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Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo

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JustineBMumsnet · 23/06/2020 11:38

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It can feel impossible to make time for yourself at the best of times, let alone when you’re juggling working from home and playing the role of teacher on top of your day-to-day home life. With free time often scarce and always precious, Nintendo would like to hear about the novel ways you’ve been making time for yourself at the moment.

Here’s what Nintendo has to say: “Keeping your mind active and taking some time out for yourself is really important and using quick games that engage your brain can be a great way to relax. Dabbling in puzzles, board games and a spot of brain training can help you to focus your mind on the here and now and give you the chance to relax when you have a few precious moments of quiet.”

Have you been taking extended loo breaks to achieve some much needed alone time even if the scenery isn’t the most appealing? Perhaps now the kids are home all the time you’ve got them involved with your relaxation rituals? Have you been entertaining yourself with video or brain training games? What do you do to relax if you have just a few minutes to yourself?

Whatever the ways you’re making time for yourself, share on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck


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Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo
OP posts:
Hopezibah · 25/06/2020 14:46

My little luxury during lockdown has been 30 mins in the inflatable hot tub we bought in the sale last summer! For half an hour a day I can feel like i'm on holiday and get a break from the kids. The kids know they can do gaming during that time as long as they cooperate nicely with each other and don't squabble! I've also downloaded a few books from my absolute fave author so if I can squeeze in a few minutes reading, then I do. I'm trying to take a relaxed approach to homeschooling and as long as we all do a little bit of homeschooling each day in whatever form that takes, then that is a bonus! I also enjoy cooking and baking as me-time. And sometimes I find myself sat on the stairs between upstairs and downstairs as that seems to be a peaceful place to be for a few minutes before my hiding place is discovered!

AngelwingsPetlamb · 25/06/2020 14:50

Have you been taking extended loo breaks to achieve some much needed alone time even if the scenery isn’t the most appealing?
No but I do take extra baths so I can read my book in peace. It doesn’t always work but sometimes it does and I get some me time.

Perhaps now the kids are home all the time you’ve got them involved with your relaxation rituals?
My dc loves practicing yoga with me

Have you been entertaining yourself with video or brain training games?
Yes, I do a quick crossword and a word wheel puzzle every morning while I’m having a cup of tea in bed

What do you do to relax if you have just a few minutes to yourself?
Paint my nails, do a face mask that kind of thing.

thatselementary · 25/06/2020 16:39

Going for an extended loo break is always one way to get five minutes peace to do nothing but have quiet Grin Other than that, when my children fall asleep between 7:30-8, I spend my free time by doing either coursework, play games or Netflix. I think it's important to make time for yourself and unwind, we all deserve some relaxation!Smile

MakeTeaNotWar · 25/06/2020 17:09

Wake up early before the kids and enjoy a cup of tea in bed and a few chapters of my book before everyone wakes up and chaos begins

BrowncoatWaffles · 25/06/2020 17:35

I have an adult colouring book and when we’re sat doing the umpteeth craft or colouring session of lockdown I do some colouring.

Otherwise, once the kids are in bed I play Animal Crossing. I find it so relaxing, even just 20 minutes before bed just chills me out and clears my mind ready for sleep.

10milewalk · 25/06/2020 21:10

I've been getting up early so I can grab a coffee and read my book for half an hour, before everyone else wakes up, it's my favourite part of the day.

bunnyrabbit93 · 25/06/2020 21:26

Once the kids are in bed and I have cleaned up I colour my adult colouring book with a cup of tea and some chocolate

indecisivewoman81 · 25/06/2020 23:14

I always make sure to have an hour long bath at night complete with a book. This is my way of unwinding from a long day.

lolly2010 · 25/06/2020 23:19

A nice hot bath, stay up late after children go to bed and watch films or box sets, I sometimes go for a walk.

littlealexhorne · 25/06/2020 23:49

I've just taken up colouring which is so relaxing and really seems to clear my mind. I also love a long, hot bath too.

QueSera · 25/06/2020 23:50

You've got to be kidding. Looking after DC, homeschooling, taking care of housework absolute basics like buying food, preparing meals, doing laundry etc, plus fitting in a full-time job into my nights and weekends - there is no time for myself. There isnt even time to do the above tasks. Totally exhausted.

1vandal2 · 26/06/2020 01:58

Staying up too late

Zofloramummy · 26/06/2020 02:14

I’ve been getting up early and reading in the garden before it gets too hot, I’ve also started to grow some fruit and veg and it’s nice to see it coming along. In the evening I tend to cross stitch whilst watching tv and I am also guilty of playing a bit too much online scrabble and Homescapes. We (me and dd) are currently saving up to buy a Nintendo switch and she is very excited about getting animal crossing, I quite fancy the fitness games and mario racing!

As a single parent it’s not easy to carve some time out for yourself but it’s so important for mental health and well being.

Rigorousyetcalm · 26/06/2020 04:25

Hiding in the bathroom with my sudoku puzzle book! Bliss!

FawnDrench · 26/06/2020 10:58

I enjoy sitting in the garden, totally alone, listening to the birds and appreciating all the different sights, sounds and smells.

Thiswayorthatway · 26/06/2020 11:34

Running, or hiding in the larder/food cupboard Grin

NudgeUnit · 26/06/2020 12:38

Headphones! It stems the endless tide of totally pointless interruptions. I'm teaching myself a new language through mine.

jitterbugintomybrain · 26/06/2020 13:37

Exercise is my me-time and also staying up after e kids have gone to bed. Love it

Teaspoon74 · 26/06/2020 14:54

Toilet breaks are definitely a thing here!! I also sometimes sneak out of bed early to have a cuppa and listen to the birds. I'm not naturally a morning person, and it's hard to pull myself away from my still Co-sleeping (don't judge me!!) 3yo. But sitting in the kitchen playing blocks (like Tetris ) on my phone whilst enjoying a drink and the birdsong and morning sun is just good for the soul

ScorpionQueen · 26/06/2020 15:17

Walking the dog. I'm not even sad that my kids don't want to come, it's my time. Sometimes I'll take a book and a drink and go for ages. The dog is loving lockdown.

TheHoneyBadger · 26/06/2020 15:33

The dog is getting more walks than he’s used to for one thing.

Pros and cons to this but ds has gone a bit nocturnal whereas I’m still getting up early so we both actually get space and alone time as well as time together.

There’s just the two of us and always has been. We’re good at balancing space and togetherness and both like doing our own thing much of the time. For together time (aside from home learning) we’ve been cooking and watching the new season of 13 reasons why. When he was little it was mario carts but he’s a PS4 boy now.

Thistly · 26/06/2020 21:08

Gardening! I loved the planning, prepareing and digging stage, then getting the seeds to germinate, then seeing which ones survived planting out, now its light weeding and watering, as well as starting to pick salads and fruit!
Its so fulfilling, and while i’m busy digging, my younger dc follow suit and play in soil too.
I just wish the older ones were getting as much outdoors time!

buckley1983 · 27/06/2020 00:06

We try to divide the day into sections (a la Hugh Grant in About a Boy!) so we can ensure there's time for school work, my work & fun time together! We set timers for 30 mins - we very often go off track, but it gives us a little structure to work to & sometimes it's just nice to sit in the garden with a cuppa, shut my eyes for a minute & enjoy the peace.. before I hear 'MUUUMM!!' being shouted at full volume from somewhere inside the house!

ILovesPeanuts · 27/06/2020 00:11

We walk in the forest and this is where DH and me usually catch up as the DC tend to walk together and argue less whilst out.
Otherwise a little drive to the supermarket listening to the radio.
As I'm quite busy work wise and so is DH, and we have home schooling too, my me time is something quite mundane like scrolling Facebook.
A big treat for us both was watching all the seasons of 24 which we bought in a local 2nd hand dvd shop a year or so ago. We loved it but have finished them all now.

ifigoup · 27/06/2020 08:05

I go to bed early and read a book or listen to podcasts.

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