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Due February 2024 Thread 7!!🤰🩷💙

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AllAboardTootToot · 28/01/2024 00:25

Cannot believe we are on the 7th iteration and the babies are starting to arrive 😭❤️

OP posts:
msp2023 · 28/01/2024 00:41

Awww can't believe it!

39+2 and I am soooo restless! No signs yet, desp to go into labour asap. Super uncomfortable and exhausted, I just want baby out and in my arms. Anxious for labour too, have no idea what to expect which I hate! Keep thinking every twinge could be the start but alas, nothing yet.

Insomnia is kicking my butt too - I used to love bedtime and now it's the worst part of the day for me!

anony1111 · 28/01/2024 00:57

I feel like it's absolutely flown by and very grateful for this chat with all you ladies!

@msp2023 hopefully baby won't keep you waiting too much longer! I dread bedtime too, struggling to sleep too and SPD is kicking my butt!

Mummapenguin20 · 28/01/2024 01:58

I feel the insomnia sleep really is a thing of the past atm x

Clueless13 · 28/01/2024 03:33

Insomnia definitely hitting me hard, il awake at 3am every night! (Like right now) 😞

Clueless13 · 28/01/2024 03:35

Does anyone have any tips for being induced? Hopefully having an induction on Saturday at 38 weeks as baby is on the small side x

Hankthehonk · 28/01/2024 04:37

Thanks for the new thread! Another member of the insomnia club here, I can get to sleep OK but I wake up between 3.30 and 5 then I'm awake for a couple of hours, every single night.

@Clueless13 all induction experiences are different but I guess the two things I wish I'd known is that you could be hanging around a long time either waiting to be induced or waiting for it to work, and if you get the drip the contractions can be really relentless. For me there was no gradual escalation like (I gather) there is in natural labour and I got no breaks between them. Ask for a walking drip if you can, being able to move and change positions really helped me. That's assuming you get the drip, you may not need it

Sorry I'm not saying this to scare you but because I really wish I'd known what to expect. And your experience may well be different anyway. Good luck!

Ebonythoughts · 28/01/2024 05:40

Thanks for the new thread! We’re almost there! Team insomnia here too. Awake for at least an hour each time I need to get up and use the loo 🤦🏽‍♀️

mummylove24 · 28/01/2024 05:45

Thanks 💖💙💖

mummylove24 · 28/01/2024 05:58

@Hankthehonk @Clueless13 Currently 36+3 I’ve been recommended an induction 37-38 weeks because of “high risk” age and trace protein in my urine, I’ve declined. Baby is growing perfectly fine approx 6lbs and doing gymnastics everyday, head down. I’ve asked to be monitored weekly. I monitor myself daily urine and BP.
If protein/BP goes up and it is preeclampsia then I’d choose caesarean over an induction.

Mangotango39 · 28/01/2024 06:07

I can't believe next Sunday will be our last day without baby (at the very latest) I'm first on the list for c section Monday. Keep getting moments of panic. Do you ever feel ready though??

I have the dreaded hemaroids . Lovely last minute pregnancy symptom !!!

LavenderSweetPea · 28/01/2024 07:31

Good morning (kind of) pregnancy insomnia hitting me over here as well. As well as my insane need to pee all the time, I often can't get back to sleep after the 3-4am pee. So annoying.

Good news though is I'm 38+1 and tomorrow is my first day off maternity leave!! I'm so excited I might even get to nap in the day if I've slept badly 😅

Good luck@Clueless13 and @Mangotango39 so exciting for you both to have the end date in sight. I'm kind of in that weird zone of feeling really ready to meet my baby but also not at all prepared for what comes next 😂i think that's normal.

redxlondon · 28/01/2024 07:35

Just waking up which was a pleasant surprise from a frequent 5am wake up pattern.
My cat was cuddling me all night, poor thing is in for a shock in 2 weeks!!

Hankthehonk · 28/01/2024 07:52

@LavenderSweetPea congrats on the start of mat leave! My last day at work is Thursday, I'm so excited by the prospect of naps when my daughter (3yo) is at nursery.
I didnt get back to sleep at all after waking at 4am today.
But should be able to rest later- my mum and sister are taking my daughter for a day out to give me a break (my husband works weekends) so I'm really grateful! Dd will have a brilliant day at the aquarium and I get some guilt free rest. She's been getting way too much screen time because I'm so exhausted and have pelvic girdle pain 😢

Alwaysalwayscold · 28/01/2024 07:52

Good morning and thanks for the new thread! I am also desperate for baby to arrive now. Having a sweep on Thursday but MW hinted that she thought baby might arrive before then and I sort of wish she hadn't said that as it's definitely had my hopes up and I've been constantly expecting something to happen.

AllAboardTootToot · 28/01/2024 08:04

Morning all!

35 weeks here and starting to struggle! It’s the lower back pain/pressure and feeling like she’s ready to pop out when I walk 🙈😂

Baby still breech, can tell from the kicks 😳 Scan on 5th but talk but consultant is I will be having section anyway because of the spinal fluid issues I’ve had. Back to see him Wednesday to get it checked and praying I don’t need another lumbar puncture pre birth to stabilise it, that thing was brutal!

Start mat leave in couple of weeks but on slow pace handover from home which is nice.

I have no idea either what to expect in labour/birth, all the gear and no idea so will just roll with it! Will be an adventure if nothing else haha.

Def ready to meet our wee girl and let the new adventures begin! Exciting times girls ❤️

OP posts:
Cheetocat · 28/01/2024 08:08

Good morning, I can't believe this is the thread that will be full of beautiful birth announcements. I'm so excited for all of us.

Good luck to anyone with a date for their induction/c-section in the coming days!

I did a good exercise session on my yoga ball yesterday and lots of walking, baby has felt super low since then, I'm waddling around like a cowboy.

FrostedFlake · 28/01/2024 08:18

mummylove24 · 28/01/2024 05:58

@Hankthehonk @Clueless13 Currently 36+3 I’ve been recommended an induction 37-38 weeks because of “high risk” age and trace protein in my urine, I’ve declined. Baby is growing perfectly fine approx 6lbs and doing gymnastics everyday, head down. I’ve asked to be monitored weekly. I monitor myself daily urine and BP.
If protein/BP goes up and it is preeclampsia then I’d choose caesarean over an induction.

Do you have to take BP medication too or just monitoring it and protein? I ended up in hospital for a few days due to high BP and now on daily medication and attending the day clinic from next week so not sure what to expect in terms of being high risk and how soon they will want me to give birth as in 37 weeks at the start of next week.

Hope your protein level stays low and you are feeling ok

Ihatewinding · 28/01/2024 08:47

@Hankthehonk being able to rest while off work on maternity leave and 3 year is in nursery is sooo good, thank god for the 30 free hour funding so can feel less guilty about it! As yes all the extra screen time as can't play on the floor due to SPD makes me feel bad enough 😔

For those with bad SPD/PGP especially if affecting night sleep, then this exercise has relieved so much tension and pain so can get some decent sleep with only paracetamol.

Doesn't fix the pubic pain but generally pelvis feels much better. Been doing SPD exercises on yoga ball for a while but the dip the hip thing on this video has done more than any of those! Hoping gets baby out of back to back position as well 🙏🏻 he keeps going back.

Rotate Your Posterior Baby for a Faster Labor | Sarah Lavonne

Check out Part 1 here: 2: 3 - Here's a helpful technique that you can try to turn your post...

PeeBeee · 28/01/2024 09:45

Hi ladies! Same with the insomnia here and around the same time - 3-5am then my toddler starts talking through the monitor on and off from 5am onwards so I am just done with being pregnant now lol have a 36 week growth scan tomorrow, interested to see what shes estimated now as 33 weeks she was measuring 5lb 4oz!

mummylove24 · 28/01/2024 09:46

Oh sorry you were in hospital, hope you’re ok now, how high was BP if you don’t mind me asking? 37 weeks next week, I think we’re at a similar stage.
They haven’t offered me any medication, my BP was high a couple of weeks ago on my home machine 138/91 but then normal levels on their machines. It might be my machine. I’m so far going day clinic for weekly assessment, it could become daily. I feel just fine though no swelling no headaches no obvious symptoms, just tiredness (which is a normal symptom).

dinojudgeli · 28/01/2024 09:54

Am currently 37 weeks with my second pregnancy, there will be 5 year age gap with my older child. Have found this pregnancy such hard work, terrible morning sickness, anaemia, sinus headaches, back ache and of course the terrible sleep. Just about to go on Mat leave. What are people doing to get in a positive headspace for birth? I'm dreading it a bit and the exhaustion of the fourth trimester.

Hankthehonk · 28/01/2024 09:57

@Ihatewinding yea my dd is in nursery every afternoon and she loves it so once I stop work I'll actually have rest time! Assuming the baby doesn't come early...

Thanks for the video, I've been doing similar exercises and they definitely help. I had a private yoga session a few weeks ago with a yoga teacher who is also a midwife and she gave me brilliant stretches for the pgp - nothing seems to make it possible to play with my daughter as much as she wants, though, unsurprisingly!

@PeeBeee we're in sync, I have 36w scan tomorrow too - and also very done with being pregnant! Finding out tomorrow about my boy's growth and also whether he's still breech, feels like an important day.

Ladies, my dd has just left for the aquarium with granny, I've got the house to myself until teatime. Running myself a bath. This is a very strange feeling, think it might be the first time this pregnancy I've been able to be 100% selfish, certainly for a whole day 😀

AllAboardTootToot · 28/01/2024 10:13

Enjoy it @Hankthehonk - sounds the perfect Sunday!

OP posts:
A1b2c3d4e5f6g7 · 28/01/2024 10:21

Clueless13 · 28/01/2024 03:35

Does anyone have any tips for being induced? Hopefully having an induction on Saturday at 38 weeks as baby is on the small side x

Like @Hankthehonk says, be prepared to wait around for a spot on the labour ward. Take a long phone charger, a book or kindle, download some films, take favourite snacks etc.

Walk around as much as possible, inside the hospital and outside. It really helps. My consultant had me climbing up and down the stairs and bouncing on a ball. And my partner came to visit each lunch and we walked for ages then got a meal somewhere.

I had the drip in the end and it was okay. I had an epidural six hours in - if you can get a walking epidural I thought it was really good. I could feel probably 50% of the pain still, but I could walk around, move into different positions, bounce on the ball, go to the loo etc didn't need a catheter

If you have to be monitored throughout, ask for the wireless monitors. They didn't have them when I went in, but they're meant to be really good. My partner had to hold my band monitors in place when I was on the ball or upright, and apparently his hands and arms really ached 🙄

It honestly wasn't too bad, I'd he happy to have another induction.

Good luck!

Kelb79 · 28/01/2024 10:28

Thanks for the new thread @AllAboardTootToot 🙏🏼🙏🏼
it’s insane that this is the one!!! We’re finally here!!! 🥳🥳🥳
Ive been feeling pretty good as I’ve been carrying small (and anything was better than the first 22 weeks of sickness 🤣) but I’ve started getting really uncomfortable now. And lots of new symptoms (numb swollen sausage fingers is a delightful one 🙄) I’m soooo ready for baby to come! Just not today as I’m finally painting the nursery 😝

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