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Slimming World

Starting again... Anyone looking for a buddy?

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KeepAbreast · 21/06/2014 23:47

Okay, so I'm going to start Slimming World again. I lost about three stone last year on it after having my DD but I've put it all back on and more :/ and I feel stuck in a massive rut.

This time however, I'm back at work so can't make it to group, so will be doing it from home. If anyone else is thinking about starting SW, or already has, I'd love to have someone to chat to and check in with! Anybody? Smile

OP posts:

Pantspants · 01/07/2014 10:42

where no you're not doing anything wrong. I think because I'd been drinking more water my body got used to it. It's like now I eat much healthier, on the odd occasion we eat junk food I feel really ill the next day. Sw is a great plan so stick with it!

katie that's really interesting about fluid retention. Worth remembering!

The water balance app sounds good too. Might check that out.

Anyways I've learnt my lesson. No more exercise! Grin


Cannotbelieveit · 01/07/2014 11:02

Today's menu

Breakfast 2 weetabix with 200ml semi skimmed milk and muller light strawberry and fruit

Lunch scrambled egg and one piece whole meal toast and fruit

Dinner jacket potato with chilli and cheese and salad and more fruit

Water 1-2 litres

Syns Flora light on the potato and toast, ketchup on scrambled eggs and a brunch bar

Will miss not having more HE when bf finishes! Oh well ds2 is only 2 months!!


prettyinpink90 · 01/07/2014 13:00

Hi ladies, can I join please?

I lost 2st on SW last year before I became pregnant. I have birth in April and re-joined 3 weeks later... I've lost 16lbs so far but seem to have dropped off the wagon the past few weeks. Back on plan this week though. Here is today's planned food...

B - strawberries, kiwi, grapes with Mullerlight yogurt

L - 4 Ryvita Original (hexb) topped with 4 Laughing Cow Blue Cheese Triangles (hexa) and cherry tomatoes

D - Cottage cheese salad (fat free cottage cheese with chives, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery, pickled onions, roasted baby potatoes)

S - Go Ahead Forrest Fruit Crispy Slices (9 syns Shock)


Katiekins90 · 01/07/2014 17:55

9 syns in them go ahead slices!! Il be keeping well away from them.

Your dinner sounds lovely


beckslovestimmy · 01/07/2014 23:10

Don't think I did too bad. Out with work mates to a South American restaurant.

I was driving so just drank diet coke. Then I had chicken pepper and onion skewers with garlic rice and salad. No idea of the syn value of the marinade or salad dressing but hope it wasn't too bad.

I sat longingly looking at the yummy cheesecake for pudding but I used my will power and declined.


Katiekins90 · 01/07/2014 23:39

My meal plan went out the window dinner was chicken Shish (7 and a half syns for a medium pitta!)

Well done for sticking to it whilst eating out.

I'm planning to take the dog on a nice long walk tomorrow ahead of weigh in day on Thursday.

How many syns is everyone having roughly a day I know your allowed 5-15 but what's everyone's average?


beckslovestimmy · 02/07/2014 08:34

That long walk with the dog will go towards your body magic.

We're off to some botanical gardens with DD to let her run off some steam, I'll make sure I'm running around after her.

Looking to stick to between 5 and 10 syns a day. This is what my consultant suggested. In going to try and have mostly 'free food' meals and save my syns for something yummy in the evening. (That's my worst time for snacking) .


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 02/07/2014 09:21

Can anyone suggest some drinks that aren't sweet?

In the evening I usually have a glass of red wine, or really dry white, and I know that I can syn a glass but I'm giving my liver a rest for a while (rather overdid it on holiday!)

Diet coke or bitter lemon are just too too sweet for me - any suggestions?


beckslovestimmy · 02/07/2014 09:37

Where: I like slimline tonic, ice and a wedge of lime. If I try really hard I can convince myself its a G&T! Maybe diet ginger beer? Or for less syns a white wine spritzer? Wine


beckslovestimmy · 02/07/2014 18:27

Katiekins the chow mein was delicious. Even DH enjoyed it and there's enough for leftovers for lunch at work! Success!


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 02/07/2014 21:30

It's my first weigh-in tomorrow and I'm worrying I haven't eaten enough protein. I've had LOADS of fruit and veg but looking back at my food diary I realise there's not a lot of the pulses that I usually have. Pure laziness on my part!

Bum! Hope it's okay


Katiekins90 · 03/07/2014 17:52

Weighing in time in an hour and I'm so bloated! Expecting to sts or a gain, I know it will be hard for me to keep it up after as il be so annoyed!


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 03/07/2014 18:21

Well Katiekins how did you do?

I've lost 1.5lbs, a bit disappointing because I was hoping for 2lbs but I told myself I had wet hair and, obviously, that's where the extra 0.5 was!

And Becks - I've got s/l tonic and lime ready in the fridge for later, thankyou


beckslovestimmy · 03/07/2014 19:31

Where. Enjoy your G&T without the G! Wine

Hope you did well Katie?

I had a very nice Gammon roast dinner for tea, extra good because I didn't have to cook anything extra for DH. Leftover chow mein for lunch at work tomorrow and a bacon egg and feta salad for tea when I get home. Who said this was a diet?!


Katiekins90 · 03/07/2014 21:18

By some sort of miracle I lost 4lbs! More then my first week, I'm planning to be extra good now so it doesn't catch up with me, I'm still feeling bloated though.

It's my sons school fete on Sunday I must avoid the cake and BBQ stall.

The gammon sounds nice as does the chow mein where did you get te recipe, sorry if you said I'm on my phone and it won't let me scroll back.

Well done on the 1.5lb and I totally agree with the wet hair comment Grin


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 03/07/2014 21:27

Oh wow Katie that's amazing!

Well done.

I've planned next week's meals and been shopping so hopefully I'll do better next week Grin


beckslovestimmy · 03/07/2014 22:36

The chow mein recipe is on the slimming world app. In the 7 day menu bit. It's dinner on day 1. If you haven't got the app I can post the recipe? It was lovely and not like 'diet' food. Loads of flavour.

I really liked my slimming world roasties too, done with lots of salt pepper, garlic and onion granules and mixed herbs. Yum yum.

Well done KatieGrin


Cannotbelieveit · 04/07/2014 12:04

First weigh in at SW and lost 6 lbs!!


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 04/07/2014 13:14

Cannot excellent news! Well done - you must be so pleased with yourself


Cannotbelieveit · 04/07/2014 13:33

Had a massive smile on my face all through the meeting! And both my boys behaved themselves too Grin


Katiekins90 · 04/07/2014 20:15

Thanks everyone, and big congratulations to cannot
I found the chicken chow mein reciepe that will be a dinner over the next few days.
This hot weather is really interfering with my food plan, I just don't feel like eating properly I've had my 2 alpen bars (that I'm now totally obsessed with!) 3 laughing cow ligt triangles and a whole bag of carrot battons. Is anyone else feeling like this?

Also a confession to make regarding my miracle four pound loss, I usually weigh in the same clothes every week a very light cotton vest top and my jeggings. Yesterday I wore a summer dress, so that's prob what happened there, although I was due on yesterday and I am really bloated so hoping there is some sort of loss there.

Sorry for the long post! What's everyone planning for dinners over the weekend? X


beckslovestimmy · 04/07/2014 21:12

Well done cannot, I'm hoping for a good loss on my first weigh in on Monday.

I'm out for dinner tomorrow so think i'll have steak, with new pots and a side of vegetables. I'm going to try the carbonara recipe on Sunday. Trying to cook enough so I can freeze some stuff so I've got some home made 'ready meals' to take to work.


Passthebiscuitsvicor · 05/07/2014 21:56

Hi girls
I started sw on thurs.. I am so fed up ready and it's only day bloody 2...
I miss bread and cheese!!!
The woman that took the class weighed me at the end. I am 11st 12 and 5ft 7... I started doing 2-3 piloxing classes a week about 2 months ago and although I'm not much lighter I've def lost inches and down to a comfortable size 12. So anyway the group leader asked what I'd like my target weight to be.. I said 10st 7 and she was like 'is this a mini target or is that all you're aiming for?' Wtf??! I thought this would be a realistic goal in terms of staying that weight and i felt if I picked a goal of 8st I'd be more likely to stick the diet for a week then binge of crisps and resign myself to always having a bit of blubber..
Can you guys give me a basic run down of what you're eating everyday please? I'm doing fruit and yog, jacket and beans/tuna with salad, chicken/fish with chips and salad.. Snacking on alpen bars/babybell/fruit..
This diet isn't rocket science, I'm just loathing all those people who can eat like pigs and stay thin!!


sunshinechan · 06/07/2014 03:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katiekins90 · 06/07/2014 08:13

Hi, the phone app has a section where you can track syns I use that bit and as long as I know to log syns and everything else is free that I eat I don't feel the need to write it all down. Did that make sence?

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