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I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!

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trevigirl · 22/03/2021 14:44

Been thinking of trying this for a while, as I've felt in need of some style inspiration.
My parcel is due for delivery on 3rd April, but I think I get to know what's in it before that: I've said that I'd like a Spring dress for upcoming pub lunches.
Excited now.

OP posts:
BessMarvin · 04/06/2021 20:21

Does anyone wonder how it works? I picture rails and rails of clothes and them wandering around picking stuff. Probably nothing like it!

But do they own all the clothes and lose money if they don't shift it? Does that mean everyone will get the navy tops and shapeless baggy stuff till someone actually keeps it?

BessMarvin · 04/06/2021 20:22

I did also sign up to thread after suggested here. Interesting but I haven't bought anything yet. Felt like there wasn't a lot of brands and it's on the expensive side? Will keep rating their suggestions though. It might expand and improve

Lan2020 · 04/06/2021 20:34

@Baconking I really like that dress. That skirrt was in my last preview. I said no to every item so god knows what I'll end up with!

Premier12 · 04/06/2021 21:03

I'm still keen to know what age everybody is who is using Stitch Fix / sharing your previews.
I am early 30s and I'd be so disappointed with that last preview. As would my mum be!

Saimaji · 04/06/2021 21:08

Can someone please advise me which one is the best men perfume ? I want to gift to my husband. Smile

UnreasonablyPissedOff · 04/06/2021 21:42

Can I ask why you all bother with this? I actually mean that at a serious question - the majority of people using it who've posted here seem to hate what's being suggested for them
Would it not be easier to just go into a website like John Lewis or one that stocks lots of brands & pick 5 things you like the look of?
I honestly think I must be missing something as I just don't get this system of shopping.
Total random surprise I sort of get (but would frighten the life out of me!) But this isn't even that because they let you see & reject stuff in advance so you already know what's coming?
It feels like some sort of torture to me! Has any one has a box & LOVED everything in it & kept it all?

FourTurnings · 04/06/2021 21:54

I am positive about the experience and find the whole thing fun, and a different way to shop. If I find I’m not enjoying it I’ll stop. It means I get different things in my wardrobe that I might not have chosen ordinarily but that I really like. I’ve kept at least two items per box so far.

Mankini · 04/06/2021 21:55

Got my box today - all super ugly and going straight back. I actually got really annoyed and let loose with the comments: "colour is like the face of a 10 year old corpse"; "my nan wore something like this - back in 1993" etc.

I've come to the conclusion that the algorithm that chooses items is based on US cusomers, hence the complete lack of style (half my family live in the US - I know of what I speak - shudder)

I am 47 and am on my 3rd box now, which will be free to make up for the other 2 boxes full of rubbish I've sent straight back.

UnreasonablyPissedOff - I do it as I live in a part of the country where shops are few and far betwen, and I find internet shopping time consuming. I also like the concept.

However - I did a bit of digging and found this ad this eveng. No wonder the quality of styling is so poor:

bonfireheart · 04/06/2021 22:01

I hate shopping. In store or online.
I tried the John Lewis personal shopper service and it was horrible.
I've only had one stitchfix box so far and kept two items. I wore both last week and received compliments. I don't think it will resolve my hatred for shopping but I live in hope!

SorryAboutTheTypos · 04/06/2021 22:50

After rejecting everything in my preview my new box is on its way. It contains five things I would never normally pick at the shops so it’s either going to be amazing or a complete disaster.

SallyCinnabon · 05/06/2021 08:51

I dialled down my age by 10 years and now I’m getting things in the style shuffle I actually like Grin

Premier12 · 05/06/2021 08:56

@SallyCinnabon oh good idea

SorryAboutTheTypos · 05/06/2021 10:28

@SallyCinnabon I went down 15 years 😊

Baconking · 05/06/2021 10:49

[quote ashmts]@Baconking I posted a few days ago that I only booked a new box so I could request a specific dress I saw on Instagram and that is the dress! Unfortunately it wasn't on my preview. My box arrives tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers, it's lovely[/quote]
I hope you get it! It's so flattering. I didn't even have to think about. I loved it as soon as put it on

I gave it a try to get some new ideas and try things I wouldn't usually. I have bought 3 out of 10 items and 2 of them I wouldn't have looked at in a shop I'm happy with that as would never even find 10 items I wanted to try in a shop.
I also HATE shopping and don't have big shops like JL nearby.

MaryTheMiddle · 05/06/2021 11:11

Oh that's good he style shuffle is improving! I paused mine after enjoying Thread so much. Might shave a few more years off and unpause!

SallyCinnabon · 05/06/2021 12:20

@Premier12 I was a bit reluctant but I’m getting more trendier items now. It is sad though his ageist it is, I mean I’m in my late 30s, that isn’t old.

@SorryAboutTheTypos 😂 Are you getting better results?

MaryTheMiddle · 05/06/2021 12:46

Yes it's really annoying that age changes it for the better Hmm. More so even than upping price! Ridiculously ageist.

Mankini · 05/06/2021 12:57

Great - I have ditched 15 years from my age (wish it was hat easy in real life) and bumped up my price bracket to the top in nearly all of the categories. I'll let you know how I get on... they are sending a uick Fix next week to make up for the previous dross.

Ageist indeed - my 80+ year old mother considered most of the last box to be too frumpy Hmm

MaryTheMiddle · 05/06/2021 13:46

I'm 37 - they sent me a Mauvette waterfall cardigan 🤦‍♀️

IamwhoIsayIam · 05/06/2021 14:14

I think the new system of pre-viewing is really handy. I rejected a dress and gave very specific reasons why and what I would like better and got EXACTLY what I asked for! Honestly it is the nicest dress I have put on in ages and it made me feel happy. It is the first time I really felt the stylist listened to me.

Anyone wanting to give it a bash there is a £15 code here

Mankini · 05/06/2021 14:16


I'm 37 - they sent me a Mauvette waterfall cardigan 🤦‍♀️

I have no words...

I also told them to never send me anything from Boden or Mauvette again! I am now 32... maybe I should have turned the clock back a few more years?
MaryTheMiddle · 05/06/2021 14:16

Yes, I think I didn't give enough specific info in mine maybe.

This time I've been quite specific and also asked for no Mauvette

MaryTheMiddle · 05/06/2021 14:19

X post. I didn't know that Boden was a possibility... I've played around with the brands I buy from bit as well and taken out anything remotely frumpy. Hope I can trick the algorithm into giving me some cooler stuff! It's an algorithm isn't it, with tweeks from the stylist? So, it might just be a matter of playing with it till it gets it right and being really specific in feedback.

MaryTheMiddle · 05/06/2021 14:19

Anyway, I'm late 20s now, according to my style profile 🤭

Mankini · 05/06/2021 14:20

These are the corpse-coloured trousers they sent. Autumn colours my arse.

I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!
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