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I've just found a bat in my kitchen sink. What do I do with it?

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LadySybildeChocolate · 25/07/2012 01:48

Confused Luckily it was in a colander so I placed a book over the top and have put it outside, but it's still int he colander. It's fairly small, would fit into the palm of my hand, and fury so I'm not sure if it's a baby (or how it got in). I haven't touched it. HELP!

OP posts:
Empusa · 25/07/2012 01:51

No useful advice really, but awwwwww I love bats!

Oh actually, try looking here or call 0845 1300 228 for the Bat Conservation Trust

LadySybildeChocolate · 25/07/2012 01:52

I doubt there's anyone there at 2am. Sad

OP posts:
Empusa · 25/07/2012 01:54

Give it a try, that's the number they give for urgent help so they might be there? Especially as bats are nocturnal

Empusa · 25/07/2012 01:55

Yep, says on their website

"From May-September (peak season), BCT also operates the Out of Hours Helpline, which is available in the evenings and on weekends."

thebestisyettocome · 25/07/2012 01:57

I fouind a bat in my house. I put a plastic tub over it then slid the lid under it (I'd put air holes in it first). Then I took it to the vets as they're obliged to take wild animals (or at least I think they are). They passed it on to a bat expert I think. They're awful. It was creeping across the cvarpet and hissing at me every time I went near it.

cocolepew · 25/07/2012 01:57

I would say drown it if I was a horrible bat hating person but obviously Im not .

They're protected there are bat huggers that will come and rescue them or advice you.
Is it injured?

OldLadyKnowsNothing · 25/07/2012 01:57

Most British bats are quite small and furry. Leave it outside, and go to bed. It'll be gone by morning.

We once found a bat on DS1's curtains, just after we moved into that house. It was daylight, we opened all of the windows and evacuated the room, it had gone by teatime.

LadySybildeChocolate · 25/07/2012 01:59

I tried to call, there's no one there. The bat is still outside in the colander, he hasn't tried to fly away. I think he's a baby as he's small and still fury (looked on the wen site). He could be injured. I'm going to have to bring him inside again.

OP posts:
cocolepew · 25/07/2012 01:59

It must have flew in, see if it can fly away.

Or beam the Bat Signal into the moon. That'll make him fly.

Empusa · 25/07/2012 02:01

:( That's annoying.

Poor little thing

HazeltheMcWitch · 25/07/2012 02:03

Hi LadySybil, did you see the advice about how to 'keep' a bat until the experts can get to it, HERE

Alameda · 25/07/2012 02:07

what sort of bat is it?

cocolepew · 25/07/2012 02:08

You're all nice. I would have threw it out the back door Blush

Im a horrible bat hating person .

LadySybildeChocolate · 25/07/2012 02:10

He won't fly. Looks just like this // He's not moving a lot, I've brought him inside. He's now still in the colander but inside a box with a cap of water and a sock (as per instructions on the Bat site). Do they usually shiver? He's making little noises aswell but he's not moving a great deal. He was outside for almost an hour, maybe he's sick/injured?

OP posts:
Alameda · 25/07/2012 02:12

Envy and :( in case it is ill

hope the bat people can help

LadySybildeChocolate · 25/07/2012 02:13

Ah, it says this:

"There are some situations when it is appropriate to release a bat but only if the bat has been seen flying very recently.

If a bat is flying indoors during the day, it is easiest to contain it once it has landed and release it at dusk. If it is flying during the evening, and the weather is good, open windows and switch off the lights and the bat should find its own way out.

If you had to contain the bat you should wait until dusk to release it. It should be a warm, dry night.

Bats need to drop and swoop to fly so the box should be placed at least five feet off the ground e.g. on top of a wall. Put the box on its side so the bat can crawl out and watch it closely.

If the bat does not fly away within about fifteen minutes it will need further attention, so take it back inside and call the Bat Helpline 0845 1300 228 for further advice."

I'll give them a call in the morning. Looks like we have a guest for the evening, poor thing. Sad

OP posts:
bugsylugs · 25/07/2012 04:02

Do not handle it with your bare hands. If you get bitten now you will need rabies jab. Yes in the UK . Hope you get sorted

LadySybildeChocolate · 25/07/2012 09:53

I haven't touched it at all, just lifted the colander and put the whole thing inside a cardboard box with a magazine over the top of the colander. I'm trying to find a home for it; the three numbers from the bat conservation trust are either not working, keep ringing or the bloke's on holiday.

OP posts:
mistlethrush · 25/07/2012 09:55

Ladysybil - what part of the country (roughly speaking) are you in as I know a bat handler in the Yorkshire region....

MmeLindor · 25/07/2012 10:00

Joining in the bat help thread.

DD adores bats and would like to fly over and help. She is extremely jealous that you have a bat in your kitchen.

CogitoErgoSometimes · 25/07/2012 10:04

If you want him to fly away he has to have a vertical start.... they can't take off horizontally. So you have to sort of 'hang him up' on a vertical surface.

MmeLindor · 25/07/2012 10:06

Had a DM from a friend on Twitter

Hello! Please tell belledechoc to gently coax bat into a butterfly net or muslin and put it outside in a darkish sheltered spot.

It will grip the muslin/net but let go when it gets dark. They will eat a small moth or midges and a tiny drop of moisture. wear gloves


although I would keep trying to find an expert if you can.

Don't handle it yourself unless you really have to.

MmeLindor · 25/07/2012 10:08

for bat friends -- aren't these stunning pics

StrandedBear · 25/07/2012 10:10

Have you checked the loft for a nest?

Am Envy at your bat though!

MadamFolly · 25/07/2012 10:44

If you have bats living with you the house belongs to the bats now. You will have to be the one living outside in a cardboard box. :o

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