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Slimming World

Starting again... Anyone looking for a buddy?

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KeepAbreast · 21/06/2014 23:47

Okay, so I'm going to start Slimming World again. I lost about three stone last year on it after having my DD but I've put it all back on and more :/ and I feel stuck in a massive rut.

This time however, I'm back at work so can't make it to group, so will be doing it from home. If anyone else is thinking about starting SW, or already has, I'd love to have someone to chat to and check in with! Anybody? Smile

OP posts:

MalloryTowels · 06/07/2014 21:24

Lost 6lbs in my first week! Pleased but I've got masses to lose to perhaps not surprising. I've been really motivated this week in preparation for weigh in tomorrow although I have to go to a different class to weigh in because of work. Went to a bbq and just ate homemade burgers and salad so I'm feeling pretty virtuous. Good luck this week SWers. Favourite meal this week has been prawns with a stirfry veg bag fried in fry light with a dash of soy sauce and rice. Mmmm


beckslovestimmy · 07/07/2014 08:31

Weigh in for me this evening. Hoping for a good loss as I've been really good this week even though I've been out for 2 meals. Shopping later to get all the healthy free food for the weekSmile Feeling positive.


GreenCurlyTeeth · 07/07/2014 08:39

I lost 4.5lbs in the first week! I was secretly a bit disappointed because my mum, who is lighter than me, lost 7lbs Shock

I've found the diet easy to follow but I'm starving all the time! I'm eating lots, probably too much, and eating large meals but half an hour after eating I'm starving again. I feel like my body is missing something and thats probably bread and sugar. Does anyone know if this is normal?

I'm also very bloated most of the time. I'm drinking lots more than I used to and weeing loads but some days my stomach looks even bigger than ever!

I've managed to rope a friend in to joining so I've got a lot of support if I need it. We haven't stayed for a meeting yet as I don't think it would help me. What actually happens at the therapy sessions??

My favourite recipe so far has been beef curry and rice. Absolutely delicious, I may make it again tonight! Quorn chilli was lovely too but the quorn bolognese recipe was a bit strange. Edible but we won't be eating it again! Garlic and lemon casserole was also very tasty.


MrMacadoo · 07/07/2014 10:42

11 weeks in and now a stone and a half lighter! Hoping to lose a pound at least this week to get my club 10. Still a long way to go but am finding it easy to stick to so far. Definitely helps that I have no social life!


Katiekins90 · 07/07/2014 16:17

Good luck with your weigh in!
Went to shopping centre today OH had kfc I had boiled egg and potato salad :(
Trying to use as little syns as I can this week had 2 slices of pizza yesterday and half a bar of chocolate oops.

Chilli tonight for dinner so I will fill up on boiled rice, and have plenty of fruit stocked up


beckslovestimmy · 07/07/2014 17:58

Well 3.5lbs off for my first week. Really pleased with that. Aiming for 2lb this week. Chicken chow mein for tea tonight followed by fruit and yoghurt. Yum Grin


Katiekins90 · 07/07/2014 17:59

Well done! That's what I lost the first week then 2 the second :)


beckslovestimmy · 07/07/2014 18:21

Thank you . Feeling really positive. I will do it this time!


MrsS28 · 08/07/2014 06:02

Hi can I join you? I started Slimming World yesterday. Have LOTS of weight to lose thanks to comfort/ convenience eating after the birth of my 6 month old!


beckslovestimmy · 08/07/2014 08:59

Hi MrsS and welcome. What are you planning on eating today?

I had 2x weetabix for breakfast (my Healthy extra A&B) and a plum.

Lunch will be a ham and egg salad, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion and fat free dressing.

Snack will be a muller light and fruit (cherries and nectarine)

Dinner will be the colourful carbonara recipe off the SW app.

Syns will probably be a couple of biscuits with a cuppa once DD is in bed.

Good morning to everyone else.


Katiekins90 · 08/07/2014 09:54

Morning and welcome mrss
Breakfast: 2x alpen lights (hex b)
Snack: strawberrys
Lunch: bacon poached eggs vegetarian sausages and spaghetti hoops
Snack: raspberries
Dinner: pasta in passata sauce with grated cheese (hex a) with a load of veg
No syns used but il prob have a options hot choc in bed later


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 08/07/2014 10:32

I really hope I'm doing this all right!

I don't seem to ever feel hungry, I'm eating better (and more food) than I usually do.

I'm beginning to think my jeans fit a bit better. Hope it's not just wishful thinking Grin


Katiekins90 · 08/07/2014 10:53

I've never eaten as much as I do on slimming world!


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 08/07/2014 12:56

Katie glad I'm not the only one!


beckslovestimmy · 08/07/2014 17:50

Made the 'colourful carbonara' tonight. Tweaked it slightly and it was delicious!! Leftovers for the week too. Loving this diet!


MrsS28 · 08/07/2014 20:01

Well nearly at the end of my second day!! Soooo hungry but I know I just need to get into it and through the pain barrier x


beckslovestimmy · 08/07/2014 20:03

You don't need to be hungry MrsS, lots of free food to snack on. Have you used all your syns?


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 08/07/2014 20:23

I'm cross!

DH has been eating the same basic meals as me but with meat, whisky, crisps as well.

The rat has lost 4lbs this week! Grin


beckslovestimmy · 08/07/2014 20:59

Bloody men! They seem to be able to lose weight without trying. Wink


Katiekins90 · 08/07/2014 20:59

I have to admit when I started the first 3-4 days I was stil hungry at night, using my syns and eating loads of free food but by day 5 it all seemed to change. Now if I'm hungry I have a bowl of fruit or my latest thing raw carrot sticks and it does seem to fill me up. I do tend to drink a lot of Pepsi max which fills me up to.
Had no syns yesterday to try and undo some of the damage from Sunday (pizza!)
I have 2.5 lbs to get my stone and I think I'm close to my club 10 as well not to sure as she didn't tell me what it was or write it in my book.

What's everyone's favourite snacks?


Katiekins90 · 08/07/2014 21:00

My OH is the same! I'm not encouraging him to eat extra so he doesn't loose weight lol


beckslovestimmy · 08/07/2014 21:20

Really enjoying all the summer fruit at the mo. Favourites are nectarines plums strawberries and cherries. The added bonus is my 18m DD is enjoying them too. I want to be a positive role model for her and don't want her growing up with weight issues like myself.

I love yoghurt so having a muller light most days. I'm going to try and make some ice cram with a muller light and quark. Worth a try!!

I usually use my syns for a couple of biccies with a cuppa at night.

I'm going to make a quiche as something savoury to snack on too.


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 08/07/2014 21:35

I'm only on week two so I'm still happy snacking on fruit and more fruit.

I'm sure as the weeks pass I'll start craving something more so I'll be watching for ideas as well.


Katiekins90 · 09/07/2014 21:22

I'm so annoyed at myself, I've had a bad week I'm so good all day gets to 6pm and there's all my syns gone in about 10 min. I'm worrying about weigh in tomorrow. I think alot of it is I feel a bit fed up that even though I've lost 11.5lbs I can see no difference at all. Saw some pictures on FB of me at my sons fete on a bouncy castle my legs look like sausages squeezed into their skin. I really need to get on track again


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 09/07/2014 21:35

Katie did you use your maximum syns each day for the rest of the week? Our consultant agreed that it is possible, but not advisable, to 'save' them for, maybe, a weekend out.

Any chance this could be useful IYSWIM?!

And have you measured yourself? 11.5 lbs is LOADS! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it hasn't disappeared

Good god, that sounds complicated. It sounded right in my head!!

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