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Share your tips for surviving family holidays with Drac from Hotel Transylvania 3 - £300 voucher to be won

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DracLordOfDarkness · 09/07/2018 09:23

Hello, hello it’s me Drac here, vampire, and owner of Hotel Transylvania! A lavish five-stake hotel for monsters and now humans, too. I have come to Mumsnet because I desperately need your help. My little poisonberry daughter Mavis has booked a family vacation - she thinks I need a break from running the hotel. Even though a family vacation seems more work and stress than just staying at home! Not only do I have to keep my daughter Mavis and her human husband Johnny happy, I also need to be a good Vampa (vampire-grandpa Wink) and entertain Dennis-a-vich my 5 year old grandson; and don't even mention the hotel guests like Frank, Murray, Wayne and all of his pups, Tinkles, and Blobby.

I like the idea of spending some quality time with the family and hanging up my cloak but how do I do it without the arguments, and the tantrums, and the agony?! Please Mumsnetters, help me by telling me how you survive your family vacations without wanting to turn into a bat and fly away or wishing you were at home with a bowl of monster soup?

I will enter everyone who posts their most zing-worthy family vacation tips on this thread into our special Hotel Transylvania 3 prize draw where one monster or human will win a £300 voucher of their choice. If you win you could use it to come visit my monstrous hotel!



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Share your tips for surviving family holidays with Drac from Hotel Transylvania 3 - £300 voucher to be won
OP posts:
musicalprof · 12/07/2018 22:37

With a dd (14) who has SEN, we keep it simple by returning to the same flat, in the same resort each year. That way, we don't spend most of the holiday dealing with her anxieties about 'newness'.
She's now got to know lots of the locals - it can be a bit like holidaying with a celebrity Grin!
We always try to plan some 'new' activities (as well as revisiting lots of old favourites) to keep her brother (12) happy & to just push her outside her comfort zone a little...

QueenOfPharts · 12/07/2018 22:44

Try and be as organised as possible. So take some food and stuff with you particularly a few of the kids favourites. So brsnd new colouring books- preferably ones with magic pens. Plan a few must do activities that your kids will love and fit in some adult type stuff around that. Limet meals out-expensive and faffy with kids. Have plenty pic nics and make as gourmet as you like.

Sixgeese · 12/07/2018 23:37

Take activities for children, plan things to do but realise plans will need to change at a drop of a hat. Roll with things, feed, water and sunscreen the children.

For me this year, we are going away with three generations of the In Laws, I am packing lots of books so I can hide when they start to irritate me and I will be counting down the days to the end of the week.

joggingrunning · 13/07/2018 00:40

Always make check lists of things to do and see and prepare your bag(s) the night before. Thus you can be prepared for each day, whilst on a family vacation.

bridgetosomewhere · 13/07/2018 05:17

You need:
Warm weather
A beach
A pool with slides
Separate bedrooms
Lots of suncream

We go sowmehere in the morning, back to hotel for lunch and quiet time

Out again later afternoon and then dinner and evening entertainment

Go to bed all at the same time around 10/11 and then usually get a lie in.

In Majorca currently and have rented a car to explore. Also take a buggy if you have a child who can’t walk far in the heat - it’s a life saver. Our hotel has lent us one

Ice cream, pasta and chips is a perfectly acceptable diet for a week. Don’t stress about it! They won’t eat like that once back at home.

jacqui5366 · 13/07/2018 06:05

Hotel Transylvania is the place to be ! keeping my little Mavis safe and occupied experiencing new foods, people and cultures is a great learning experience. Making new friends with the 'werewolves' in the kids club is great for us parents, to let our hair down and have an hour to relax and recharge like Frankenstein. Bringing a fully charged tablet and powerbank is always a good distraction when the humans get too much for our little monster. Keep an eye on nap times and tiredness setting in to help them cope with the change in routine from the human to Transylvanian holiday environment.

Gazelda · 13/07/2018 08:09

Plan like a demon beforehand. Shopping list, packing list, equipment, paperwork etc.
Immediately stop all planning on arrival. Go with the flow. Relax. Don't organise trips unless specifically requested by family members.

Tentomidnight · 13/07/2018 17:56

Before we go, I ask everyone in the family for ideas of what they would like to do, from a list of possible activities.
Kids pack their own backpack to take on the plane/in the car, but I buy them a new notebook to draw & write in.
Downtime each day, a couple of hours before we go out for dinner when we all zone out and do our own thing reading/screens etc

Thecatisboss · 13/07/2018 20:05

One of our memorable holidays involved putting all the clothes on the spare bed to be packed then DD pants falling off and being forgotten. When we got to holiday cottage we realised D d had 1 pair of pants luckily MIL was coming the next day so was requested to go to asda beforehand and bring extra pants. Every since then double check all clothes are where they should be!

I also ensure I always take a surprise to produce on holiday usually a new book and something to play with when DD gets bored half way through the holiday with what she's brought with her.

ponygirlcurtis · 13/07/2018 22:03

Alcohol, Drac. It is the only thing that kept me sane on the holiday I came home from today. That and having a space to retreat to on my own - weather was lovely so the patio table was much used for this. Puzzle book, cuppa, aaaaaah.

Hopezibah · 13/07/2018 23:31

I try to pick my battles anyway but especially so when its vacation time! Really really try to go into chill mode and not let the kids or anyone get you stressed.

Try to be organised with packing, having tickets etc ready to help prevent getting flustered.

Relax the rules on gadgets - if it gives you some peace then a bit of screen time is definitely a good thing!

Laurajp35 · 14/07/2018 08:35

Save some money by taking packed lunches, snacks and drinks every day and allow a budget for treats, ice creams etc. Allow the kids choices about what you do where possible to avoid meltdowns!

HuglessDuglas · 14/07/2018 09:29

Lower your expectations.
If it’s truly a family holiday make it about the kids, what they actually want to do versus what you think you should be doing. Eat where they will be happy.
Then go on a short couple of days city break without them

TellMeItsNotTrue · 14/07/2018 10:40

Keep everyone well fed, hungry can easily turn in to hangry (angry because hungry)

Join in, don't expect the DC to play nicely between themselves, it goes a lot smoother if you get involved and it's a nice family moment too

MadCatLadypuss · 14/07/2018 15:48

I like to plan ahead. ALWAYS take a bottle or 2 of water and a pack of playing cards. If possible take a picnic.

MrsMarigold · 14/07/2018 17:25

Be prepared with snacks from home, often when you go abroad kids crave the familiar, for example, ours love oatcakes, which aren't always available abroad so we just take two packs for emergencies.

Also allow DC to take a small rucksack with a few favourite books and toys.

Jeffingandeffing · 14/07/2018 20:14

A good book and a glass of wine.

Sleavercole123 · 14/07/2018 20:21

Plenty of snacks, ice cream and something to play with like a ball/inflatable/pen and paper

Anj123 · 14/07/2018 20:27

There are lots of family friendly resorts. If you do your research first, find out what deals and offers you can find. We did our first all inclusive when my daughter was 5. Although we paid a lot up front, we spent very little afterwards. It meant we could relax and enjoy the holiday. 😃

danigrace · 14/07/2018 21:42

We make a proper plan before we go. Always have water bottles etc to hand. And always have a "bag of tricks" for unexpected waiting that always seems to happen on holiday

WindandWuthering · 14/07/2018 23:19

Try to keep routines to some extent. Complete change means everyone falls to bits in our household, at least. Try to have at least one nutritious meal per day, keep everyone hydrated, and don't let bedtimes get out of hand.

Quietvoiceplease · 15/07/2018 07:47

I think having reasonable expectations is key. We try and do things that everyone will enjoy, which generally means we don't get to spend long periods of time visiting galleries, museums, or anything with a whiff of educational about it. But we do all love swimming, rockpooling and active stuff so we do lots of that. My three DDs love spending hours wandering round tacky beach shops, which tests my DHs patience, but apart from that we are all mostly happy with the balance of sunshine, swimming, visits to towns (with the lure that they might find some stalls selling tat) and the like. Seems to work.


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sealight123 · 15/07/2018 09:05

Do a bit of research before you arrive so you know what activities are available but, make sure that you involve everyone in this research, so no one is disappointed when they get there if there isn't something for them.

Also, remember that you don't have to do things constantly, make sure you have breaks ion the day fir just lounging by the pool and chilling out.

It's your holiday as well as theirs. Be kind to yourself and make sure you take time for you and don't spend your time trying to please everyone.

Goingovertosusanshouse · 15/07/2018 09:24

We try to keep it relaxed and not set expectations too high. We also try and have a couple of rest days.

StickChildNumberTwo · 15/07/2018 10:09

Find out where the local play parks are. Use visits to them as bribery to get through moans about anything else.

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