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SW support thread #2 of 2018

992 replies

Groovee · 26/02/2018 15:33

New thread ladies...

OP posts:

calzone · 02/03/2018 22:37


The recipe is basically boil cauliflower in stock and drain, saving the stock.
Blitz cauliflower with a hand blender until smooth adding stock for consistency.
You then have a jug of puréed cauliflower you can season and add cheese to.
It’s fabulous for lasagne and macaroni cheese.


FrozenMargarita17 · 02/03/2018 22:47

Today's meals:

B: 2 alpen bars (I know, I know but my 7 month old slept awfully last night so I couldn't be bothered to make anything)

L: jacket potato with tuna

D: chicken kebabs with pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, salad, rice and chips.

Then I had a bowl of fruit with some fat free yoghurt.

Not a brilliant day but fine with syns.

It's difficult when for you're rushing about while baby naps! She's so clingy right now too.


boats16 · 03/03/2018 01:38

I have muller light at night if Im feeling peckish.! 1 every so often cant be bad for me surely ? Are they not recommended as a yoghurt of choice? I also like fat'n'free but theres more in muller . I didnt think sugar was an issue if you had sweetener at all other times (tea, coffee etc ) Confused


Groovee · 03/03/2018 06:21

I don't eat müllers as they are too runny for me and trigger my reflux.

I prefer light and free or super fruitii yoghurts. If I can get to Lidl I like their Skyr yoghurt as it's quite thick.

One a day should be fine. I snack on quark with some vanilla essence and sweetner as it's protein and fills me up more.

OP posts:

PlaymobilPirate · 03/03/2018 08:06

Muller lights are 'recommended' but i googled them recently and didnt like the sugar content or the fact that they have aspartame in.


boats16 · 03/03/2018 08:18

Oh I see. Its just your preference then Playmobil . I wasworried in case they were bad for you in some hidden way Shock . Went for my meal last night and had fillet steak, new potatoes (in butter), garlic mushrooms (in butter) and salad . Diet coke to drink. Wasnt happy the potatoes and muhrooms were swimming in butter but they were yummy.Wink


raisedbyguineapigs · 03/03/2018 08:35

I wonder why Muller lights are 'recommended. they are by far the worst of the fat free yoghurts. Maybe because they are always on special offer in Tesco, or maybe they are always on special offer in Tesco because they are recommended by SW? The Yeo Valley Bio light are much nicer and are just thick yoghurt and fruit, but you cant get 12 for #3!
I've been really rubbish with my exercise. I was looking online for a fitness regime I could follow. I don't like the look (or cost) of Rebelfit or anything like that. Any recommendations?


PlaymobilPirate · 03/03/2018 08:44

boats I suppose so - I can think of better ways to use 12g of sugar!


Flutterby81 · 03/03/2018 09:20

Morning everyone.
I do have the occasional mullerlight I do love the pineapple and kiwi one but usually I prefer fat free plain yoghurt with defrosted frozen berries stirred through Smile
Not sure what’s on the menu today I think Il make spag Bol.
Joined the gym the other day so off out to buy some suitable clothing today then goig to brave my first session tomorow Shock


Flutterby81 · 03/03/2018 09:21

Happy birthday @boats16 Flowers


OwlinaTree · 03/03/2018 10:04

I don't think the Yeo valley yogurts are free though. I eat mullerlight yogurts, it's my pudding most nights. It's not amazing but better than a twix/cake/ice-cream etc that I used to have every day. It's just personal choice.


raisedbyguineapigs · 03/03/2018 10:06

The yeo valley 0% yoghurts are free. They are the new ones. It's quite a small pot and not that sweet. They come in a pack of 4.


OwlinaTree · 03/03/2018 10:06

Happy birthday boats!

I'm doing well on my mega strict week. I'm trying to stick to 10 syns and I've split my hexb so I can have a hi-fi as a snack rather than other treats.

Haven't weighed myself yet, so don't know how it's going. Son's birthday party today so will have to resist birthday cake!


Groovee · 03/03/2018 10:07

Happy Birthday Boats x

OP posts:

OwlinaTree · 03/03/2018 10:08

I'll look out for them guineapig, I like Yeo valley yoga.


raisedbyguineapigs · 03/03/2018 10:08

I don't think there's anything wrong with the mullerlights, I just don't like the taste or texture of them! I do but then because my dh eats a million yoghurts every week and they are cheap and low fat!


raisedbyguineapigs · 03/03/2018 10:10

Happy birthday boats. It was my DS's birthday party yesterday. I managed to offload most of the cake to the parents at pickup Grin


boats16 · 03/03/2018 10:19

I am unfamiliar with the terms DS and DH ? I like the fact that they are runny because i drop blueberries in my snack. Too thick and it wouldnt taste right


raisedbyguineapigs · 03/03/2018 10:20

Ds=son dh=husband etc Grin


Cherrypi · 03/03/2018 10:22

I was recommended Aldi yoghurt particularly the pineapple ones. Going to enjoy eating my way round the various fat free yoghurts. Went over my syns for the first time yesterday. Had a gold bar it was lovely. Hopefully won’t be snowed in for the day with no heating again.


boats16 · 03/03/2018 12:14

Thanks for all your Birthday Wishes. Thanks for clarifying that Raisedbyguineapigs .


boats16 · 03/03/2018 12:22

As for the exercise Raisedbyguineapigs Im not keen on gyms so I went online and went to you tube and found Rebecca Louise exercises. I decided what areas I wanted to target and chose those exercises I needed to save. I have 3 x 10 min exercises I do every morning targeting a different area.Hips,bum etc. As well as my diet that is toning me .Its worked, I fitted in my dress for my meal last night,{grin]


latedecember1963 · 03/03/2018 13:23

Happy birthday, Boats and welcome newbies.
We've got friends coming for dinner this evening so have spent the morning preparing so that I can have more time to chat with them once they arrive.
Starter: vegetable soup
Main: salmon baked with a lime, chilli and pepper marinade, home made potato wedges, tenderstem broccoli, tomatoes and peas.
Dessert: melon, grapes & strawberries with a choice of sorbet or icecream.
One of the guests doesn't like sweet desserts so I've got him a selection of cheeses and crackers.
Have a good weekend everyone!


mytittifersungtheirsong · 03/03/2018 14:07

Yesterday was a washout as went to party which had been planned for a while. Back on track today.

B: fat free Greek yoghurt with fruit
L: veg soup and 3 ryvitas (HEA) and 2 slices leerdammer light (HEB) with crudités.
S: fruit and 2 sq 85% chocolate (not sure how many syns)

Dinner will be some kind of Chinese with egg fried rice and vegetables and I'll add sweet and sour sauce for DD

It's cold and I'm craving carbs:( popping to shops shortly to get Yeo fat free fruit yoghurts as magazine said they're free and they don't have sweetener.


raisedbyguineapigs · 03/03/2018 15:10

Thanks boats I think that's what I need. I have a gym membership but I just use it for yoga classes. I do need to do something a bit more energetic!!

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