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IVF pregnancies - Spring 2024 (thread 2)

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thislittlebird · 25/11/2023 10:02

New thread! Do tag everyone I've missed, I'm off out to see the new Hunger Games so can add more later but need to dash! @CazzyM1983 @KG1244 @countrypunk @Misty84 @ASGIRC @TheBirdintheCave @Summerishere83

OP posts:
CazzyM1983 · 04/12/2023 17:50

@ASGIRC ouch that sounds horrible! My hips just hurt at night at the moment but I’m waiting for a pregnancy pillow to be delivered so I’m hoping that helps. I know some people that ended up on crutches due to round ligament pain! When it’s bad, it’s meant to be reallllllly bad! Hang in there! how many weeks are you now?

yeah I don’t want people touching my bump. I was at a charity afternoon tea thing and a woman I have no idea who she was came up to me going baby baby baby and rubbed my tummy. I wanted to punch her in the face but there was too many witnesses lol

I don’t mind so much if people ask but randoms coming for me need a throat punch. It’s a good idea about the badge. Think I need to get one

IVFAlone · 04/12/2023 18:00

Is anyone else having the weirdest pressure / feeling full feeling in their stomach? I’m only 16 weeks but I feel super full and tight. My boobs also feel really heavy!!!

ASGIRC · 04/12/2023 18:07

@CazzyM1983 Ugh! Yeah... my pain is pretty bad. The other day I had to sit down at a shopping centre I go through, on my way home, as I just couldnt deal anymore.
It usually goes away if Im sat for a few minutes, but it comes back pretty soon once I start walking again. Ive been told to walk slower, but honestly I was almost walking backwards, it was that slow, and the pain was still intense!

Maybe it will go away on its own... crutches are definitely not in my plans! LOL

Oh god no! A random person coming to touch my belly would absolutely get swatted! WTF?!?!
I am nearly 23 weeks now!

@IVFAlone It might be that your organs have shifted upwards and are compressing your stomach, so theres less room for it.

KG1244 · 04/12/2023 21:09

So this could be a complete coincidence but I was feeling really fed up about feeling tired all the time and a friend of mine suggested taking an additional iron supplement so I bought spatone in boots. I mean it could just be that I’m past 17 weeks now so the tiredness is fading but since the first day of taking it, my tiredness has reduced so much! Thought I would share in case helpful for any of you xx

@IVFAlone my boobs are honestly ridiculous. I’ve gone up 2 cup sizes!

TheBirdintheCave · 05/12/2023 09:19

@CazzyM1983 The only person who does that to me so far is my SIL who is 100% allowed.

I would slap the hand of a stranger who tried to touch me.

IVFAlone · 05/12/2023 19:32

Having a bit of a wobble again today. I haven't felt baby flutter or move since Saturday. I'm 16 + 4 - is this normal or should the flutters get more frequent?

TheBirdintheCave · 05/12/2023 20:00

@IVFAlone At the start of feeling it it's quite infrequent :) As the weeks go by it gets stronger.

IVFAlone · 05/12/2023 20:05

How infrequent though? Like is going without any flutter for days okay? Sorry if I sound stupid but this is the furthest I’ve ever made it in pregnancy 😭

ASGIRC · 05/12/2023 20:45

IVFAlone · 05/12/2023 20:05

How infrequent though? Like is going without any flutter for days okay? Sorry if I sound stupid but this is the furthest I’ve ever made it in pregnancy 😭

Until 24 weeks, they can be very infrequent! It is definitely normal, and weve told you so!

I didnt start feeling my baby until 18 weeks. Im sure I felt her before then, but I didnt know it was her.
I dont remember feeling her every day until 20 weeks!
1 16 week baby is still really really small, it is completely normal not to feel it often! They have loads of room, and might have just shifted.

However, if you are that anxious, you should call your doctor/midwife!

KG1244 · 07/12/2023 14:43

@IVFAlone please try not to worry. I know that it’s easier said that done. I’m coming up to 18 weeks and had a private scan today just to check how baby is. All good and I’ve not felt any movement. Baby is about 14cm at 18 weeks so still really tiny and lady said was still very early to feel movement.

TheBirdintheCave · 08/12/2023 15:50

Consultant appointment cancelled for the second time :( I'm 18 weeks on Monday and still haven't met them or my named midwife who I don't see until 19 weeks. I didn't get a 16 week appointment as they said there's be no point as I was seeing the consultant 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

IVFAlone · 08/12/2023 16:28

I have a private gender scan today at 17w and I am so so so nervous. Not about the gender, I’ll be happy with this blessing either way but just nervous about baby and whether it’s still there. Is this normal?

TheBirdintheCave · 08/12/2023 18:36

@IVFAlone Yep completely :)

Summerishere83 · 08/12/2023 20:26

😯 have you not been seen by anyone at yet @TheBirdintheCave ? Or you were at week 12 but not by your named midwife and consultant?

My booking appointment when I met my midwife was also very late at 14 weeks but now I've been booked with a consultant up to week 36. It's a different matter of course whether they won't be cancelled as well for some reason 🤔

TheBirdintheCave · 08/12/2023 21:21

@Summerishere83 I had my booking in appointment at 11 weeks then the scan at 12 and then nothing since 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

CazzyM1983 · 08/12/2023 21:51

Had my 20 week scan today! All as ok as it can be! Can’t quite believe it!

@TheBirdintheCave have you seen no midwife at all? I’d contact your GP.
I haven’t met my consultant yet but around where I am that’s normal.

TheBirdintheCave · 09/12/2023 11:02

@CazzyM1983 Yeah I saw one at booking in just not my official one.

IVFAlone · 09/12/2023 18:11

@TheBirdintheCave you should have seen your midwife again. I think they offer extra appointments for IVF babies too (at least they do at my trust) so you definitely should have heard from them!

ASGIRC · 09/12/2023 21:47

@IVFAlone How was your scan yesterday?

@TheBirdintheCave That is really annoying! It wouldnt really concern me, but having cancellations sucks.
Do you have another appointment booked in lieu of the cancelled one?

I have my second "high risk" appointment next Tuesday and, honestly, I hope I can convince them to sign me off work... My round ligament pain is really impeding my life now. I cant walk for long, which means my commute to work is a nightmare, as I have to walk (public transport has about the same amount of walking!!).
Im having to take ubers, but I cant afford 2 ubers a day, 22 days a month, obviously!

My bump is starting to show up now! Still in the "maybe Im fat" phase, but its definitely bigger! And ive now felt her above the belly button!

IVFAlone · 09/12/2023 22:38

@ASGIRC thank you for asking! Scan went well but they couldn’t confirm gender because baby didn’t want to open their legs!

ASGIRC · 09/12/2023 22:40

@IVFAlone Oh that is very disappointing!!! Did they ask you to come back another time, to try again? Or will you now wait for your 20 week scan?

But at least you got to see your baby!!!

CazzyM1983 · 09/12/2023 23:41

@ASGIRC that round ligament pain sounds horrible!!


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thislittlebird · 11/12/2023 11:24

Glad the scan went well! @IVFAlone

@ASGIRC what’s the latest on your work and the ligament pain?

Second trimester is a pain in the arse so far. I’m just sneezing and blowing my nose constantly, have resorted to getting the humidifier out today because it’s getting worse. It’s like all my allergic things I had anyway are flaring up. Blepharitis, sinusitis, oh and itchy skin. I already have eczema so being even more itchy sucks!

OP posts:
ASGIRC · 11/12/2023 13:04

@thislittlebird I have some good days and some bad days!

Like... Wednesday was awful, but then Thursday was fine... Yesterday I managed to walk to work with only moderate pain, but the day before I barely made it 200m and I had to call a cab!

Im sorry your allergies are getting to you!
And I dont care what anyone says, pregnancy feels more like an illness than not! 😂

CollsR · 11/12/2023 20:33

@ASGIRC You are very right that pregnancy is like an illness. I certainly feel that. I’m 19 weeks and still vomitting half the week & have such tiredness. I’ve just moved house. Didn’t lift stuff for the move - but just packing and unpacking has been exhausting.

Sorry for everyone else that has ligament pain, cold like symptoms & the rest.

I have my scan booked for when 21 weeks back near my old home, 1.5hrs drive away. Hopefully I can move it to a closer antenatal clinic in time. As long as all is good with the scan my partner and I will drive there.

Hope all your scans go well xx

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