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Due February 2024 Thread 7!!🤰🩷💙

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AllAboardTootToot · 28/01/2024 00:25

Cannot believe we are on the 7th iteration and the babies are starting to arrive 😭❤️

OP posts:
Callmemummynotmaaa · 28/01/2024 22:51

Random question but anyone getting sudden blurred vision? Had one episode is work last week but presumed it related to low blood pressure (was a busy day in work and I hadn’t eaten properly/was on ward on my feet). BUT just relaxing now in bed and it’s happened again. My light and depth perception is tainted and I’m struggling to read. Usually 20/20 vision. Had a scan on sat and baby doing well (was delighted actually as looks like they’ve grown; had been small). Currently 38+? (😅 baby 3). Scheduled for 5th.

Mangotango39 · 28/01/2024 23:06

@Shrillwaffle oh she is just precious. So many congrats to your little family xx

Callmemummynotmaaa · 28/01/2024 23:24

Just in case anyone’s worried. It’s completely gone. My Blood pressure is low (but for me that’s not unusual). Triage said if it happens again I’ll go in! Gonna try get some sleep. Pregnancy is wierd!

Cheetocat · 29/01/2024 00:00

@Callmemummynotmaaa I actually just read a couple of days ago that pregnancy changes the pressure inside your body and it can cause our eyeballs to be squashed and not be the optimal shape for clear vision. I'd say being so close to birth it would be exacerbated too. If you're seeing floaters and stuff I'd be more worried but I think a little blurring doesn't sound so bad.

anony1111 · 29/01/2024 00:26

@Shrillwaffle oh how precious is baby Lena, congratulations! She is beautiful! Hope you are both doing well 💕

Mangotango39 · 29/01/2024 01:19

oh re baby names, we are having a suprise but have our names for each.

we were opposite and agreed on a heap for boys - girls were ALOT more difficult and we just have one. My mum hates it aha!

I have a feeling it is a girl but only 7 sleeps to find out x

Ebonythoughts · 29/01/2024 02:51

Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous! Hope you are both well and resting ❤️

AllAboardTootToot · 29/01/2024 04:42

@Callmemummynotmaaa yes I have had but it was more floaters and cloudy vision like @Cheetocat said. Turns out baby was pressing on nerves which trapped some fluid causing it. Once released it’s been back to normal. If you see spots or anything untoward please get it checked!

oh @Mangotango39 7 days! How exciting! ❤️

OP posts:
Hankthehonk · 29/01/2024 05:05

@Shrillwaffle wow! Huge congratulations and well done, you're amazing 👏
Thanks for sharing a photo, Lena is beautiful and I love her name

LavenderSweetPea · 29/01/2024 05:26

I went into the hospital yesterday evening at 38+1. The 'braxton Hicks' were becoming quite regular and overwhelming. Turns out I was 5cm and things progressed quickly. My perfect baby boy was born at 1am this morning. After all these years I'm finally a mom

AllAboardTootToot · 29/01/2024 05:35

Oh congratulations @LavenderSweetPea ❤️❤️❤️

You both doing well?

OP posts:
undercoverhero74 · 29/01/2024 06:52

Congratulations @Shrillwaffle she is beautiful!! 😍😍😍

@LavenderSweetPea oh wow a massive congratulations to you too!! I hope you and baby are doing well 🥰🥰🥰

LavenderSweetPea · 29/01/2024 06:53

@AllAboardTootToot we are both doing very well 💙delivery was straightforward natural birth, fortunately no tears. Totally exhausting though.

anony1111 · 29/01/2024 06:54

@LavenderSweetPea congratulations, I hope you and baby boy are doing well 💙

msp2023 · 29/01/2024 06:55

@Shrillwaffle ahhh what a beauty with a gorgeous name to match. Congratulations!
@LavenderSweetPea congratulations lovely! So pleased you had a smooth delivery :)

Enjoy the newborn bubble both ❤️

CharXo · 29/01/2024 06:56

Congratulations @LavenderSweetPea 🩵🩵

Mummapenguin20 · 29/01/2024 06:57

@LavenderSweetPea congratulations xx

Meeting · 29/01/2024 07:01

Congratulations to you both @Shrillwaffle and @LavenderSweetPea enjoy every moment with your new babies💕 such wonderful news, I hope I'm next!

Cheetocat · 29/01/2024 07:21

@LavenderSweetPea Congratulations, you must be on cloud nine!

A1b2c3d4e5f6g7 · 29/01/2024 07:31

Congratulations @Shrillwaffle and @LavenderSweetPea such lovely news to catch up on this morning! Hope you're both doing well and get to go home soon

babythreeincoming · 29/01/2024 07:35

Awww congratulations @Shrillwaffle + @LavenderSweetPea 🌸 BEAUTIFUL NEWS! So delighted for you both. Enjoy your bubbles xxxx

babythreeincoming · 29/01/2024 07:37

I really thought last night was the night for me... I had intense pains which were ramping up until 1am! Have barely slept from overthinking and keeping an eye on movements 😅 I've got my scan today to see if baby has moved so maybe this was his way of doing that 🙏🏼

Pass me the coffee ☕️💤


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amyg1985 · 29/01/2024 07:45

Congratulations @LavenderSweetPea - what a lovely birth story. Pleased all went well x

Callmemummynotmaaa · 29/01/2024 07:59

Congratulations @LavenderSweetPea x

Sunshineclouds11 · 29/01/2024 08:50

Congratulations @LavenderSweetPea

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