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Share your tips for surviving family holidays with Drac from Hotel Transylvania 3 - £300 voucher to be won

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DracLordOfDarkness · 09/07/2018 09:23

Hello, hello it’s me Drac here, vampire, and owner of Hotel Transylvania! A lavish five-stake hotel for monsters and now humans, too. I have come to Mumsnet because I desperately need your help. My little poisonberry daughter Mavis has booked a family vacation - she thinks I need a break from running the hotel. Even though a family vacation seems more work and stress than just staying at home! Not only do I have to keep my daughter Mavis and her human husband Johnny happy, I also need to be a good Vampa (vampire-grandpa Wink) and entertain Dennis-a-vich my 5 year old grandson; and don't even mention the hotel guests like Frank, Murray, Wayne and all of his pups, Tinkles, and Blobby.

I like the idea of spending some quality time with the family and hanging up my cloak but how do I do it without the arguments, and the tantrums, and the agony?! Please Mumsnetters, help me by telling me how you survive your family vacations without wanting to turn into a bat and fly away or wishing you were at home with a bowl of monster soup?

I will enter everyone who posts their most zing-worthy family vacation tips on this thread into our special Hotel Transylvania 3 prize draw where one monster or human will win a £300 voucher of their choice. If you win you could use it to come visit my monstrous hotel!



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Share your tips for surviving family holidays with Drac from Hotel Transylvania 3 - £300 voucher to be won
OP posts:
TrollTheRespawnJeremy · 10/07/2018 00:31

Make sure you’ve got time pencilled in to spend some time seperately.

Nothing puts me off a person more than. It being able to get away from them!

Sleepysausage · 10/07/2018 08:12

Having a few inside activities planned. I'm wary that our DD loves to spend time outdoors but think that sometimes we just need a less sunny day. Aquarium museum trips are usually our go to

BaconCrispsGone · 10/07/2018 08:31

back to accommodation for lunch and downtime

bikerclaire · 10/07/2018 09:27

We recently took our toddler to a holiday park in Wales. It was the first time that she'd had dedicated activities just for kids on holiday and though she enjoyed it, being around other kids was the best bit for her. We chose an apartment which had a decent kitchen and this was brilliant for making sure everyone was fed as you can't always find food out that we all can eat (I'm vege) or within budget. Also, he likes a lay-in but I'm an early-bird -much more so on hols so I tended to get up early, do my own thing then take her out for a bit whle he got up and later on he'd look after her in return so we both got to have some relaxation, the rest of the time we were exploring and doing activities that we all liked - beach, castles, splashing about in the indoor pool complex.

Visioncroquet · 10/07/2018 09:35

Be organised. make sure you take plenty of supplies, snacks/water etc. Also worth while packing spare clothing in case if any accidents too. Have lots pre planned regarding activities.

Give the kids an allotted among of money each so they are not constantly pestering.

Ashhead24 · 10/07/2018 13:22

Pick the right place- something with loads of kid friendly activities, food and entertainment- then just embrace it. Accept that it's going to be centered around the kids and find the fun in that.

aggga8 · 10/07/2018 13:25

We always go to the beach- play with water, sand and play the volleyball. We are looking for new places to visit with kids.

Wilberforce2 · 10/07/2018 14:13

Just don't have high expectations! The kids will moan on the flight and eat loads of crap instead of the healthy snacks you packed them. You won't have lazy days on the beach or by the pool, you won't be able to take your eyes off of the kids for 5 seconds and at least one of your kids will develop a huge aversion to sand and refuse to step off of the beach towel Confused But you will have fun and you just need to drink lots of (strong) sangria to get through it!

When we went away in May my Dh and I took turns in watching the kids while the other one had 30 mins/an hour to just rest/read/wander around or whatever we wanted to do and it definitely stopped the "who's had the most rest" argument!

goose1964 · 10/07/2018 16:22

Remember children like doing things not just sitting by the pool, bus trips can be fun and exciting if you normally drive everywhere.

biffyboom · 10/07/2018 17:28

Agree the plan for the day in secret the evening before and tell the kids what is going to happen. Or just fail miserably and end up at the kids area everyday like we did Grin

sharond101 · 10/07/2018 17:53

I've started researching very family friendly hotels so that the DC have alot to occupy themselves with. I accept that for the next few years I won't be lying relaxing the entire time but appreciate the odd half hour here or there. I find being half board or all inclusive helps too as less demands on cooking, washing up etc.

asuwere · 10/07/2018 18:45

Keep low expectations!
Let the DC choose some activities.
Make sure there is a park nearby so they can have a run about while you get to sit on a bench and watch :)

MargoLovebutter · 10/07/2018 20:23

Hit the gin, the wine, the beer, the ouzo, the Pernod - all of the above will make it seem more hazy when you look back on it.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer · 10/07/2018 21:10

Take yhe grandparents with you and train the toddler to shout ‘no, want nanny/ grampa’ Blush

Chelsea26 · 10/07/2018 21:35

You all know that it is THE LAW to have a siesta in Spain right? But it’s ok because that means there is also NO BEDTIME...

I’ve been getting away with this for 7 years and counting now...and I tell you that hour and a half of peace in the day...Grin

janney3 · 10/07/2018 22:04

Lower expectations and try to enjoy/laugh at the bad bits.
Take more food and money than you think you will need.
Buy each child a new toy/book/game prior to the holiday.

Have a bit of adult time each afternoon/evening. A glass of wine whilst the kids are eating tea or watching a film.

SalutHallo · 10/07/2018 22:13

We don’t all have to do everything together and each day someone gets to choose and then source - if age appropriate - the dinner for the evening. proactively planned positive time together - eg a classic family quiz - help keep people in good spirits

Fillybuster · 10/07/2018 23:28

As much as my dcs love messing about in the pool, they do get bored, so dh and I try to do a little bit of research in advance so we have a few ideas of local activities up our sleeves. Generally we can balance an active morning or afternoon with a few hours chilling on the beach or by the pool, so everyone wins.

I’ve also found that a great trick is to buy some cheap inflatable toys (rings, beach ball, etc) ahead of time cos they are always cheaper on amazon than by the beach. I tend to break them out slowly over the course of the holiday, and the dcs will spend hours —fighting over— playing with whatever new thing I pull out.

Cheap pens, colouring stuff and some supermarket arts and crafts pack for the youngest Dd also go a long way to maintaining a sense of calm.

And did anyone mention gin? Grin Gin

QueenofWhisperz · 11/07/2018 00:25

Scheduling exhaustive activities after breakfast make lounging for the rest of the day easier.

Packing snacks and bribing 'experiences' to get through the day also helps me lounge longer.

Making the kids responsible for each-others suncreaming (sun-screaming) saves time and both of them are sadistic enough to tell me if the other one hasn't been covered from head to toe.

keeping DH on his toes also maximises my lounge time.

DayKay · 11/07/2018 09:57

We also like suites and villas or apartments where the kids can have their own room and dh and I can just chill for a bit at the end of the day.
We do an outing most days and let the kids have lots of water fun if there’s a beach or a pool.
Back in the room/villa, we make sure everyone has access to stuff for some down time. The kids will have some screens, dvds, books, pens, paper, stickers and some games.
Dh and I have screens, films and books.
Lots of food and drinks available too.

DracLordOfDarkness · 11/07/2018 10:15

Spooktacular idea! @Fillybuster

OP posts:
ApocalypseNowt · 11/07/2018 10:24

Our DC are 4 & 6. For the last couple of years we've gone on 'eurocamp' style holidays. The dc can roam around the grassed area between caravans and make friends with other DC while we're getting ready, sorting food, etc. Much better than being cooped up in a hotel room I find!

Also all rules about food go out of the window on holiday. Lollies at 10am - fine. Ice cream is a food group. For me and DH wine and beer replaces 90% of drinks.

Also say yes to things! We don't really have an intinerary - we do what we fancy and let the DC have lots of say (which they love!).


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MonumentVal · 11/07/2018 10:37

Woods and Hills and towns with alleyways. Fun for the family to explore, much less risk of sunburn, adults can lounge around while kids play, not noisy and crowded, can't drown like on a beach.
We've gone for large apartments or houses on the grounds we'll be in there a lot. Bring back ready made food from deli or supermarket, as well as familiar food for kids as a backup. Cafes and sitting outside, maybe one meal in a restaurant. Don't be too ambitious - one activity or trip a day, lots of lounging about, and then planning a meal or walk, is plenty.
Know your children. Mine hate having to be quiet but are fine in outdoor places and walking lots - though the one day in a city that included 17km with a 5yo and 9yo was a bit much (for me - kids slept beautifully all the way home...)

colleenw · 11/07/2018 10:57

Preparation is the key to everything when leaving the house with kids in tow.
Snacks and drinks
games and activities for the journey and waiting spells
excursions that everyone can enjoy
Times where there's a bit of chill time to be enjoyed.

claza93 · 11/07/2018 13:07

With four children and now a baby it can be quite stressful keeping everyone happy.
Also make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks.
Let them take it in turns to pick an activity
Have some down time - maybe putting a film on and having popcorn
Make sure you get plenty of fresh air!

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