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DLA wait times 2023 Part 10

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JimnJoyce · 21/07/2023 10:43

hi thought i'd start a new thread as the last one is completely full and won't let me post.

Well I've just spoken to a very understanding man on the phone who confirmed that my daughters application is with the decision making team and I should hear within the next 3 weeks which would take us up to 16 weeks.
I told him I would like to make a formal complaint about the inordinately long wait times and he assured me he would make that known and pass it along as soon as we were off the phone.

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JimnJoyce · 21/07/2023 10:44


new thread

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JimnJoyce · 21/07/2023 10:44


new thread

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AllGoodThingsWillCome · 21/07/2023 10:52

@JimnJoyce Hi, I have seen people from the old thread with late April scan dates complaining and getting decisions on the same day. I would defo push for a decision to be made asap.

mooneigh · 21/07/2023 10:54

I've been declined too! Finally got through they said they made a decision on 19th which was my 16 weeks and declined it. The reasons are pathetic, I don't think they even looked at the evidence! They did not phone Dr's or school. How fair is that. I'm furious 😠

Chloe1233 · 21/07/2023 11:07

Any update on the 5th April

Lolli0511 · 21/07/2023 11:18

@JimnJoyce Thank you! Hopefully it's not too much longer for you

@Chloe1233 I am waiting for a call back from a manager but have been should have a decision by the end of the weekend. One of the ladies with the same scan date was awarded yesterday so we are nearly there

@mooneigh Noo not another decline 😤😡 this really breaks my heart. If they feel what was written on the application and evidence is not sufficient the first thing they should do is contact the professionals before making a decline! The logic is just beyond me, I really don't understand what hey are doing in the offices. Please make sure you do a MR, I do believe most are overturned during the MR

Kezj87 · 21/07/2023 11:18


new here!

im 3rd April scan date (16 weeks on Monday)

telephoned this morning and apparently it will be assigned to someone next week and should expect a response mid August 🫣.

so sick of waiting now, goal posts are constantly being moved.

anyone had a decision for this date.

JimnJoyce · 21/07/2023 11:19

@AllGoodThingsWillCome yes that's why I called them

OP posts:
Muva306 · 21/07/2023 11:47

Oh no @mooneigh gutted for you!! Deffs do the MR. What evidence did you provide? Did they give you the rejection reasons over the phone, I bet you were seething as they were telling you.

Vonald · 21/07/2023 13:56

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Vonald · 21/07/2023 13:57

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Jt1985 · 21/07/2023 14:26

I’ve called today, (was told yesterday by a manager after I complained regarding about timescales etc , who called me back that would be done in the overtime pile this weekend and she personally will keep an eye on it and call me back Monday with a decision)and the lady on phone did confirm mine was put in the urgent pile to be done this weekend! And I will get a message to tell me when a decision has been made🙏 my scan date was 30/3 so 16 weeks 1 day today, fingers crossed my daughter gets what she deserves. 🙏🙏 so seriously if anyone’s date is near mine I would call and make a complaint as it’s well over the time scale!

Jt1985 · 21/07/2023 14:27

I would definitely ring up and put a complaint as it should be backdated from the day you first ring!

JAJ85 · 21/07/2023 17:48

Hi all,

I have been lurking on this thread for a few days and just signed up to reply because I received a call today and my child was awarded.

Date: 4/4/23
My child is in a mainstream school with no EHCP because the SEN refused to help me with one and told me to do it myself although the school have to say that they’re eligible before I can do one.
I forgot to send my child’s Diagnostic Report (my mental health was bad at the time of making the claim) and they called me just to ask for the medical professionals name on the report and the date my child got diagnosed. I let them know that the report states that my child is not aware of dangers and that my child has sensory issues so does not walk anywhere due to the sounds of vehicles on the road and refuses to wear ear defenders. Then I asked them if they wanted any more information and they said, “no,” then told me that my child had been awarded, that the money will go in on Wednesday and the later will arrive days later. I don’t know what rate I get but I hope this information helps someone else deserving to appeal. I’m sorry to read all those with children with very similar circumstances as my child get declined.

CHDmumma · 21/07/2023 18:59

mooneigh · 21/07/2023 10:54

I've been declined too! Finally got through they said they made a decision on 19th which was my 16 weeks and declined it. The reasons are pathetic, I don't think they even looked at the evidence! They did not phone Dr's or school. How fair is that. I'm furious 😠

I'm so so sorry this has happened to you & your family ☹️

I have seen so many it's happened to the last few days all with pointless reasons as if they just open the first page and go Nope without reading further!
I wish these people walked a day, heck not even a day but an hour in our shoes.

I'll keep everything crossed for you.

mooneigh · 21/07/2023 19:30

Thank you everyone for your kind words.

@Muva306 We sent in evidence from school (SENDco who have been supporting her, assesed and diagnosed her plus referred her for further tests/diagnosis) .
I also phoned in at 9 weeks to say she had another diagnosis and they noted it down but did say it's not about the diagnosis. But I stated it proved her mobility issues and also proved her extra care needs.
I also sent in at 13 weeks a letter saying about her referral from the school to Dr's for further diagnosis.

@CHDmumma Thank you. It's awful, absolutely if only they stepped into out shoes.
I don't think they looked at my evidence and I know they didn't even phone the physio /Dr's or contact the school!

The reasons were pathetic.
1 example: My daughter should be able to walk because she is not blind or deaf.

The lady on the phone said there was not evidence to prove a couple of things.... I said that's what the evidence is there for, plus if they had contacted the school or Dr's they would have all the proof they need!

The call handler said, it all depends who is the DM as some want diagnosis and some don't!

I mean what kind of system is that and how is that fair ? 😡😢

Lo89 · 21/07/2023 20:28


Klw88 · 21/07/2023 21:05

Hi, I have a scan date of 4/4 and I called today for the first time seeing as it had gone over the 15 weeks. The lady I spoke to told me it will be with the DM early next week and that from there it could be anywhere from a day to 3 weeks for a decision.

Seems we are sometimes we are being told similar things and then the rest of the time it’s like they make it up as they go along.

Lolli0511 · 21/07/2023 23:07


lauryloo · 21/07/2023 23:43

Hi all

Playing the waiting game for my 3 year old.

Forms were only scanned on the 3rd july.

We are in NI and when I called them to advise if got more reports (from his statement of special educational needs) the recorded message said the lead time was only 6 weeks. I'll believe it when I see it.

Not sure if he'll be awarded. He's massively challenging and has a lot of sensory issues, not potty trained etc.

Muva306 · 22/07/2023 00:19

@mooneigh no way!! I can’t believe they declined with that much evidence! Fingers crossed for your MR

JAJ85 · 22/07/2023 03:23

@mooneigh definitely appeal because I don’t understand how I was awarded with zero evidence, unless it’s down to diagnosis?

There should be a clear cut criteria for all.


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Lo89 · 22/07/2023 09:11

@JAJ85 I think it definitely depends on the DM I have diagnoses for my girl of tourettes and suspected adhd not gone for assessment yet. Sent paediatrician letters how her tics effect her ability to learn etc
Declined on basis she doesn't have ehcp, attends mainstream school.
Ridiculous im going for an MR too

Lo89 · 22/07/2023 09:13

I think it's more how you have explained the needs on the form and maybe I didn't do this well enough I wasn't aware of the cerebra guide before I applied but will use it to help with my MR

JAJ85 · 22/07/2023 10:08

If it depends on the decision maker then it’s definitely not fair as there is room for unconscious bias.

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