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Dec 08 ladies, time to drop a few pounds...

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SummerLightning · 27/01/2009 08:30

New thread for us to waffle on and moan about baby fat, without boring the others...and hopefully drop a few pounds along the way!

I am currently 11 stone - 69.8 kg
Want to be pre preg weight of 59 kg, about 9 stone 4 i think.

If everyone posts stats maybe i can do a bisou style list. (don't post weights if you don't want to! amount to lose will do!)

Weigh in on Mondays?

OP posts:
kayzr · 27/01/2009 08:52

I am 14st 11lbs - 94kg

I want to be pre both pregnancies weight of 9st 10lbs - 62kg.

I probably have the most to lose but I am determined to do it.

Veggiemummy · 27/01/2009 11:00

I'm currently 80kg would like to be both pregnancies pre weight of 60kg. However this weight was my triathlon racing weight so to be a bit realistic I am going to aim for a weight of 65kg which is a healthy weight for my height of 168 cm. Goodluck ladies here we go.

Maybe on that chart SL we could have a metric conversion formula or something like that?

Oh also how much does breastmilk weight. I know is best to weigh in the morning before breakfast but do full boobs mean more weight? Should I wait til I've emptied them? Oh and should we also do waist measurements?

SummerLightning · 27/01/2009 11:07

Yes I will convert so just post imperial or metric. Waist measurement good too.

OP posts:
SummerLightning · 27/01/2009 11:09

Oh and I am only 5 foot 2. So my target weight does not make me mega thin (size 10-12)

OP posts:
kayzr · 27/01/2009 11:50

I am 5 foot 8. According to a gp I saw before we ttc Ds2 I should be 9 stone 6lbs which I think will make me look really thin.

kayzr · 27/01/2009 12:29

I am really really confused. I have just measured myself and according to size guides on dorothy perkins I am a size 24.

I am obviously nowhere near that big as I have to wear a belt to keep my size 18 jeans up but size 16 don't fit. I needs to lose 20 inches off my waist to get back to a size 10. I think I might cry.

EffiePerine · 27/01/2009 12:49

I'm in (will remind me to weigh myself!)

Currently 76 kg, about 12 stone
Would like to get back to around 10 stone -about 64 kg I think? (can't do conversions but scales only weigh in kilos, grrr)

EffiePerine · 27/01/2009 12:51

Kayz: I was around 9 stone as a student, but looking at photos I was too thin for my build. Somewhere between 9 1/2 and 10 1/2 is good for me, ideally the lower end as though I have wide shoulders and hips I have a small waist and ribcage.

kayzr · 27/01/2009 12:52

I just want to be a size 10 again. I'm not too bothered about how much I weigh. I have loads of clothes I love that are size 10's.

Veggiemummy · 27/01/2009 13:08

Kayz your gp must have looked his chart wrong that is way too low and very unrealistic you would be unwell at that wt.

EffiePerine · 27/01/2009 13:09

Kayz: I'm a 10 at about 9 1/2 stone, more of a 12 at 10 stone depending on the fit

kayzr · 27/01/2009 13:16

I think I was about 55kg when I got pg with DS1 but I can't remember exactly. It was definately 50 something kg. I thought I was a bit thin then and I was bordering on a size 8. I know my BMI classed me as underweight.

daisydora · 27/01/2009 14:03


Right here goes I'm 5ft 8" and currently weigh 13 st 8 I think I was 11st when I got pg with DD in 2006, so thats my goal for now 2.5 st to lose. Ideally I want to be 10st 7, that was my 'goal' when I joined WW about 4 years ago. I did manage to get to 10st exactly so I know it can be done.

Will take some measurements later so I can track my size, currently a 14/16 and want to be a 10/12. Its quite therapeautic wrighting all this down.

daisydora · 27/01/2009 14:04

That would be 'writing' this down...too much fat on my brain and not enough sleep

SummerLightning · 27/01/2009 15:19

ok i have made the spreadsheet.
i will mail it round next tuesday after everyone has posted their weight loss
Kayz, don't get upset, get determined! You can do it! I am biking too to get exercise so we can motivate each other. May try a ride tomorrow even though I haven't had my 6 week check yet (naughty)

OP posts:
zoejeanne · 27/01/2009 16:57

Hiya, just finding this thread and marking it.

I weighed myself yesterday and I'm just over 11 stone, the same as I was this time last year - when I joined weight watchers as it was the biggest I'd ever been. I lost a stone before conceiving, although was aiming for 9 1/2 stone - however I think a stone will be a good start.

Those of you BF-ing, will you be dieting, or just exercising? I don't want to put DD on a diet too.

kmp1 · 27/01/2009 17:39

Ok - weighed myself - 68.5 kg - not sure in stone... I was 78.8 on day of section... My normal weight is 60-62kg so I want to get to 60 again for sure. I'm not sure on measurements but I've always been size 10, and currently still wearing size 10 maternity jeans Tried on my normal jeans and they didn't quite button up so had a mini meltdown and half a bottle of cheerfulness, followed by a trip to buy a cross trainer which we got last night (actually DH wanted it, but didn't when I first wanted one ages ago - therefore didn't get it - only since he's been getting really fit her suggested it so that was a result!)
Oh and I'm just over 5'9

kmp1 · 27/01/2009 17:45

*Veggie / kays - just did a conversion and
9 stone 6 is 61 kg's - i think fine for your height - I was 58kg at my wedding (9.1 stone) and looked fine - not too skinny I mean.

kmp1 · 27/01/2009 17:47

however - probably depends a lot on your muscle etc which weighs more.... I don't think I had any!

kayzr · 27/01/2009 19:39

I just need to buy a bike now. There is a new bike shop here and they are all so nice. Both Dh and me are bike freaks and love looking at them. I blame my Dad, he is a semi-pro cyclist so was brought up at bike races.

EffiePerine · 27/01/2009 19:46

I can't ride a bike

am plannin gon upping the exercise (more walking, poss starting to run again) and be vaguely sensible about food (with cake and cheerfulness allowance)

SybilFaulty · 27/01/2009 20:11

I can't post my weight as I have ishoos with big numbers but I am a fatty and need to lose about 2 1/2 stone to be at a good weight for my height. Have started fatties' club on a monday and already lost 4.5lbs, so only 33lbs to go .

I think in kilos I need to lose about 15, and have lost 2.

Am off to put the water on for the potatoes for supper and will try to avoid the cheerfulness (my undoing - am a very thirsty Kirsty!) and the crisps.

Good luck everyone.


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SybilFaulty · 27/01/2009 20:16

Kayz I think that Dr was wrong - to have a BMI between 20 and 25 for 5 foot 8 you can weigh between 9st 6 and 11st 10. A BMI of 20 is skinny skinny and depends on your frame size. Do you have dinky hands, feet, shoulders or are you an Amazonian? I am tall with a fairly large frame and would look shocking at 9st anything. At 10st I look ill. My ideal weight is 10st 10 naked and I am the same height as you.

kayzr · 27/01/2009 20:20

I do have quite small hands, size 7/8 feet. I do think that I will look too thin if I go down to 9st 6lbs.

As long as I am a size 10 I'm not too bothered about how much I weigh.

artichokes · 27/01/2009 21:05

Can I join?

I weighed myself yesterday. I am 5'11'' and 12 stone 9lbs (I think that is about 80kg but I will stick to lbs as they are all I understand). My pre-pregnancy weight was 11 stone 4lbs. So i have 19lbs to lose (I think that is 9.5kg).

Because I am breastfeeding I am going to try and lose the weight through exercise and cutting down on cakes and other treats.

I was doing brilliantly today - ate very sensibly all day. Then DH made a yummy pasta dish for dinner and I demolished two whole bowls of it. Dinner is always my weakness.

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