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Slimming World

Starting again... Anyone looking for a buddy?

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KeepAbreast · 21/06/2014 23:47

Okay, so I'm going to start Slimming World again. I lost about three stone last year on it after having my DD but I've put it all back on and more :/ and I feel stuck in a massive rut.

This time however, I'm back at work so can't make it to group, so will be doing it from home. If anyone else is thinking about starting SW, or already has, I'd love to have someone to chat to and check in with! Anybody? Smile

OP posts:

Katiekins90 · 13/07/2014 16:21

Good luck for tomorrow!

I've found out rich tea finger biscuits are one syn so that's my tea and biscuits at bed time sorted. I have a craving for gingerbread men as well I normally have one after a weigh in as my treat. Got some mcvities mini gingerbread men 6 syns a bag :)


beckslovestimmy · 13/07/2014 18:49

Thank you Katie.

I think ginger nuts are only 2 syns each. I might have to get some rich tea fingers. I do love a biscuit. Grin


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 13/07/2014 19:58

Be proud of me, fellow SW people!

We were offered a free pastry at our local coffee shop because it was close to closing time.

I said thankyou and refused - and even watched DH eat his without sneaking a bite.


Katiekins90 · 13/07/2014 21:50

Shock not sure I could of said no to a free pastry so well done you!

Trying to plan the weeks meals but not having much luck, having a new kitchen and bathroom fitted from Wednesday so that's going to mess up my plans.

I'm going to have my rich tea and cuppa and then go to bed to dream about pastries


Katiekins90 · 14/07/2014 11:59

I failed lol I got oh to get me a cinnamon whirl from the bakers! I only ate the middle and then threw the rest away.

Pasta with cheese and bacon for lunch carrots on the side


beckslovestimmy · 14/07/2014 19:33

Woo hoo. 3lb off this week that's 6.5lb in 2 weeks. Really happy! Smile


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 17/07/2014 15:06

Another woo hoo here! 2.5 lb this week.

And joint slimmer of the week - I got a free book, nice shiny sticker and inspirational fridge magnet Grin


Katiekins90 · 17/07/2014 17:43

2.5! Well done! How much is your total loss now if you don't mind me asking?


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 17/07/2014 18:20

Total loss is 4.5 lbs.

To be fair, I think I only got SotW because everyone else had a bad week. Group loss is usually around 60 lb and this week it was 38!


Cannotbelieveit · 18/07/2014 16:55

Only 1lb off this week (9.5lb in 3 weeks) but it's still a loss!! Aiming for 3lb this week!! Need to fit more body magic in! with both DC's this is proving difficult!!


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 18/07/2014 22:04

Well done Cannot

I found that picking up something of the same weight, like a bag of sugar, made me realise just how heavy it is.


beckslovestimmy · 20/07/2014 09:39

Well I've truly had a bad week since weigh in Monday!!! Back on track today.

Breakfast: 2 weetabix and skimmed milk

Lunch: not sure as I'm at a christening today

Dinner: chicken, bacon and egg salad.

Snacks: strawberries, raspberries and yoghurt.

Will be making jelly later and making the colourful carbonara for work lunches next week. Determined again!!


PhoebeMcPeePee · 21/07/2014 14:36

Well done WhereBe on your loss & slimmer of the weekGrin . I've been very good this week and hoping for a decent 2lb+ loss as I'm off camping in a few days & I know that will be a disaster.

Has anyone tried the mug-shots that are sun free? I've lots about them but tried one today & it was hideous so I'm a bit reluctant to try other flavours but they're handy to keep on stand-by.


PhoebeMcPeePee · 21/07/2014 14:38

Oh and today I've had:
Scrambled egg & mushrooms for breakfast
Coffee & apple for snack
Lunch mug-shot Confused & prawn salad
Dinner sausage & bean casserole with jacket potato + yogurt
Hi if bar for treat with tea later Wink


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 21/07/2014 20:35

I've tried the Mugshots Phoebe, just because they were syn-free.

I wouldn't eat them in the 'real world' and probably won't buy them again but there were okay, if a little chemical tasting. I can't understand why we are being encouraged to eat healthily and then these type of pasta dishes are allowed. I know they are really quick and easy but taste isn't their strong point!


PhoebeMcPeePee · 22/07/2014 12:20

Another 1.5lbs off for me total loss 31lbs with 19 to target Grin


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 22/07/2014 16:34



Katiekins90 · 24/07/2014 21:28

2lbs of today I got my stone award!
6 more lbs to target but I think il be lowering it. Still not noticing the weight loss.


WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 25/07/2014 16:58

Oh well done Katie!

Do your clothes fit better now you've lost all that? I think it's difficult to see on yourself when you start losing because you see yourself all the time (if that makes sense).

Just wait until someone you haven't seen for a while says how well you look!


Cannotbelieveit · 25/07/2014 17:20

Another 1.5lbs off so 11lbs in total. Really want to lose 3lbs this week to get to 1st. Think I'm gonna cut down my carbs as although keeping to plan I think I can still have smaller portions of carbs and up the super free on some meals


beckslovestimmy · 25/07/2014 18:21

Well done Katie and cannot.
Hoping you'll be some inspiration for me. Fell off plan for over a week when I couldn't get to class because of work! Been back on plan for 2 days now. Weighing on Monday. I'm hoping I haven't done too much damage.

Any nice recipes planned for the weekend?


IdahoHasMyHeart · 25/07/2014 18:45

Hi all, do you mind if I join you? Well done on all your great losses! :)

I've been calorie counting for just over a year and have lost about 3 stone but have fallen off the wagon big time and need to try something new, so here I am, trying SW again. I've done it many times before, the best time being when I lost 1 and a half stone in 5 weeks. I still have at least 3 but more like 4/5 stone to lose!

I can't get to a group so I'm doing it from home and have ordered the books off Ebay. As they're not here yet and I want to start SW asap, IE. tomorrow, I've done a meal plan with the knowledge I have about SW from my terrible memory and from google, so could someone please look over this and tell me if it's ok please? TIA


Fat free Greek yogurt with frozen berries, Quaker oats oat granola (google tells me this is 6 syns for 28g?) and 1 tsp honey (1 syn?)


Tuna mayo (Hellmans extra light mayo so 1/2 syn per tbsp?), 42g (?) lighter mature cheddar cheese (HEA), salad and 70% less fat salad cream (1 syn for 1 tbsp?)


Wholemeal pasta with bacon, onion, garlic, tomatoes, any other veg I have around, quark and parmesan (5 syns for 25g?)

Snacks will be wholemeal weightwatchers bread (I think I can have 3 for HEB?) toasted with marmite and no butter, and then fruit during the day.

Is that ok for an extra easy day?

Sorry for the massive post Blush I just want to get rid of this fat asap! I can't wait until my books come!


beckslovestimmy · 28/07/2014 08:48

Hi Idaho, not sure if the amounts you've got for your healthy extras are correct. Have your books arrived yet? How have you found your first few days?

I'm off for weigh in tonight, got to go and face it and see what damage I've done in the last 2 weeks. Hoping it will motivate me to get back on the wagon so to speak!


IdahoHasMyHeart · 28/07/2014 11:06

Oh no :( No they've not arrived yet, hoping they will today. First couple of days have been pretty good thanks. Craved a bit of chocolate last night but had a banana instead and did some squats Grin

Good luck for weigh in! How much have you lost so far?

PS. Thanks for replying, I thought I'd killed the thread! Grin


Cannotbelieveit · 28/07/2014 18:23

Hey everyone forgot to update after weigh in on Friday. Lost another 1.5lbs so that's 11lb in 4 weeks. Trying to make my portions of carbs smaller this week to see if I can lose 2-3lb!

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