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Carry on Vaping Vipers - yet another thread

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Allergictoironing · 25/06/2016 07:24

The previous Carry On thread is full, so thought I'd start the new one.

General comments, thoughts, anything that we fancy but NO willy waving!

OP posts:
hollinhurst84 · 25/06/2016 21:10

Still vaping away here! Today is Mrs Lord and co, custard cream - LUSH!

PolterGoose · 25/06/2016 22:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hollinhurst84 · 25/06/2016 22:17

I really liked my sizzle box except for one juice which I'm attempting to donate to a lucky(!) person

PolterGoose · 25/06/2016 22:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hollinhurst84 · 25/06/2016 22:30

The ones I keep going back to are the custard cream one I'm on and digbys juices the King - two definitely favourites

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive · 25/06/2016 22:35

Could you lovely vipers help me? Currently getting through ten mls in a 24 hour period. At the prices my local shops charge this is starting to prove more expensive than smoking was for me. I have ordered via Interweb before but didn't really get on with any of the juices I found.
How do I stop using so much? I have an eleaf I stick and my tank is a kangertech mini sub thing. Would changing my kit help? Bearing in mind I do loves it.

hollinhurst84 · 25/06/2016 22:38

What juice are you using and what strength?

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive · 25/06/2016 22:45

Six mg nicotine (tried going down to three but started getting cravings for real cigs). Juice is made by local shops ( three I alternate between) so high pg, unless I specifically ask in the one shop they does 70 vg 30 pg. I find my rate is the same regardless of which juice it is.

hollinhurst84 · 25/06/2016 22:46

Hmmm. I was going to say up the nicotine? Hard one really

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive · 25/06/2016 22:55

Might have to try that. Was hoping to get down to zero but guess that won't be happening any time soon!!

PolterGoose · 26/06/2016 08:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 26/06/2016 08:57

Yay new thread! Smile

Room, you could try using lower powered kit and higher nic juice. Aspire nautilus / mini-nautilus tanks seem to suit most people. Then you could use 12 or 18mg and get through a lot less juice.

Also have a look at one pound eliquid. They do a few high VG liquids, although you might find you're ok on higher PG at lower power.

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive · 26/06/2016 10:35

Thanks guys. How about making my own? Any pointers on how I would do that?

PolterGoose · 26/06/2016 10:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive · 26/06/2016 13:23

Thanks Polter. Will have a looksie now.

Dontneedausername · 26/06/2016 18:41

I go through loads in my sub tanks! I try and keep that for evening and use my mini nautilus for daytime.

hollinhurst84 · 26/06/2016 22:07

Room - I've just ordered from dragons rise vapers which is working out at £1 per 10ml and they seem to have frequent discount codes. Not sure how that is compared to what you're paying but they will do high VG or PG, just pick your ratio

bettybiggestballs · 28/06/2016 08:03

Just started vamping and found this thread, so helpful, thank you! Can I join in? I was set up on a cuboid mini by my local vape shop and loved it when in there but now it's gurgling and spitting lots. Could it be the settings I have? I've looked online but don't understand enough to know what I'm doing wrong...

Carry on Vaping Vipers - yet another thread
bettybiggestballs · 28/06/2016 08:03

Vaping not vamping... That's something entirely different! Grin

BeezerBubble · 29/06/2016 11:42

If it's a cubis tank you've got, word on the Joyetech forum is after filling take drip tip off, cover hole with paper towel, turn upside down and swing it about! HTH

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive · 29/06/2016 17:49

holin that is very favourable in comparison to what I am paying. Have made two trips to my local demonvape shop this week. Cheapest juice is 4.75. Other local vape so shop does four ten mls for ten pounds. Asked the guy in demonvape why so much more expensive and he came out with some bollocks thing about it being government tested but had no paper work with which to back up what he was saying Hmm

hollinhurst84 · 29/06/2016 17:52

Might be worth having a look at then, I haven't tried mine yet as I think they need a bit of steeping but they smell good and all labelled etc. Came within 48hrs of ordering

FurryDogMother · 29/06/2016 18:29

Thought I'd say hello. I'm not new to vaping, I managed to give up the stinkies for a while a few years back, but somehow fund myself smoking again - until this week! I just decided I'd had it with smoking, and have switched back to vaping again - today's Day 3 without any tobacco, and I seem to be back in the groove. Treated myself to a new Endura T22 a few weeks ago, when I was thinking of vaping again, and I love it :) I've got various bits of old kit here too that I'm using, Protanks, mini Protanks, a Nautilus Aspire and innumerable cheapo plastic tanks too, plus more eGo batteries than I know what to do with - I like to hang them round my neck, and match the colour to what I'm wearing . It's all good!

All my juices are ancient, some home-mixed, some bought - they all seem to be OK still (in fact I think I can recommend steeping for 2 or more years!), but have just signed up for a monthly Sizzlebox so I can try out the newer things. It's all rather exciting, and I'm looking forward to feeling better and having more spare cash too (if I can stop myself 'investing' in more new kit, that is!).

So anyway - hello :)

hollinhurst84 · 29/06/2016 19:16

Waves back. I got my first sizzle box the other week and got trip hammer cream tea which I was wanting to try so it worked out well!!

Dontneedausername · 29/06/2016 19:53

Hollinhurst, join the Triphammer FB page, they often post 50% disc codes :)

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