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Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo

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JustineBMumsnet · 23/06/2020 11:38

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It can feel impossible to make time for yourself at the best of times, let alone when you’re juggling working from home and playing the role of teacher on top of your day-to-day home life. With free time often scarce and always precious, Nintendo would like to hear about the novel ways you’ve been making time for yourself at the moment.

Here’s what Nintendo has to say: “Keeping your mind active and taking some time out for yourself is really important and using quick games that engage your brain can be a great way to relax. Dabbling in puzzles, board games and a spot of brain training can help you to focus your mind on the here and now and give you the chance to relax when you have a few precious moments of quiet.”

Have you been taking extended loo breaks to achieve some much needed alone time even if the scenery isn’t the most appealing? Perhaps now the kids are home all the time you’ve got them involved with your relaxation rituals? Have you been entertaining yourself with video or brain training games? What do you do to relax if you have just a few minutes to yourself?

Whatever the ways you’re making time for yourself, share on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck


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Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo
OP posts:
gingerbreadslice · 01/07/2020 16:27

I'd say bubble baths but then again since having kids I seem to of lost the function of actually enjoying a bath Confused. I do enjoy baking though I find that relaxing.

kateandme · 01/07/2020 16:46

reading time.
garden time
setting them up a den.
when they are in bed.
tv or movie time.its not about banishing them for alone time when they are young because that cant happen.more what can you all do or waht can they do which gives you also a bit of peace or a bit more reading to them is great.or settling into a good movie.
get them making crafts.
love to cook.
breathing and meditation

ailsasheldon · 01/07/2020 17:52

I spend a lot of time hiding in the shed. But also love to get out for a run before the kids wake up. It’s an early start but you’ve got to take it when you can ! I’ve also had a recent promotion as pig feeder for food that is left over at our food bank!

Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo
angel0071987 · 01/07/2020 18:49

I saw this listed elsewhere and it's excellent. Order weekly shop online to click and collect but don't tell anyone. Then tell them you are off to do the weekly shop and bam and whole hour to yourself!!

Anj123 · 01/07/2020 19:25

I love playing Scrabble and recently have been playing with teenage daughter and hubby. I hadn’t played for many years and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Daughter is thinking of taking English A level so it is also widening her vocabulary!

RedFleece · 01/07/2020 20:33

Sky watching day and night. Lying on my back spotting cloud animals by day, imagining the clouds holding my thoughts and letting them come and go. At night looking for shooting stars, moon cycles and universe events.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo · 01/07/2020 20:58

I bough DS animal crossing early in lockdown so I'd get some peace while he played online with friends (as he wasn't really engaging with anyone when schools first closed) though now I just hear endlessly about the prices of turnips!

But for me time more generally I've rediscovered the art of soaking in the bath with a glass of wine and have been doing exercise classes at home. As a family we all talk about what we want to do on any given day, and if anyone wants some time to chill out by themselves they get it. We're very lucky in that we have a few different spaces where people can go and relax and read, play on the switch, watch tv, aimlessly surf the internet...

BabySocksNeverStayOn · 01/07/2020 21:06

I set my alarm for 5.30am. I shower, exercise and have at least an hour to myself. It's not for everyone, but my body clock is so used to it now.

Sam1904 · 01/07/2020 21:09

Watching tv series has been my go to, to just disconnect from the world once the kids are gone to bed. I have also been doing exercises and getting the kids involved, really helps with mental health

jojo8208 · 01/07/2020 21:36

I have 8 amazing kids, I get them all to meditate with me (apart from my baby) & it keeps us all chilled. Luckily kids' Dad regularly takes them off my hands so I can have as much peace as I need & my kids are totally respectful of my needs too.
Luckiest mum ever I think (don't we all?).

Also, I have been known to sneak off & go for a really long toilet with my magazines hehe 'sorry kids, I have "tummy ache"'.

Eyre89 · 01/07/2020 21:37

Staying up too late even when the baby had me up 6 times last night. As it's the only time of the day I'm not thinking of anyone else as they are all asleep. So I can just switch off. I have sewing I want to do but it gets pushed down my priority list.

Stej7 · 01/07/2020 22:13

Online food shopping...choose the click and collect option and tell the family that I’m going to do the weekly food shop. Hey presto I’ve just bought myself an hour of ‘me time’. Hope I don’t get caught Smile

rachaelsit · 01/07/2020 22:20

We have explained to the kids that we all need time to ourselves and my husband and I swap giving eachother an hour or so a day when the baby sleeps. It works quite well

Carriecakes80 · 01/07/2020 23:16

Always been a Gamer, since the early 80's when my dad got me my first ZX Spectrum! So finding something to relax with is easy.
I have four children that I home ed, so the lock down hasn't actually changed too much for us, except their various clubs and gyms are closed, so we have done a lot more playing board games together, long walks in the fileds behind our house, and luckily my childrens joint Christmas pressie last year was a Nintendo Switch, so we have had loads of fun on that.
In fact its through gaming that my children have kept social with their cousins who live miles away, playing Roblox and Minecraft together whilst chatting on Steam, so gaming has truly made what could have been a really stressy time, actually a lot of fun!
But I do make sure they get on the trampoline for a screen break and some exercise!! x

Mumsnet users share the novel ways they make time for themselves with Nintendo
pyjamapj · 02/07/2020 00:32

I use the excuse to clean the bathroom to pamper myself Grin

Wills · 02/07/2020 00:38

Well I expect mine to be the weirdest!!! I have four kids and didn't start having them until I was 30 - sorry but it was weird but I had my first at 30 and my 4th at 40! Anyway, I'm digressing. My godmother always loved playing cards. She lived with us all the way through my youth (i.e so from when I was born until she died a few years ago), she was like a second mum. She loved card games, from loads of solitaire games to cheat and poker and everything, but she never taught me to play Bridge. 4 years ago I enrolled in a Bridge club (and have been mocked by friends ever since). Yes I'm the youngest member, but its great. No, I have no aspirations to be a bridge master, but its introduced me to so many people (mainly older than me) and has really helped my attitude to getting older. When you play with people who are soooo much older than yourself it really gives you an insight to growing old - and most importantly - not being afraid!

KMoiz · 02/07/2020 01:01

Oh during lockdown as hubby was at home , I got the pleasure of going on the walk and work on my fitness :) that’s my me time , otherwise squeezing in time has become really hard ,
I also squeezed in book reading and late night Netflixing aswell 😜

Gemz82 · 02/07/2020 08:50

I adore Animal Crossing! I put hours into New Leaf and Pocket Camp so had to get New Horizons! Due to the pandemic, it took me a while to track down a console, but I finally got hold of a Lite and it's perfect for me. I did get a full Switch console too but as I couldn't transfer my ACNL Island, I haven't played on it yet.

Having a toddler, I don't have much time to myself, but when I do, usually after she's gone to bed, I love to curl up in bed myself with the Lite and put some hours in to completing tasks or beautifying my Island in New Horizons! It's the only game I have energy for at the minute but I can while the hours away blissfully. I'm sure it qualifies as mindfulness! I'm looking forward to when my daughter's a bit older as I'm sure she'll love to watch the characters too!

When I have more energy, I'll get back into my retro games room, where I have a NES, SNESngst many others. Once a Nintendo fangirl, always a Nintendo fangirl!

fish88 · 02/07/2020 18:34

I always make sure I have time to read a chapter of whatever book I'm reading before bed

WarmHugs · 02/07/2020 19:29

I’m usually up before my DC, and I use the alone time to do yoga. Unfortunately, they like to come and see what I’m doing, and just make noise at me. I discovered if I lay their school work out, they think I’m going to get them to start it at 6am, so they’ll potter about upstairs instead 😂

mollysmammy · 02/07/2020 21:36

I've always got up early (around 5am), I lay in bed for the first half hour to hour, I play logic or hidden object games. Before getting a shower, getting myself ready and then getting my Daughter up, and starting the day. I go to bed quite early, so if I'm not too tired sometimes play them in the evening. I'm a lone parent, so sometimes life can be quite hectic, and it's a good way to have some child free time, whilst exercising the brain!

RubyDreamsOfRainbows · 02/07/2020 22:42

I've been playing Zelda Breath of the Wild on my new 'lockdown splurge' Switch Lite! 😂

RubyDreamsOfRainbows · 02/07/2020 22:42

I've been playing Zelda Breath of the Wild on my new 'lockdown splurge' Switch Lite! 😂

ProfInkly · 03/07/2020 00:12

Let my toddler pretend to drive the car (while it's safely parked) so I can sit in the car and listen to the radio without having to run around after her.

ButtonMoonLoon · 03/07/2020 02:26

Pegging the washing on the line feels like a little holiday some days, I often stretch out the time it takes just to get an extra few minutes peace and quiet!

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