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Share your tips for surviving family holidays with Drac from Hotel Transylvania 3 - £300 voucher to be won

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DracLordOfDarkness · 09/07/2018 09:23

Hello, hello it’s me Drac here, vampire, and owner of Hotel Transylvania! A lavish five-stake hotel for monsters and now humans, too. I have come to Mumsnet because I desperately need your help. My little poisonberry daughter Mavis has booked a family vacation - she thinks I need a break from running the hotel. Even though a family vacation seems more work and stress than just staying at home! Not only do I have to keep my daughter Mavis and her human husband Johnny happy, I also need to be a good Vampa (vampire-grandpa Wink) and entertain Dennis-a-vich my 5 year old grandson; and don't even mention the hotel guests like Frank, Murray, Wayne and all of his pups, Tinkles, and Blobby.

I like the idea of spending some quality time with the family and hanging up my cloak but how do I do it without the arguments, and the tantrums, and the agony?! Please Mumsnetters, help me by telling me how you survive your family vacations without wanting to turn into a bat and fly away or wishing you were at home with a bowl of monster soup?

I will enter everyone who posts their most zing-worthy family vacation tips on this thread into our special Hotel Transylvania 3 prize draw where one monster or human will win a £300 voucher of their choice. If you win you could use it to come visit my monstrous hotel!



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Share your tips for surviving family holidays with Drac from Hotel Transylvania 3 - £300 voucher to be won
OP posts:
CecilyBlue · 18/07/2018 21:01

When we go on driving holidays or trips we take a raffle ticket book and each time we spot an animal like a dog, bird, sheep, cow etc, the first person to see it gets a ticket. At the end of the journey the winner with the most tickets wins a prize. It keeps the DC entertained for ages and stops them fighting in the car.

seasure · 18/07/2018 21:27

The dc collect as many bits as possible to use for their travel scrap books - tickets, cuttings from brochures, receipts , boarding passes , the lot . When they get home they arrange and stick it all in their scrapbooks.
A small rucksack each with them to fill with souvenirs and memoirs , and to put snacks and toys in . A camera for them to take pictures with . Get them geared up beforehand learning about their new travel destination . Mine have always learned so much about the world from travel . We have never stayed in a resort but that may change as dc3 is less compliant and far more demanding .

Take practical clothing - loads of t shirts in plain colours and shorts or cropped pants that easily mix and match .

Connecting rooms or an apartment . Never all in one room . Self catering easier with kids as you can access the washing machine on the go and not have to stick to anyone else's breakfast times.

monicapuneesh · 18/07/2018 21:34

We live in Birmingham and our DS needs some help in English IGCSE. Can someone suggest some online resources for improving comprehension and writing skills. Also of someone can suggest a good teacher they have either used for their children or heard from someone else.

DrZoidbergsTentacles · 19/07/2018 10:05

Playdates! Take full advantage of swapping kids with friends to give parents a break too! Key to survival, is some respite for yourself too.

sprinklesandsauce · 19/07/2018 16:45

I usually stay in a holiday park, where there is a play park, a swimming pool, and kids clubs and evening entertainment. That way there is something for everyone.

If go somewhere new I always look up nearby parks first

Lindseymorris29 · 19/07/2018 19:09

The biggest piece of advice I would give is chuck every rule book out. Do whatever works for you, you have paid for this holiday, the least you can do is enjoy it. Wake up when you want, eat when and where you want. We always opt for a kitchen, as it is so stressful eating out with a baby, without trying worrying, about the other paying customers when your children are not behaving as you would like them to. I must say without all the stresses of keeping to a timetable, and doing whatever the mood would take us we had the best holiday ever!

EsmeeMerlin · 19/07/2018 19:54

Take time to go back to the room. It’s easy to jam the holiday with lots of activities but I find children get overtired and whiny so we usually go back to the room about half 3, the children may have a nap, we will relax, have dinner and change to go out for some evening entertainment.

Sleavercole123 · 19/07/2018 21:17

I have just the one child (daughter) and she happily plays in the sea for hours. She is also good at making friends so we’re lucky I guess!

NoMudNoLotus · 19/07/2018 21:17

If you can , always get one extra bedroom than you actually need whether it be in a tent , mobile home, cottage , gite , lodge ...

That little bit of extra space can reduce the pressure cooker feeling of everyone being thrown together!

foxessocks · 20/07/2018 07:15

Have sticker books on your person for any potential times when the dc have to sit still for five minutes!

finova · 20/07/2018 11:40

Wear the kids out in the day.
Read a book in the evenings with a glass of wine. Keep off the internet and it feels like a proper break.

poopoopoo · 20/07/2018 13:10

Get loads of food they like.
Have a pool or beach near the place you are staying so you don't have to use the car.
Get the kids to plan the things they want to do.
Get loads of food you like!

BadlyWrittenPoem · 20/07/2018 20:46

We make a plan for each day balancing different family members preferences and needs. It helps when the children know the plan for the day.

Scotgirl80 · 21/07/2018 17:11

Pick a hotel with a fantastic view, a balcony and good restaurants. Tire out the kids with jam packed activities during the day. The kids will be so tired by the evening they will knock out early. Then DH and I order in a lovely meal, sit on the balcony and enjoy our food with a nice glass of wine. Sleeping kids, good wether, good company, great food and the sounds of ocean, sheer bliss!

kelliec · 21/07/2018 18:41

Take a supply of their favourite snacks in your suitcase just in case you can't find a local equivalent.

Mini hand fans with water reservoirs from poundland/home bargains - they love spraying them on themselves so keeps them cool and amused.

If you aren't going somewhere you have to prebook activities write them down on pieces of paper and let the kids pick one out of the bag each day to do so they feel involved.

ipswichwitch · 22/07/2018 09:55

Don’t go!
In all seriousness, low expectations are key. Keep it simple, not too many activities or they will get tired and whiny, and in the case of DS2, have a meltdown. We tend to do an activity in the morning, chill after lunch for a couple of hours then go swimming or something.

Healthy eating goes out the window - it’s only for a week. They go a bit nuts on the ice cream the first couple of days but then seem to ease off on it after that.

We give them a choice between two activities, and if they both choose differently then I’ll take one child and DH takes the other. That way we cut down on whining and the “it’s not fair!” stuff, everyone’s happy.

They go to bed later than usual but not too late since they wake up the same time regardless 🙄 and overtired DC are not fun at all.

ThreeTimesMama · 22/07/2018 20:04

Firstly, doesn't matter where you are going always take snacks and water (don't forget change of clothes if you have small children). Before start of your holiday make research of activities that you can do and let everyone to choose what they want to do. Write it out on pieces of paper and fold it. Every day take one, and every day it is going to be a surprise for everyone. Be prepared for tantrums and arguments, but don't forget to enjoy your holiday together and create new memories as a family. Every family holiday is unforgettable experience.

DracLordOfDarkness · 23/07/2018 10:02

@ThreeTimesMama Sounds like a monster plan!

OP posts:
Sammyislost · 23/07/2018 14:58

Take iPads! Give the iPads to the kids. They will forget you exist....and then you are free to enjoy your holiday.

Sleepysausage · 23/07/2018 20:19

Having emergency rainy day plans just in case. Travel loaded up with fav programs and favourite books at hand.

duck22 · 24/07/2018 12:11

Constant food supply, avoid hot days and ensure there are lots of activities to keep the children busy (and quiet)

DracLordOfDarkness · 24/07/2018 16:10

@Sammyislost That’s a zinger

OP posts:

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AgentHannahWells · 24/07/2018 22:15

Don't have an accident and end up on crutches! Get an EHIC card and travel insurance. Tell kids that plans change and that's ok.

We are currently staying in a Hotel Translyvania themed hotel, instead of the campsite we booked. It's very nice, not what we planned, but that's life...

wintersdawn · 25/07/2018 07:33

Accept that with that age children around the holiday isn't going to be art galleries and long evening meals but who can build the biggest sandcastles and watch me jump into the pool for the 1000th time and you'll be fine.

Don't try and please everyone. It'll exhaust you and please no one.

Plan some activities but be prepared to alter plans, don't set anything in stone. Just be flexible and always have snacks, water, sun cream and lots of books to use as an excuse to ignore any arguing Smile

Havingkittens04 · 27/07/2018 07:44

Plenty of snacks, drinks, and activities - colouring books, sticker books, surprises like blind bags, etc

Start thinking about essentials to buy and pack weeks in advance and make a list. Better to return with things you didn't end up using, than to arrive and realise you've forgotten something useful or important.

Remember (DH) the family holiday is for THEM, while they are still little we don't get downtime or to 'do our own thing' until they are asleep. During all waking hours we need to keep them happy, fed, watered and entertained. Happy kids, happy parents happy holiday : ) x

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