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SW support thread #2 of 2018

992 replies

Groovee · 26/02/2018 15:33

New thread ladies...

OP posts:

CuriousHedgehog · 27/02/2018 12:41

Had quite a bad weekend and then I was feeling rubbish and hormonal and ate seven chocolate truffles last night - 24.5 syns. Will try to have minimal syns the rest of the week to make up for it (weigh in on Friday). If I maintain I will be happy this week but almost sure it will be a gain. :-(


MumInTheCity · 27/02/2018 12:46

I used this recipe for my raspberry muffins. I multipliers the ingredients by 6 and divided it between 24 small muffin cases. They were very popular at our taster night.


MumInTheCity · 27/02/2018 12:47

*multiplied even!


Groovee · 27/02/2018 13:16

Oh my, managed to get the light and free vanilla yoghurts. They remind me of the Lidl skyr vanilla flavour.

OP posts:

ALemonyPea · 27/02/2018 13:55

I’m not keen on the skyr type yoghurts. Not overly keen on normal yoghurts at the best of times. The Danone light and free ones are good though, lots of fruit in them, which I like.


boats16 · 27/02/2018 14:25

Well done Late december. Im not een on yoghurt myself but if I have one I have the Muller light strawberry . I used to lie the cheesecake flavours they did as a special limited edition too Smile


Groovee · 27/02/2018 14:50

I don't normally like vanilla unless it's ice cream. But I like Lidl's and the light and free.

I can't eat miller lights, they are too runny and trigger my reflux,

OP posts:

Cherrypi · 27/02/2018 15:32

They are really runny aren’t they? I’ve just turned one of mine into homemade Haribo. It’s just setting now.


boats16 · 27/02/2018 16:17

Yes, they are runny but I drop blackberries in and it tastes yummy.


MabelStark · 27/02/2018 18:05

Thanks for the ideas - I've had a good look on the internet and found a recipe for very low syn Lemon drizzle cake, so might have a go at that.


Groovee · 27/02/2018 19:35

Lost half a pound. 2lb to target.

OP posts:

Oldowl · 27/02/2018 19:43

Well done Groovee. You are getting closer.

0.5lb on for me, but it was my birthday weekend and had lots of cake!

Had Lamb Navarin in a lovely restaurant. There is a SW version if anyone fancies something different.


Groovee · 27/02/2018 20:31

Happy belated birthday @Oldowl

OP posts:

Cherrypi · 27/02/2018 20:34

4.5lb off for first weigh in. Very happy with that.


ALemonyPea · 27/02/2018 21:02

Well done Groovee and Cherry.

This weather is making me want to eat biscuits and crap.


MumInTheCity · 27/02/2018 21:19

Well done Groovee and Cherry. I've had a couple of treats today but managed to stay within my syns.

B - grape nuts (HEB) layered with lemon yoghurt and fresh strawberries
L - slice of SW quiche and a mugshot (1 syn)
D - Hawaiian pasta bake with salad
S - creme egg (9 syns) and a carrot cupcake that I took home from the taster session yesterday (1.5 syns)


boats16 · 27/02/2018 22:45

Well done @ Groovee and CherryPi Grin


OwlinaTree · 27/02/2018 22:51

Happy birthday oldowl. Some good losses on here! You are very close now groovee!

I know I haven't been on for ages, been sticking to the plan but maintaining really. Tonight my leader said I'm in with a chance of winning the loser award next week. She said I'm one of the biggest losers but doesn't know until next week who will win.

I don't expect it will be me that wins, but knowing this had spurred me on to try and lose a good but this week, it might make all the difference! So going to try to up my speed and water and stick to 10 syns and keep my fingers crossed!


FrozenMargarita17 · 27/02/2018 23:04

Hi everyone ! I started slimming world nearly 4 weeks ago and as of last week I've lost 7.5lbs 😊


Groovee · 28/02/2018 00:30

Well done @FrozenMargarita17

Lovely to see you @OwlinaTree

Snow day for us. So pleased as there have been so many accidents nearby I was dreading driving to work x

OP posts:

boats16 · 28/02/2018 00:30

Welcome FrozenMargarita and congratulations Smile


boats16 · 28/02/2018 00:34

Happy Belated birthday Oldowl Smile .


MyGuideJools · 28/02/2018 07:22

well done groovee almost there!
some good losses this week on here, despite the cold weather and us all craving stodgy warm foodGrin
owlina well done! I bet you do it with that determination. I remember you when I was on the thread last year under a different name.
I won biggest loser last year, then had a bereavement and went off the rails and piled a few stone back on (it goes on so quickly!!) Confused
But I'm back on it now and 7lb down in 3 weeks.......


OwlinaTree · 28/02/2018 08:39

Ok day one of really on it! Have split my hexb, usually have it all as oats on my overnight oats but going to have half on that and then half as a hi-fi later in the day. See if I'm ok and not too hungry this am.


latedecember1963 · 28/02/2018 09:28

It's snowing here too - very winterwonderlandy!
We're supposed to be going to Anglesey this weekend to open up the caravan for the new season but I think we might be hunkering down at home instead.
Lamb navrin brings back memories. Mum used to make it back in the late 70s when it was considered very exotic. If I close my eyes I can smell it, mmm 😊
Think I'll make either veg hotpot or toad in the hole for tea.

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