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Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo

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JustineBMumsnet · 23/06/2020 11:38

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It can feel impossible to make time for yourself at the best of times, let alone when you’re juggling working from home and playing the role of teacher on top of your day-to-day home life. With free time often scarce and always precious, Nintendo would like to hear about the novel ways you’ve been making time for yourself at the moment.

Here’s what Nintendo has to say: “Keeping your mind active and taking some time out for yourself is really important and using quick games that engage your brain can be a great way to relax. Dabbling in puzzles, board games and a spot of brain training can help you to focus your mind on the here and now and give you the chance to relax when you have a few precious moments of quiet.”

Have you been taking extended loo breaks to achieve some much needed alone time even if the scenery isn’t the most appealing? Perhaps now the kids are home all the time you’ve got them involved with your relaxation rituals? Have you been entertaining yourself with video or brain training games? What do you do to relax if you have just a few minutes to yourself?

Whatever the ways you’re making time for yourself, share on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck


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Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo
OP posts:
Hollieh89 · 03/09/2020 23:57

I like to get up a little before our girls just to have 10 mins getting myself ready for the day.
We all have a ds so I can play the same games as them so we can have a bit of bonding doing something they enjoy

VividImagination · 16/09/2020 19:45

I have just signed up for a course on Home Education as we are considering it for ds3. This will be my “me time” for the moment. I also like to go for a swim. There’s something really peaceful and refreshing about swimming.

Coffeemummy123 · 16/09/2020 23:22

Having my breakfast drink and evening meal outside, it energises me.

tobypercy · 19/09/2020 22:05

playing the Sims on my kindle.
It's a guilty pleasure of sorts.

Snog · 19/09/2020 22:54

Walking suddenly seemed vital to do in lockdown but I don't like walking alone so I've combined walking with listening to audiobooks.

duggerlugs · 20/09/2020 09:46

The only way I can now relax and pretend I'm in a spa with a 5 year old is when she has a bath. I now scrub my face, face and hair mask and do my toe nails whilst she soaks in the bath. She enjoys her dolls playing in bath and I get some form of me time to take care of stuff I want to do.

Missushbb · 20/09/2020 14:42

Walking definitely, fresh air helps so much. Also enjoying reading, a good thriller that you can immerse yourself in.
Love a Pinterest session too! Like shopping but free.

EmanResu7 · 28/09/2020 02:16

I opted for the Nintendo WiiU for my kids because I loved Mario when I was younger. And I never had a chance to relive my youth until lockdown when they had to teach me all over again (and I was the Mario champion in our house). Now I have mastered it, I have been showing them the 'retro' games, and they love them!

duck22 · 29/09/2020 10:49

Once the kids are in bed I live to do a bit of exercise and watch a good documentary to unwinde

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