both pregnancies and it feels like that again. (100% not pregnant btw). Wary of going to the doc with the high rates of covid and I can bear it so will play by ear.

It's a balmy 2 degrees here and we will get up shortly and have breakfast. I like the idea of egg and soldiers - we might have to take inspiration from you!

halfpasteleven Sun 10-Jan-21 08:18:05

And v interested to hear why all the hobs were left on ...

Spudlet Sun 10-Jan-21 08:44:14

Good morning everyone. How are the poorly pets? And the self-isolating ones? And everyone, really?

DS had a nightmare last night (apparently lost Lego was involved and it was very sad) so my sleep cycle was a bit disturbed. As a result, when DS burst in this morning at 7.15 (the latest we can get away with the Groclock being set) I was deep in a dream rather than being half awake. This dream was about..... washing the cushion covers off the sofa.

I felt this dream was sufficiently dull to share here. I’m both proud of how very mundane it was and also aware of how horrified my younger self would be at having such an incredibly boring dream.

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