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Due February 2024 Thread 7!!🤰🩷💙

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AllAboardTootToot · 28/01/2024 00:25

Cannot believe we are on the 7th iteration and the babies are starting to arrive 😭❤️

OP posts:
KayakingBex · 24/02/2024 06:24

LavenderSweetPea · 20/02/2024 21:42

Feeding is such a minefield. My boy is three weeks yesterday, and we've exclusively breast fed so far but I'm concerned he's not gaining enough weight. We were discharged at day ten from midwives as he'd gained back his birth weight which they were happy with but I'm just not sure he's getting enough food, he's always seeming hungry.

Today I gave him a bottle of expressed breast milk and he finally seemed full and content. I wonder if he's not getting enough at a feed. I've bought one of the pumps you ladies recommend and I'm debating with myself what to do now. I love breastfeeding, I don't want to switch exclusively to pumping, but I worry if I give him the bottle too often he won't want to breastfeed any more at all. But if I just keep breastfeeding alone I'm not convinced he's getting enough milk.

I’ve been finding the same with my wee boy and after the health visitor visit we think my milk might be deficient in some vitamins. Makes sense when I factor in that I’m gluten free. Health visitor is going to give us some vitamin drops to add to the expressed milk and I’m going to start taking some extra vitamins. Just thought I’d share as I had never thought about it until now and might explain my boys insatiable hunger overnight every night.

KayakingBex · 24/02/2024 06:35

@Hawk901 congratulations! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

mummylove24 · 24/02/2024 20:36

Sorry all, I been in baby Love world 😍, haven’t been able to keep up with this group, not sure what day it is even😂😂 but catching up now 💖💙💖

undercoverhero74 · 26/02/2024 09:12

Happy due date @anony1111 how are you getting on?

anony1111 · 26/02/2024 12:26

Happy due date 🥳 still very much pregnant with no signs of arrival 🤣 I was booked in for induction today, been to the hospital and had another s&s but still only 1-2cm dilated. I've come home now, just have to wait for a bed on labour ward to have my waters broken but can take a while to get a bed.

How are you doing? Any signs of arrival?

anony1111 · 26/02/2024 12:27

Sorry @undercoverhero74 forgot to tag 🙈

undercoverhero74 · 26/02/2024 12:33

@anony1111 ooo that's exciting! Hopefully things will move fast for you. I had my waters broken first time round and then placed on the drip and baby was born a couple of hours later so fingers crossed!

Still no signs of labour for me either despite my best efforts 😂😂 I have spent the day pampering myself so far just incase she decides to make her arrival.

Keep us updated and good luck!

anony1111 · 26/02/2024 18:17

@undercoverhero74 I'm hoping things move quickly once I'm back at hospital 🤞🏼

I think you have the best idea, pamper yourself and relax as much as you can. Hopefully you won't be waiting too much longer.

Thank you, you too!

Shrillwaffle · 26/02/2024 22:39

Just want to say I hope everyone is okay! My little girl is a month now 🤯 how did that happen?! It’s been a lot to get used to and I’ve been very tired and busy but lovely at the same time. I haven’t forgotten y’all 🫶🏻

undercoverhero74 · 29/02/2024 10:10

@anony1111 any news???

anony1111 · 01/03/2024 16:51

@undercoverhero74 sorry I've been quiet, I had my perfect baby boy 28th February @ 15:42 after a very quick delivery! He wasn't waiting around for induction and he came on his own accord which I am so pleased about 🥰 he weighed 9lbs 1oz and we are both home now and doing very well.

How are things for you?

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