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katylessbumpy · 28/12/2007 17:03

come on ...roll up ,roll up
lose weight ,have a laugh,a chat.swap recipies and feel the luuurve

we will lose a stone(or more) by easter

nork swinging optional

OP posts:
fedda · 28/12/2007 17:49

I'm here.

katylessbumpy · 28/12/2007 18:09

hiya fedda,are you feeling a bit more positive?

OP posts:
susiecutiemincepies · 28/12/2007 19:30

found you!

THank you Katy, on the congrats to my big brother.

They are just going to do a really small wedding in a posh hotel somewhere. I'm so pleased for them. Second time round each, so they've both been reluctant and scared I think. They are both very successful in the music industry, My brother is a composer, and SIL an agent for composers and all sorts. She is/ was his agent, which is how they met.

They have both just worked on the Golden Compass. He did all the orchestrating and a fair amount of the composing, and she was the music supervisor. Mum and my niece just went to see it, and waited to see their names at the end. Not a bad life... but jolly hard work for the pair of them. FIlm music is SO time consuming...

anyway, i've gone again! oops

Just off for our dinner now... lasagne, garlic bread and salad, followed by apple pie and custard! hmmmmm, cant wait. like i said, the diet starts back in full in a week or so

catch you all later.

katylessbumpy · 28/12/2007 19:48

my boy's loved the golden compass.wait till i tell them i know someone who knows someone

glad you found it. enjoy your apple pie

OP posts:
Jahan · 28/12/2007 20:10

Found you too.
I recived my Tae bo dvd but haven't tried it yet.
I am actually looking forward to eating healthy and my size 14 jeans get looser. I've got a brand new size 10 pair (which I bought last year just before I got pregnant) waiting for me.
I am definitely loosing more than a stone before Easter!

Dh wants us to watch 1408 tonight but I'm scaaaared. Has anyone seen it?

Sorry. Just had to try out the festive smileys before they go

katylessbumpy · 28/12/2007 20:14

yay jahan hello
i too want to lose more than a stone but it's a good place to start

haven't seen 1408.why don't you curl up on the sofa with dh and hide behind a cushion at the scary bits lol

i'm rubbish aren't i pmsl

OP posts:
pollywollybauble · 28/12/2007 21:41

evening up at the in laws where dd is being spoiled and turning into a proper little madam (eg "i can't say please, i've got no more left in me and only a few thank yous").....having said that she's not as bad as one of the little madams who came to her birthday party,when dd gave her a party bag she threw out the little knitting set and said i don'twant THAT,wheres the SWEETS? To my horror i found myself trying to placate this child saying they were at the bottom

she had a lovely time at her party (tho early....bday is on little pud, i was induced)but it has been a new set of pressies every day...we have a day of respite tomorrow!

nice resolutions everyone! I want to lose whatever the xmas damage is plus half a stone by easter..

nice pressy susie....have given up on dh....i can feel the panic coming off himin waves....he doesn't really doshopping,even for himself....i now make blatant suggestions/or go with him....we had a lovely new bed this year and i had a great light that clipson my bedframe for reading...not everyone's cup of tea but i like it

anyay am on PILs computer soshould go and be sociable....

pollywollybauble · 28/12/2007 21:43

ps like the new thread title!

fedda · 28/12/2007 23:37

Hi, Katy and everybody who is here. Yes, I feel very positive - 4 chockies after dinner with coffee with 2 white sugars as brown sugar somehow is gone - can't be more positive! I'm doing well, aren't I? Now, please could you tell me, am I the worst on the thread because that's how I feel?

katylessbumpy · 29/12/2007 08:17

fedda,today is another day and yesterday has gone.forget what you have eaten and concentrate on what you will eat today.think how the chocolate made you feel after you had eaten it.was it worth it?find a distraction,brush your teeth,drink water instead of coffee,chew gum.your dieting willpower will return fedda it just needs a helping hand and thats what we are here for xx

OP posts:
mylittlepudding · 29/12/2007 12:59

Found it!

fedda I think we have all let go a bit over Christmas. And that's ok. Mostly because we decided in advance it was going to be ok. When are you restarting? I'm going to indulge until Jan 1st then back to it. The house will be cleansed of all nibbly things. Much easier then. And I will be out walking in all weathers. Don't beat yourself up - you/ we CAN do this.

susie I'm glad it was a good time for you in the end - though grrr he didn't manage to get you something nice without help. I didn't realise your dd was only a couple of weeks younger than mine for some reason I hope you are enjoying planning The Birthday.

Polly sorry for being nosy, I'm glad your dd is having a good time, it must be impossible to be that age and grasp the bigger picture really. Am sure I would still just be frustrated though.

I am eating random things at random times lately. Going to make toad in the hole tonight. Not sure what else to add. Just opened a chocolate orange, that can't be good...

fedda · 29/12/2007 14:12

I think I'm aiming for 7/01 as so far the whole house of full of minced pies, chocolates, chocolate buiscuits, fancy cheeses, Christmas cake and jams. My will power is at it's lowest.

andfranksentthis · 29/12/2007 15:51

...May I join please. I need to lose 2 stone or my dp won't make love with the light on anymore . I have never stuck to a diet more than a day. I have zilch willpower... won't know where to start but I am really disliking my body atm. I did not even binge over christmas but I finally crossed the 12 stone mark. My mum is very overweight. I am 45 next month and i am terrified that it is all downhill from now on. I am also quite new to MN.

katylessbumpy · 29/12/2007 16:30

come on in it you that won't have the light on or dp?
i want to lose 2 stone too.

OP posts:
katylessbumpy · 29/12/2007 16:32

hiya mylittlepudding
be back in a bit dd being grumpy

OP posts:
andfranksentthis · 29/12/2007 16:57

It's him... he's a sculptor (amongst other things).... but now it's beginning to be me too.

Where do I start?

mylittlepudding · 29/12/2007 17:04

hi andfranksentthis, welcome.
Am sad for you - your body has changed, presumably through your lives together, children born, stresses endured - I think he is being mean to you, tbh, to make you ashamed of yourself.
If you lose weight, I really hope you can do it for yourself not anyone else. The health benefits, plus feeling more positive about yourself, etc.
How well do you eat atm? What/when are your weaknesses? What exercise do you get. No need to answer those questions here, just ones that it helped me to think about.
Many apologies for the essay

Katy I think I will need to lose a couple of stone by the time my allowed-to-eat-anything streak has finished but I will blame the medication change and remember that it is more important. And, I did it before, can do it again.

JudgeNutmeg · 29/12/2007 17:16

Katy and co, can I play too?

I have lost a stone on slimming world so far and would love to lose another stone before braving the rapids at center parcs in April. All moral support, recipes, tips and giggles very, very welcome.

I start again on Monday, when I've finished tidying away all the Chrimbo goodies.

andfranksentthis · 29/12/2007 17:35

Awww mylittlepudding... got me crying now. Actually your suggestions to think about are all very good. There is much more behind this I think than just inability to lose weight. I have a habit of sabotaging good intentions. I think this will be good.. to try to lose weight in a non-judging supportive environment. I do want to lose weight for my own sake.

I mostly hate having to think about food. I love food, love cooking (usually, but have fussy dd so it can be a pain)just not counting stuff and keeping records. I tend to be a bit spontaneous around food....

Will be looking out for tips here.

fedda · 29/12/2007 17:46

After 6/01 I'm going to go back to my soups for lunch but I wouldn't bother with no carbs after 5 diet.

chocolatespiders · 29/12/2007 17:53

i will be with you all, 2008 will be the year i lose weight, i have 3 stone to lose in total....but happy to break into smaller chunks

discoverlife · 29/12/2007 17:54

Can I join please?
I have started a slimming club on a gaming forum, all blokes, so I need the support for me as they havn't got a clue.
We are all going to start after NY. My goal this last month is to not put on more than 7lbs (very generous I know) over Christmas as I didn't want to get myself in a state/guilt trip about my weight over Christmas. So far I have only put on 2lbs.
My NY resolution is to lose another 2 stone by Crimbo 2008 (have already lost 2 stone in the last year).


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katylessbumpy · 29/12/2007 17:57

judgenutmeg,welcome aboard,
fedda can you post some recipes for your soups.i think you have before but i'm determined to cook properly in the new year instead of living on baked potato and beans
i'm starting on the 2nd of jan.going to join ww.i've got this far but need a big push now in rl as well as here.i will be 9 stone for summer clothes need me

OP posts:
discoverlife · 29/12/2007 18:00

PS I am 19 stone ATM, and was 21 stone this time last year. I'm in for the long haul, but trying to be realistic about it. I won't suddenly drop it all in 6 weeks, Eeewww, can you imagine the floppy skin (shudder).

katylessbumpy · 29/12/2007 18:00

chocolatespiders and discover life you have come to the right place.we are all going to do well in the new year.the ladies on here are great and really help ,be it with a bit of encouragement,a pom pom shake ,a kick up the behind or listening ear while you rant.roll on the new year

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