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Is this dress appropriate for a wedding?

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hippygirllucky · 13/03/2023 08:45

My brother is getting married soon. My soon to be SIL has always been a bit distant from us and doesn't really want to get involved in any family things, which we're fine with, not everyone is the same.

They're getting married soon and she's not quite a bridezilla, but he's VERY particular about every detail. Again, fine. It's her wedding (and my brother's).

She seems particularly distant to my mum, who tries her hardest with her but she just doesn't respond. My mother is a lovely woman, the kindest soul and I know it breaks her that my SIL won't even try with her, but I think my poor soon to be SIL is so painfully shy and awkward, she's just chosen to not engage with us (they've been together 10 years).

Again, all fine. We know the deal.

My mum just showed me the dress she's planning to wear to their wedding and I was a bit shocked. I thought it was common knowledge that you NEVER wear white to a wedding. I don't think it's on purpose, but I don't think my mum has picked an appropriate dress (especially given the cold relationship with SIL!).

What do you think? Is this dress too white? I can't help but think it's particularly important given how frosty things are with the bride!

Is this dress appropriate for a wedding?
OP posts:
hippygirllucky · 13/03/2023 08:46

*typo, she's very particular about every detail

OP posts:
Groutyonehereagain · 13/03/2023 08:48

It’s absolutely fine for a wedding and it’s a lovely dress.

DelurkingAJ · 13/03/2023 08:49

I wouldn’t (and have worn ‘big print with a white background’ dresses to weddings before without blinking). It’d be glorious in any other colour (maybe not black!).

FlounderingFruitcake · 13/03/2023 08:49

It’s a nice dress, it’s not white and it’s not remotely bridal.

AnyFucker · 13/03/2023 08:49

I wouldn’t wear that dress to a wedding (although it is beautiful)

It’s a bit bridal. In fact, if I ever get married again (doubtful, but hey) I would wear something like that

you will get people saying you can wear what you like though

LaFemmeDamnee · 13/03/2023 08:50

That's not 'a white dress'. It's a dress with a red pattern on a white background. Nobody is going to think she's the bride, or trying to upstage the bride.

Glame · 13/03/2023 08:50

Of all the colours and patterns in the world… it’s not a great choice by your mum is it?

Purplecatshopaholic · 13/03/2023 08:50

Lovely dress, perfectly fine

Clymene · 13/03/2023 08:51

I think it's a nice dress but it's not very mother of the groom really.

Inastatus · 13/03/2023 08:53

It’s lovely and I don’t think it’s bridal at all.

LadyLapsang · 13/03/2023 08:57

The rule on white is all white, not a pattern against a white background. It’s a nice dress for a fairly informal mother of the groom.

SnappyTheCrocodile · 13/03/2023 09:01

I can’t quite tell from the picture if it’s red and white or pink/nude and white. If the former, I think it’s fine (generally speaking) but if the latter I’d stay far away. The pattern is a bit lace-ish which I think is the issue. In a situation where potentially the bride is already looking for things to pick fault with, I’d probably go safer with no white at all.

Bushbaby1234 · 13/03/2023 09:05

It's a lovely dress for a wedding guest. As long as it's not all white and bridal looking then it's completely fine in my opinion. I got married on a really hot summers day and lots of guests wore similar colour/style dresses

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 13/03/2023 09:07

Oh I think it's lovely and a great choice.

zurala · 13/03/2023 09:09

I don't think that's a good choice. It's very pale and also very casual. It's not worth risking upsetting SIL when she could choose something else.

Dumpruntime · 13/03/2023 09:11

I think it’s perfect , it’s not remotely bridal

Phoebo · 13/03/2023 09:12

I don't understand these threads? Just ask BIL or tell wife??! But if bride is particular, then probably don't wear white even though this dress doenst look bridal to me

Mummyoflittledragon · 13/03/2023 09:16

That’s a pretty summer dress. Not traditionally bridal at all. If a bride were to wear a dress like this, it is because she wants an informal dress. And it would be fine for guests to dress in a similar way.

ittakes2 · 13/03/2023 09:18

My first thought was it was too white for a wedding. It depends a bit - if she is wearing a colourful hat and shoes / bag might be ok but without distracting accessories its a no from me.

Highdrama · 13/03/2023 09:18

It’s probably ok. Did you tell your mum your thoughts? I would.

SummaLuvin · 13/03/2023 09:20

to me it looks far more white than red and the red looks very muted so the dress almost has the effect of white/cream lace overlay on nude which can read bridal, maybe not very traditional bridal, but certainly a modern type. I just wouldn't with this dress. Why risk wearing something that might upset a bride on her wedding day?

QuietlyConfident · 13/03/2023 09:20

Borderline under the circumstances. Maybe ok with brighter accessories.

bubbles2023 · 13/03/2023 09:22

It's lovely and with a colourful fascinator or hat would look very appropriate.

WandaWonder · 13/03/2023 09:23

It does not look bridal to me at all

I would have no problems wearing it if it was mu kinda dress

HorsingAround2022 · 13/03/2023 09:25

White is the base colour so I’d say no.

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