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Slimming World

SW support thread #2 of 2018

992 replies

Groovee · 26/02/2018 15:33

New thread ladies...

OP posts:

MumInTheCity · 01/03/2018 18:33

Hi Edd, welcome. I think SW is one of the easiest eating plans to follow, there isn't much weighing or measuring, a big long list of free foods and enough syns to still enjoy treats! I've lost 1 stone 10 pounds in 5 weeks.

Today's meals:
B - banana
L - bacon and mushroom pasta bake (HEA for Mozzarella)
D - Chicken and vegetable stir fry with rice
S - 3 leftover onion bhajis (free), mango chutney (2 syns), 2 hifi bars (HEB)


Cherrypi · 01/03/2018 18:53

Today’s Meals:
B: Banana overnight oats. Yum
L: Beef fajita pasta leftovers
T: Linda mcartney rosemary sausages, oven chips, peas and sprouts
S: apple, melon, a bit of an alpen bar but toddler nicked most of it. Plain popcorn, sw Haribo.

Going to up the speed a bit more tomorrow.


FrozenMargarita17 · 01/03/2018 19:30

I lost another 2lb! I was convinced I would have maintained or put on. I was Poorly last week so didn't eat much.


boats16 · 01/03/2018 19:37

Well done FrozenMargarita 🖒


Flutterby81 · 01/03/2018 20:10

Well done @FrozenMargarita17

Welcome @EdSimcox I find slimming world the easiest to follow out of everything I’ve tried,that’s not to say I always stick to it but I have decided March is the month I do it! I went to class last year and lost every week currently following it from home and find it fits really well around life lots of everyday food and meals I can cook for the whole family l. Good luck on your journey Smile ps I have just under 2 and half stone to lose.


Groovee · 01/03/2018 20:13

Welcome @EddSimcox. I joined SW last year in January and am now 2lb from target and my 4.5st award. It fits in with family life so easily and is easy to follow with so many recipes available. This thread is good for info and support if online.

@boats16 I honestly cannot recommendation any of the meals 😢. I like the burgers, meatballs and the vegetarian burgers and that's it.

@FrozenMargarita17 well done x

OP posts:

mytittifersungtheirsong · 01/03/2018 20:35

Hi. Can I join? Back on SW after a long hiatus. Got about 4 stone to lose. A lot of my weight gain has come since I went on ADs. Has anyone else had experience of weight gain on meds and successfully lost weight on SW?

Also, any recommendations on syn free or low syn yoghurts that don't contain artificial sweeteners as it makes me gag Confused


Groovee · 01/03/2018 21:10

Welcome @mytittifersungtheirsong

I take amitriptyline and gained around 4st in a short space of time. Have lost my excess now and just trying to get to target. It came off quickly at first but it's slowed since the summer. But I'm still 5st 2lb lighter than 20 months ago. I find snacking on protein based foods help.

OP posts:

boats16 · 01/03/2018 22:35

Welcome Eddsimcox I am currently following SW from home. I dont get to a club either but find that by reading the mags, looking online and getting inspiration from other people on the forum its working for me. Its easy to follow. I havent lost weight quickly but I have lost 11lb in total.I haven't been doing it long.
Welcome Mytittifersungtheirsong
Weigh day tomorrow Shock


Mumbliboo · 01/03/2018 23:39

Hi! Please may I join?

I've been on SW (this time!) for 4 weeks and so far my results have been
-2 (was SOW)

So am down 5.5lb in total. I want to lose 3st as my final target.

I've joined several times in the past but it's never quite been the right time. This time I an determined to get to target.


Groovee · 02/03/2018 06:25

Welcome @Mumbliboo you can do it x

OP posts:

boats16 · 02/03/2018 09:29

2lb loss for me today🙌 . That makes 13lb in total , sooooo close and yet so far away from the 1st one marker ☺
Welcome mumliboo


Flutterby81 · 02/03/2018 09:55

Welcome mumliboo and well done boats


Flutterby81 · 02/03/2018 09:59

So far so good for me this week today’s looking like
B-fat free yoghurt&berries
L-homemade carrot&coriander soup with bread(B choice)
D-lasagne&salad 5syns for white sauce &A choice for cheese
Skimmed milk for coffee (synned in)
Snacks-fruit and Syn Free mini quiche


Groovee · 02/03/2018 10:14

Well done Boats

OP posts:

boats16 · 02/03/2018 11:29

Its my birthday tomorrow so Im being taken out for a meal to celebrate.I think its a steakhouse , any suggestions for something low in syns. I dont want to go too overboard but a glass of prosecco wouldnt hurt lol


CuriousHedgehog · 02/03/2018 11:30

0.5lb gain for me this week, but I have been quite off plan this week so I’m just happy it wasn’t more!

Have an afternoon tea tomorrow which I am planning to eat and enjoy but other than that I am determined to be on plan this week. I am so close to target now and I am finding weight loss has slowed down but that is no excuse to let it stop!


Groovee · 02/03/2018 12:36

Boats, steak with salad and potatoes but if you want chips, it's your birthday, have them!

OP posts:

Littlepig8834 · 02/03/2018 14:06

Made my way through the snow last night and I've lost 3lbs, making 9lbs in two weeks!

There was only me and one other at the group last night, so I was slimmer of the week!!


boats16 · 02/03/2018 15:23

Lol, well done Littlepig


Littlepig8834 · 02/03/2018 17:40

Thanks boats, hope you have a fab birthday and enjoy your prosecco!


Cherrypi · 02/03/2018 18:45

Argh I want to eat all the cake and I’ve run out of syns and milk. First day I’ve struggled. Bloomin snow day. Any ideas?


Mumbliboo · 02/03/2018 19:48

@calzone can you tell me about the cauliflower cheese lasagne please?


MumInTheCity · 02/03/2018 19:52

Well done losers!

CherryPi - have you had your HEB? If not then a couple of hifi or alpen light bars maybe?

Today's food:
B - banana and raspberries
L - leftover chicken stir fry and rice
D - 2 meatfree burgers (syn free) topped with cheese slices (HEA), relish (2 syns) and gherkins and served with chips and salad
S - 2 hifi bars (HEB)


PlaymobilPirate · 02/03/2018 20:49

Hi all - kept meaning to come and say hello! I've been on SW since September (2 stone 3lb down)

Just wondering - I've developed a slight addiction to fat free fromage frais after falling out with Muller lights when I looked at the sugar content! I know it's free - just wondered if there are any hidden drawbacks with it?

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