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Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo

259 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 23/06/2020 11:38

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It can feel impossible to make time for yourself at the best of times, let alone when you’re juggling working from home and playing the role of teacher on top of your day-to-day home life. With free time often scarce and always precious, Nintendo would like to hear about the novel ways you’ve been making time for yourself at the moment.

Here’s what Nintendo has to say: “Keeping your mind active and taking some time out for yourself is really important and using quick games that engage your brain can be a great way to relax. Dabbling in puzzles, board games and a spot of brain training can help you to focus your mind on the here and now and give you the chance to relax when you have a few precious moments of quiet.”

Have you been taking extended loo breaks to achieve some much needed alone time even if the scenery isn’t the most appealing? Perhaps now the kids are home all the time you’ve got them involved with your relaxation rituals? Have you been entertaining yourself with video or brain training games? What do you do to relax if you have just a few minutes to yourself?

Whatever the ways you’re making time for yourself, share on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck


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Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo
OP posts:
HaloeVera · 23/06/2020 11:49

staying up too late, because it is only once they are in bed that I can focus on anything for more than 5 mins. Bath is also a relaxation zone, but often i get crashed in there too! A walk to the supermarket is another way I get a few minutes peace and can be alone with my own thoughts, but then I am exposed to the dreaded virus......

CanWeComeIntoTheOutNow · 23/06/2020 12:13

Running was always my alone time but since my husband ditched me and I've got the kids at home full time it was hard to get out. I've finally got them reliable enough on their bikes that I can run while they pedal along in front of me
It's not quite the same as going it alone - I've always got one eye out for a child veering into traffic or an unwitting pedestrian - but if I turn my music up loud enough and offer the right bribe to get them home (like a bit of screen time) then it's a workable solution.
The other guiltfree time out from Homeschooling is a family film afternoon or playing the Wii together - if we're using it for bonding then I can justify the screen time much more to myself! Grin

m0jit0 · 23/06/2020 17:14

Love doing a bit of sewing when the kids are in bed. Been having fun making new outfits for myself and the kids

BristolMum96 · 23/06/2020 17:38

We don't use a lot of screens but I allow myself 10 minutes - when my child has 10 minutes. So we both sit and have a quick quiet time, often playing games, before back to the real world Grin I still enjoy my Nintendo ds life from early teens, DC like Switch and Wii.

HubbabubbaT · 23/06/2020 17:44

Since my daughter (2) is fascinated by Peppa Pig.. she's only allowed to watch it once a day for 30 minutes... And that 30 minutes is my time! It's enough time to make a cup of tea.. read a couple of chapters of my favourite book... Scroll through mumsnet...even play a few games on my phone! I've become quite an expert at blocking out the Pig families voices Grin

buckeejit · 23/06/2020 17:48

I hate exercise but go for a daily walk so I can listen to an audiobook. Also, occasionally have a bath rather than a shower & relax!

Byrdie · 23/06/2020 17:56

I clicked on this thread because it said nintendo and since lockdown (and buying my 12 year old our first games console) I have been addicted to Animal Crossing! So much so that I secretly take it with me when I leave half an hour early to pick up my daughter (she's just started back at school) and I spend the extra 30 mins sat in the car playing on the switch - buying and selling so I can pay off my nook loan! Lovely bonding with my kids as I can join in the conversations about turnip prices!

flowersfromheaven · 23/06/2020 17:57

I have been lucky really because I have worked all the way through lock down so not much time to get bored, On my days off I have read more book and magazine more than I usually read and I have found that I am getting more sleep which is a good thing.

pepparrot · 23/06/2020 18:17

I've been loving playing on Animal Crossing on the Switch, it really helps me to wind down - though i keep leaving my turnips almost too late to sell!

MimsyBorogroves · 23/06/2020 18:36

Dog walks. I'd never been one to walk before, but now I have my best friend they're great.

Asuwere · 23/06/2020 19:59

I enjoy reading; even just 10mins getting lost in a book can relax me and make me ready to get back to reality. I do tend to wait till the evening once DC are all in bed, or when they're busy themselves during the day before I pick up a book though so I don't get interrupted. :)

LITTLEMUTLEY23 · 23/06/2020 20:26

I make sure I do all the household jobs and cooking prep when my children are awake and playing so when naptime comes I can chill with a cup of tea and either a book or something on tv

Cotswoldmama · 23/06/2020 20:27

I get up early just so I can have a coffee on my own and watch something I want on tv. I've just started running first thing too just to have some time alone!

Summeriscancelled · 23/06/2020 21:11

I love mine!

Animal Crossing is like another world away from the stresses of real life. I love decorating my island, breeding flowers, catching new fish and keeping an eye on turnip prices! I play an hour every morning to keep on top of things before starting my working day. It's also a great way to pass a rainy afternoon, especially as there's not much else to do.

When I can't get out my daily walk I love playing Just Dance which is a surprisingly good calorie burner and a super fun distraction!

torthecatlady · 23/06/2020 22:06

There is no chance of peace and quiet when ds is awake! The only chance I have for a bit of me time of when he's gone to bed! I wish I had more of it... but I bought a puzzle book recently and whenever I get 5 minutes spare I sit down and do either a crossword or a word search. Living the high life here and I'm only 29 Grin

Easylikeasonntagmorgan · 23/06/2020 22:07

I make time for myself by listening to audiobooks while I'm doing the housework.

I also have a bit of 'me' time once the children are in bed, I do my nails and watch a film with a nice glass of red Smile

TellMeItsNotTrue · 24/06/2020 00:23

Setting up cousin video calls so the adults get a break, generally setting them up with the same activity so they can do it together which makes the call last longer

MashedSpud · 24/06/2020 03:50

I’m cross breeding flower colours in Animal Crossing New Horizons and trying to get my home in shape for the awards every Sunday.
I’m even crocheting my ACNH character!

danigrace · 24/06/2020 05:32

No extended loo breaks here unfortunately - my 2 year old and 9 month old always come with me!!
My physio exercises can be relaxing if the kids are playing together, less so if they are climbing on my head.
I haven't been playing games but I've been working on some historical research to keep my brain ticking when the kids are asleep - I've been going to bed early with them and doing it from my phone.
When I just have a few minutes to yourself I like to make a hot chocolate or herbal tea and sip it whilst hot!!

alwaystimeforchocolate · 24/06/2020 08:28

Unfortunately my son dropped our Nintendo switch down the toilet three weeks after we bought it. 😢 so no game playing for me. I stay up extra late to read or watch tv when the kids are finally asleep or hide myself in the toilet- although that doesn't always guarantee peace. We've been going on really long family walks which I've really enjoyed and have found quite relaxing.

MrsFrTedCrilly · 24/06/2020 08:41

I hide in the loo with a book and stay up late..there’s no escape from them at the moment Blush

ThreeCubesBalancing · 24/06/2020 09:02

I have been learning Russian and brushing up my French with Duolingo, DS is doing French on it as well so we can progress together. I did find it relaxing but there are all these goals and competitions to progress so I am now finding it less so. Otherwise my relax time has to be carved out of my work time, while the kids are doing school work, or as PP said staying up too late once they are in bed.


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MumMemories · 24/06/2020 09:47

I'm struggling to do this.
Now that the children are back at school I'm trying to take a lunch break from work but it's hard when there is so much to catch up on from lockdown inability to properly juggle everything.
I also stay up late to get more time to myself and then regret it in the morning.
Having a one off plan helps my children understand that I need that time, eg going for a run with a friend. Unless there is an 'excuse' they don't give me any time at all whilst they're awake.

freakfire · 24/06/2020 10:38

I try to squeeze in a crossword of a game of Candy Crush when I can, and grab a bath or shower if I have a bit longer to myself

voyager50 · 24/06/2020 10:40

I have either been going for a long walk on my own or waiting until everyone is in bed and having a relaxing bubble bath with a cup of tea and the radio on.

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