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Slimming World

Slimming World support Part 3

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calzone · 13/11/2015 06:35

How 3 of our SW saga.

I am 38lbs down since we are you all doing?

Slimming World support Part 3
OP posts:

Buttwing · 13/11/2015 20:39

Yes I'm a convert overit!!Smile however I'm slightly embarrassed as I got quite excited because I thought it was a full size one (8 biscuits)Blush I was slightly disappointed when the little ones were delivered on my Sainsburys shop!!!
Now I've got my head round it I love them with a cup of tea they are definitely up there with curly wurly.


Heyheyheygoodbye · 13/11/2015 22:18

B - we had run out of most food so I had three babybel lights Hmm hexa, cup tea splash milk 0.5 syns then went shopping Hmm
L - Pops 4 syns, Muller Light, apple
D - baked chicken breast with bacon medallion and SW BBQ sauce (was delicious, we blended it smooth) with mash and peas. Grapes.


KittyOShea · 13/11/2015 23:06

B- toast with butter and jam (a million sins...)
L- ryvita and banana, yoghurt, oranges
D- low fat sausages (eek heavy syn day) spuds and turnip

Syns- Too many to mention. Pmt and grumpy. Back on it tomorrow.

Embarrassingly I converted my stones to pounds wrong earlier. I have lost 35lbs, not 38 Blush


MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff · 14/11/2015 00:10

Syns = 3 x Hoors' Lights

Found mouse droppings in kitchen (downstairs) and bedroom (upstairs) today so strictly for medicinal purposes (eek Sad)

I haven't had this happen before so I am totally freaked out Blush


cornusalba · 14/11/2015 08:46

B turkey rashers, toast
L mince meatballs, salad
D protein bar, bananas
Syns in sugar in tea, salad dressing about 15 altogether. But no wine! A miracle.


calzone · 14/11/2015 10:07

Lol Martin!!!! I said Water!!!!

Loving the pictures and memes!

Tel me about Cadbury snacks. How many squares can you have for 4.5 syns?

B.....bacon and egg thin
Bowl melon

L...vegetable soup with chicken

D....spaghetti with roasted vegetables and pesto (1)
Spaghetti carbonara (1)

Skips( 5?)

OP posts:

Pisghetti · 14/11/2015 13:26

Here you are!

We're at the in laws for the weekend. Totted up food yesterday and arrived at 30 Syns - all eaten for my evening meal as fil cooked for us. I could have halved it by turning down the cheesecake and sherry though Blush

B: fruit and fibre HeB with semi skimmed milk HeA
S: satsumas and a crunch cream 3.5 Syns
L: baked potato with beans and cheese HeA
D: there's talk of pizza Hmmhundreds of Syns......

Some great losses here. I'm at 18.5lbs as I lost another lb this week. 8.5lbs to go (although I may change my target later) and as of last week's weigh in I am a healthy BMI which I was very happy about Smile


Buttwing · 14/11/2015 18:26

Calzone its two squares for 4.5.

Ok day today



L-baked potato and beans

S-Hifi and rich tea(2)

D-steak,rice and salad (at tgi Fridays)

S-curly wurly (6)

I managed to resist everyone deserts at tgis also the waitress was on slimming world too so was super helpful. Sugar has crept back in today but in my defence I'm now feeling rubbish and I always reach for sugar when I'm feeling sorry for myself just glad I've stayed within my syns (so far!!)


Heyheyheygoodbye · 14/11/2015 20:05

B - had overnight oats (hexb) for the first time. I really liked the taste but I'm not sure about the texture. I would try it again though.
L - babybels (hexa), chicken, pops (4 syns), apple
D - frittata with potato wedges and some more BBQ sauce. 'Twas yum Grin
Snacks - satsumas, muller light


calzone · 14/11/2015 20:50

B.....quorn sausages, eg and beans

L....soup with ham
Apple, pear

D....seafood risotto

2 hm cookies
Glass red wine

OP posts:

Pisghetti · 15/11/2015 12:43

Last day at the in laws. Looking forward to being back in control of my food (yes I know how that sounds....)

B: slice wholemeal toast HeB, marmite and spaghetti shapes (shared these with the baby then noticed the BB date was 2011 Shock)
S: apple
L: slice pizza, lots of salad
D: something free to balance the pizza! Probably some leftover veggie pasta bake which is more veggie than pasta.


ProcrastinatorGeneral · 15/11/2015 14:09

Lost one solitary lonely pound this week just gone. Obviously gardening sabotaged me so I'm not trying that again ;)

I've lost 25lb in six weeks :)


MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff · 15/11/2015 14:24

1/2 lb loss here only.

When I finally go to the loo I will lose around 2lbs

A bit disappointed tbh but at least I haven't gained I suppose Sad


Buttwing · 15/11/2015 14:44

B-fruit and yog


L-chicken and bacon salad

D-slimming world cottage pie and veg


ProcrastinatorGeneral · 15/11/2015 16:05


Slimming World support Part 3

overitalready · 15/11/2015 17:59

Absolute write off this weekend.

I'm not even admitting what I've eaten or drunk but them 3lbs from last week will have been put back on!

Back to it tomorrow


Heyheyheygoodbye · 15/11/2015 18:58

B - scrambled eggs with mushrooms peppers etc, wholemeal toast hexb, spread 1.5 syns
L - Apple, Pops 4 syns, Muller light
D - leftover frittata, sweet potato fries, SW BBQ sauce. Muller light.
Sn - grapes, satsuma


maygirl · 15/11/2015 19:04

Went from feeling super confident to going off the rails last Thursday, compulsive eating and self sabotage :( Think have reigned myself back in now and had a good day. Made an extra yummy dinner so not feeling deprived. Not really sure what triggered the losing control though .

B porridge, (B) Apple, tsp sweet freedom 0.5
milk in coffees (A)
L homemade veg soup, 2 bowls
Snack bowl melon , Apple, pomegranate and yogurt
Few chunks mango
D sw friendly lamb dhansak included speed veg, courgette, peppers, spinach, carrots, onion and served with cauli rice. SW onion bhajis (5 syns)
1 single rum n diet coke 2.5 syns .Total 8 syns
Made extra cauli rice and did a pizza base ready for lunch tomorrow and going to meal plan properly for the week tonight .

Great losses everyone and have a great week!


calzone · 15/11/2015 19:20

B....35g grape nuts, fruit, vanilla Mullerlight

L....pasta with pesto (2) roasted vegetables

D....roast chicken, parsnips, carrots, peas, broccoli, sprouts, chicken stock

OP posts:

KittyOShea · 15/11/2015 19:40

Overit I could have typed your post myself.

Totally off plan since Thursday. Have resigned myself to a gain but will try and minimise over next couple of days.


ProcrastinatorGeneral · 15/11/2015 19:59

I've just done the online shop to arrive midweek. Hopefully I can salvage something. I hate the skint weeks :/


OrianaBanana · 15/11/2015 20:21

Went off plan the last two days - struggling to get back on the wagon again. Work days are always easier for me as they're planned and structured and busy and I'm not at eg a child's bday party eating cake BlushCake or with a friend for 'coffee' eating cake CakeHmm...


RollerGirl7 · 15/11/2015 21:04

I've been lurking for ages and I need to ask - what is pops? ? I've seen a few posters say it and think maybe you mean pop i.e. coke?? But I need to know.

I've been doing sw about 2 months and not really got my head into a lot of those weeks so only down 10.5lbs.

I only have 7 lbs to go and am struggling, I'm trying to do SP most of the time, at least half the time I fail and cave in for lots of syn things like pizza and free food but it would be good to get ideas of the SP meals you guys eat so I can copy to keep myself interested.


Pisghetti · 15/11/2015 21:25

Hi Roller. Would it be worth just trying extra easy rather than SP if it's tipping you off plan? I know from past experience that I don't do well without carbs and I'm likely to end up binging if I try. Therefore I'll have the odd SP meal but wouldn't do a whole day. For an SP meal I'll often cut up a whole butternut squash into chunks and have those roasted in place of potatoes. A girl in my group makes an SP version of overnight oats with quark instead of yogurt (thinned with some almond milk either synned or HeA) with a passion fruit stirred through. I keep meaning to try it.


Heyheyheygoodbye · 15/11/2015 21:54

Hi Roller when I say Pops I mean a kind of crisp by Walkers. Lots of posters have Pufts which are 3.5 syns I think...Pops are 4 but Pufts make me feel ill so Pops are a good alternative if you like crisps Smile

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