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Share your tips for surviving family holidays with Drac from Hotel Transylvania 3 - £300 voucher to be won

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DracLordOfDarkness · 09/07/2018 09:23

Hello, hello it’s me Drac here, vampire, and owner of Hotel Transylvania! A lavish five-stake hotel for monsters and now humans, too. I have come to Mumsnet because I desperately need your help. My little poisonberry daughter Mavis has booked a family vacation - she thinks I need a break from running the hotel. Even though a family vacation seems more work and stress than just staying at home! Not only do I have to keep my daughter Mavis and her human husband Johnny happy, I also need to be a good Vampa (vampire-grandpa Wink) and entertain Dennis-a-vich my 5 year old grandson; and don't even mention the hotel guests like Frank, Murray, Wayne and all of his pups, Tinkles, and Blobby.

I like the idea of spending some quality time with the family and hanging up my cloak but how do I do it without the arguments, and the tantrums, and the agony?! Please Mumsnetters, help me by telling me how you survive your family vacations without wanting to turn into a bat and fly away or wishing you were at home with a bowl of monster soup?

I will enter everyone who posts their most zing-worthy family vacation tips on this thread into our special Hotel Transylvania 3 prize draw where one monster or human will win a £300 voucher of their choice. If you win you could use it to come visit my monstrous hotel!



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Share your tips for surviving family holidays with Drac from Hotel Transylvania 3 - £300 voucher to be won
OP posts:
EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 06/08/2018 14:00

Don't try to take charge and plan everything on your own, delegate to others. Take plenty of snacks and drinks, plus baby wipes for the younger DC. And don't plan anything to extravagant, extravagant usually = bored and cranky DC which = stressed and frazzled adults, stick with the simpler stuff, and ask what others would like to do.

KittyKat88 · 07/08/2018 00:08

I try and have a vague plan to follow for our holiday - a mixture of set days with pre-planned activities but also keep a list of other things we can slot in whenever needed such as a softplay centre, a visit to a park/playground and going to a swimming pool. I thnk it's also nice to get my DDs to make a suggestion for an activity too so that they feel empowered that they are included in the decisions we make as a family for our family holidays.

OnMyWayToday · 09/08/2018 23:15

Divorce husband, holidays now just me and the kids....I’m so much happier and relaxed, kids feel the same and we have a lovely time these days.

itsonlysubterfuge · 11/08/2018 11:25

We have special rules during Holiday that seem to help us.

One of the biggest rules is you are allowed to eat whatever you want on holiday! I know it seems crazy, but it really helps to relax the eating rules and helps everyone to enjoy the holiday better.

purplepandas · 11/08/2018 18:44

I agree about slacking off on some rules I would have at home (also more lenient re eating etc). We did have to instigate a behaviour chart on my phone this holiday just gone though and incentivised madly for encouraging good behaviour.

Highfever · 11/08/2018 22:49

Plan activities. Have a session drawing up some ideas with the children.

Also schedule in some opportunities for yourself to keep you sane.

KingBobra · 12/08/2018 13:54

Reciprocal sleepover playdates to give other families a break from their own kids - like a mini-exchange scheme....

jatsmith · 12/08/2018 17:57

Send the kids on lots of treasure hunts while I put my feet up with a glass of wine Grin

Pattygonia · 15/08/2018 06:46

Spending time together as a family is the best and most important part of a holiday - and that can be going out for a picnic breakfast in the Park ( so you get the swings to yourself before it gets hot and busy - and a picnic breakfast seems weirdly more exciting thN a lunchtime one) as much as an expensive trip to an exotic location.

fishnships · 16/08/2018 18:47

Just go with the flow and keep free time for whatever you decide you want to do, rather than having days planned out (a few ideas in advance is helpful, though).

ProteinIsGood · 16/08/2018 23:08

I don't quite like the idea of going with the flow. I'd say the best thing to do is plan things (so have a few ideas with different activities to do on different days), but have that flexible. So more a case of we could do this on this day as opposed to we will do this on this day. I think that way you're prepared for any unplanned stuff such as kids finding something else that they'd rather do thats within the budget.

loopyloulaura · 20/08/2018 11:47

I plan before we go: ideas for hot days, wet days etc. Use Google Maps to plan journeys and have stops along the way with a place to visit to break up the trip into manageable chunks

loopyloulaura · 20/08/2018 11:48

Ooh and remember that it is a family holiday and that includes the parents so choose some events/places/activities that the adults will enjoy rather than staying focused on the kids all the time.

Elliejojo · 20/08/2018 20:31

Planing a mixture of activities and down time works for us. Location and things on site need to be well thought out so you don’t spend all the time driving or constantly entertaining

Teaspoon74 · 21/08/2018 16:09


We never go away without ensuring we have enough food, toys, clothes and suncream/ meds to get us through our trip! From the favourite wake-up toy (Golden the retriever) through to the favourite cup, bowl, and t-shirt, there's nowt worse than a plea for a favourite item that is hundreds of miles away!!

That said, being able to introduce new and fun experiences is a sure fire way to make for a memorable holiday. It's all about balance ;)

EmmaMumsnet · 24/08/2018 12:05

Congratulations to @biffyboom for winning the £300 voucher prize draw Smile

GetKnitted · 28/08/2018 23:31

key is not to plan to much and not to expect too much, these too things are the source of so much tiredness and frustration, best to cut them out entirely!

vickyors · 01/09/2018 14:09

Lego. (Not to be mixed with suncream, obvs)
Sticker books- lots!
If in dire need- an iPad of mary poppins.
Snacks and water. (Not sugary or the journey will get worse!)
Travel pillow.

NoLogicInThis · 02/09/2018 15:43

I always take screenshots of attraction open times and prices and the weather for the holiday ahead so I can plan what we do each day.
This saves countless time wondering how to fill a afternoon and then pulling up to somewhere and it's closed early.

Beach11 · 04/09/2018 20:56

Have a range of activities that suit all tastes and when tickets are needed we book in advance to save queuing etc

plusonefail · 07/09/2018 20:47

I’ve honestly always found that family holidays are fine as long as we have plenty of snacks, lots of bottles of water and close proximity to a beach at all times.

pongopig · 07/09/2018 21:04

Take lots of reading material, especially if going somewhere where English is not the first language. It’s no fun to run out of books and not be able to buy any new ones.


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kb1823 · 12/02/2019 22:59

plan your trip and stick to it.

LewisForeman · 22/03/2019 02:42

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Cuch · 22/03/2019 04:47

Always have snacks about your person. Seriously, that is it. It makes everything else bearable as nobody can moan about being hungry or thirsty. Also, keep on top of sunscreen, hard and general sun exposure.

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