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Slimming World

Slimming World support Part 3

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calzone · 13/11/2015 06:35

How 3 of our SW saga.

I am 38lbs down since we are you all doing?

Slimming World support Part 3
OP posts:

Howlongtillbedtime · 02/01/2016 13:54

Hello all , I have got all the stuff for slimming world but I can't make any meetings due to the times they are on . I do have a close friend who does it so I am hoping that is going to be enough ? My plan is to weigh in every Monday morning ( cliche I know , as is starting now ) and I have been reading some of your thread and out looks like you are all doing amazingly . fingers crossed I will do this !

All arse kicking welcome Grin


backinschool · 02/01/2016 14:11

Hi, Howlongtillbedtime. I weigh in on a Monday too so maybe we can post our loses (or gains) on here on a Monday so it feels like being a group.


Muffintopmum · 02/01/2016 14:56

Hello back in school and howlongtillbedtime I'm joining on Monday and would love to join a mini group posting weighin results on here if that's ok. I will need all the help I can get. Forgot to say on my thread congrats on your great loss to date backinschool .


larry5 · 02/01/2016 15:22

I have been doing SW for a long time but my weight has steadily increased over the last year so I am re-starting. I am diabetic and having checked my blood sugars on Monday I have decided that I must give up all the sweet stuff I was having as syns and try to use my syns on other stuff.

I want to lose at least 2 stone by July as my daughter is getting married and I don't want to be fat for her wedding especially as her future mil is a size 8 - 10!


Howlongtillbedtime · 02/01/2016 15:24

Excellent muffin and back , looking forward to Monday ( ish Wink)


Muffintopmum · 02/01/2016 15:50

Likewise I think! Chat to you then 😃.


overitalready · 02/01/2016 16:43

Today :

B - Coffee

L - boiled eggs, toast, Apple an banana

D - Chicken tikka (receipe from the s/m mag..never tried before) with rice salad

S - Cadbury snack


cowboylover · 02/01/2016 16:54

Well not full body but my face photos with 3 stone difference so it's helping me feel motivated. I am about half way to where I want to be.

I was not a huge vegetable fan and only ate some fruits but I found keeping an open mind and trying different recipes really helped and discovered a lot more I like now. I would never had eaten Peppers before and still wouldn't put them in a salad or anything like that but after putting them in the Diet Coke chicken recipe I couldn't taste them!

Some great advice given so far I think, staying to group really helps me and finding non food related treats when I have achieved my mini goals, breaking my targets down and learning how to move on past days that didn't go so well.

Slimming World support Part 3

PinkSmiles · 02/01/2016 17:00

I'm so happening my 2.5lb loss over Christmas and new year. Sorry for being ever so slightly smug BlushHmm

Another good day to report here:
B: fruit salad
L: omelette and salad
D: bolognese with butternut squash spaghetti.

Had a mugshot earlier too. Kids and partner scoffing celebrations whilst watching Mrs Doubtfire after homework HmmConfused

Can't go out for my 4 mile walk tonight as I'm going to panto with the Brownies. Ah well. Make up for it later in the week hopefully Wink


Wiggleem · 02/01/2016 18:35

I've tried today to start before the group Tuesday night - I'm eating tangerines and bananas - I like apples and grapes and melon, I like peas and carrots, I can manage finely chopped onion but I don't like mushrooms, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, or anything else - I can just manage sweet corn but dh doesn't, I also eat potatoes lol


Wiggleem · 02/01/2016 18:39

I don't like fish either - but do like prawns and crab sticks - can eat white fish but usually with a crunchy cheesy topping Blush I'm so gonna be rubbish at this!


backinschool · 02/01/2016 18:47

Of course you won't wiggleem, you can make lots of healthy meals from the foods you eat. Lean meat, prawns, potatoes, pasta and rice with lots of carrots, peas and sweetcorn plus some fruit. Melon is great for snacking on and you may find that your tastes change as time goes on and you can eat more veg. Do you eat broccoli, finely diced peppers, lettuce???


overitalready · 02/01/2016 19:15

Just done my 1st attempt at couch to 5k walk / run..think I might throw up!


Thepinkcricket · 02/01/2016 19:39



Thepinkcricket · 02/01/2016 19:44

Hoping to join you if ok - though planning to start in a week as moving house next week and need so it's leftovers and no food shopping until we are in!

Did SW online in October and lost 20lb, but have put 10lb back on with Christmas and house buying stress. And being a bit slack! Don't want to join up and pay again so planning to use this thread as recipe inspiration. Want to get those 10lb off again before I go back to work in February then lose another stone. 2016 will be the year I get some fitness back too!


KittyOShea · 02/01/2016 19:48

Good food today

B- porridge and fruit
L- leek and potato soup and fruit
D- chicken curry

Syns- 2 sugar, 3 hi fi but now I'm going out and it's going to be a late one so I'm foreseeing lots of syns!

From tomorrow on I'll have to be amazing as I've had 2 flexible syns days this week so even a maintain will be miraculous...


Wibblewobble100 · 02/01/2016 20:10

Arghhhh I'm so struggling to get back on track. Today
B apple and banana with tea
L omelette 2 bacon medallions left over mashed potato fried in spray oil, rocket, muller
D salmon fillet, mash, peas, broccoli, leeks another muller
S 2 squares of fudge 6 syn, 1 chocs coin 2 syn
So far so good but really craving something bad....


FannyFanakapan · 02/01/2016 20:40

b: egg and bacon sandwich. Melon
l: Leftover beef stew and cauliflower cheese (4 syns). Pineapple.
d: soup (1.5) and a slice of w/m toast (3).

Mr Whippy ice cream (6s); waffle (6s)

so a bit over on syns, but space to catch up this week.


ZylaB · 02/01/2016 20:56

B... 2x hifi light bars (Heb)
L... Cheese omelette (heA) and spaghetti
D... Leftover chicken roast dinner, mash, loads of veg and gravy (2 syns) and fruit salad
Snacks... Graze box popcorn (6.5 syns), fudge piece (2 syns)

Going to do some batch cooking over the next 2 days, bolognese tomorrow in slow cooker and tomato sauce for pasta/chicken etc on Monday so they can be frozen for us and the baby for quick meals! Both syn free recipes and tasty! The bolognese will be eaten on veg or veg spaghetti or pasta or jacket potatoes, and the Tom sauce goes well with chicken or pasta, or with veg spag and some Parmesan :)


maygirl · 02/01/2016 21:08

Great pep talk ladies, thanks!

Sure running will get easier quickly Overit! I remember not being able to run for 1 minute when I started but can do long distances now and actually enjoy it! Going to start my training tomorrow for a local race in April, hoping extra running will help with speeding up weight loss.

Those who don't like veg, do you like soups? Its the main way I can get my veg disliking DS to eat reasonable amounts!

food today
B porridge, milk, honey (1syn), banana.
Hi fi light (3syn) and pineapple after hard gym session
L cold meat, pasta, pesto (2syn), raw veggies
D roast beef, carrots, sprouts, green beans, gravy (0.5syn)
dessert 8syns


maygirl · 02/01/2016 21:15

Been making my own speed gravy by simmering mushrooms and onions in water whilst the roast is in the oven, blending it up, adding a bit of bisto powder mixed with cold water and reheat to thicken it up and make it gravy coloured for DC!


Buttwing · 02/01/2016 22:12

B-fruit and Hifi

L-veg cous cous with edamame beans and chicken

D-chicken madras and cauli rice fruit and Hifi

Mini curly wurly(4) mini milky bar Xmas thing (3.5)

Good day today. I'm really trying to keep myself busy in the evening rather than sitting in front of the tele it really stops me snacking.


QueenofLouisiana · 02/01/2016 22:46

Met a friend for coffee today- pleased that my cappuccino came in at 1.5 syns. But DH had a skinny hot choc- 11 syns, ouch!

He's sulking because I had enough syns for a tiny Green and Blacks chocolate bar this evening and he hasn't. Confused


Wiggleem · 03/01/2016 08:34

You all seem to be really good st this - your food intake seems so low though. I hope I haven't jumped the gun but I work full days weds thirs Friday so as my groups on a Tuesday night I have done a 7 day meal plan from slimming world online and an asda shop. I picked all recipes that said sin free so hopefully this won't be a waste on money as I had to buy a lot of herbs/spices/vegetables.

I was so hungry yesterday

B: beans and poached egg on 2 whole meal bread (large loaf though)

L/D tomato sausages with s/w chips and beans

Snacks 2 tangerines a toffee muller light and a banana

Today we're having sausage, beans, egg and toast for breakfast, s/w carrot and coriander soup for lunch - the lack of bread will be tough and s/w Cajun chicken and rice for dinner.

I've ordered some crab sticks as a snack and more muller light and fruit - it's gonna be another tough day Shock


backinschool · 03/01/2016 09:25

Wiggleem you shouldn't be hungry all day. I eat loads and lose 1-2lb a week, sometimes more. I could eat a bit less and maybe lose a bit more but I know I won't stick to it if I'm hungry. There's lots of free foods you can eat if you are hungry. Yesterday I had

B - 2 weetabix, milk, tsp sugar, fruit salad with mango, pineapple, grapes and melon.
L - SW sausages, bacon, poached eggs and grilled tomatoes and peppers
D - Turkey, mashed potato, asparagus, carrots and peas with gravy (3syns)
Snacks - apple, mullerlight, 2 chocolate fingers (3 syns), angel cake (5 syns)

The kids were baking with DP yesterday and made a huge Victoria sponge and biscuits. I have no idea how many syns are in a slice so I tried a mouthful of DDs cake then had an angel slice instead.

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