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IVF pregnancies - Spring 2024 (thread 2)

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thislittlebird · 25/11/2023 10:02

New thread! Do tag everyone I've missed, I'm off out to see the new Hunger Games so can add more later but need to dash! @CazzyM1983 @KG1244 @countrypunk @Misty84 @ASGIRC @TheBirdintheCave @Summerishere83

OP posts:
WholeZebra · 29/11/2023 11:44

Ooh! Due date buddies!

TheBirdintheCave · 29/11/2023 11:54

@WholeZebra Hey Zeb :)

KG1244 · 29/11/2023 13:11

Welcome @WholeZebra

Misty84 · 29/11/2023 16:12

Well done @IVFAlone!

WholeZebra · 29/11/2023 17:45

@TheBirdintheCave fancy seeing you here 😂

CazzyM1983 · 30/11/2023 09:21

Hi everyone!
@Misty84 ahhh so glad your scan went well! I’ve got mine next week. Feeling a bit nervous but hopefully it should all be ok.

@IVFAlone wtf?!! That’s terrible how you’ve been spoken to and the response afterwards! You just don’t need that at all! I’d be fuming!
Just to reassure you the movements i’m feeling are sporadic and I’ve had quieter days where I’ve been like helloooo are you ok in there.

@WholeZebra hi! And welcome!

Has anyone looked at hypnobirthing? I went to see a private midwife yesterday who does it. I got hypnotised to help with my adhd and anxiety. I’m feeling weirdly calm. Going to book in for hypnobirthing in the new year I think. I don’t know much about it but if it makes me chill I’m all for it lol

TheBirdintheCave · 30/11/2023 09:57

@CazzyM1983 Yep we did it. It's nothing to do with being hypnotised though.

I really liked it as the course was very science based and explained how and why contractions happen and what the muscles are doing etc. I also felt more in control of the process of birth once I understood the reasoning for everything.

The course went through every possibility of birth (c-sections, vaginal, interventions etc) and encouraged us to write a list of preferences for what we wanted to happen in each scenario. A copy of this list was in my notes for the midwives to refer to but my husband also knew it by heart so could advocate my wishes for me had I been unable to.

The BRAIN (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Nothing) concept was also invaluable and my husband said he found that very useful on the day.

I was lucky to have a very straightforward vaginal birth (albeit with an episiotomy and 3b tear at the end!) and was largely able to have what I wanted re no pain relief and low lighting etc. The only thing I missed out on was a pool but that was because the midwives wouldn't let us come in any earlier than we did. If my husband hadn't lied the second time he called them our son would have been born at home as I arrived at the hospital at 10cm! 😂

countrypunk · 30/11/2023 09:58

@CazzyM1983 I'm gonna do a hypnobirthing course! A friend of mine did it for her third labour and said it was amazingly helpful. And my SIL didn't do a course, just read a book, and she said that was really helpful too.

KG1244 · 30/11/2023 10:59

I’ve paid for an online hypnobirthing course with The Positive Birth Company as I figured it can only help. Good to hear that others have found it helpful

thislittlebird · 30/11/2023 11:34

@Misty84 glad the scan went well!

@countrypunk someone has given me one of these books. I’m pretty much decided what I want to do anyway, but I might read it nonetheless in case or any surprises, she said it was a good book. Short women have shorter pregnancies generally, so I should keep the possibility of a surprise in mind!

OP posts:
thislittlebird · 30/11/2023 11:36

I had my first bout of morning sickness yesterday at 14.5 weeks, which was fun 🙃. I had a 1.5 day migraine and then the sickness, a nosebleed…not a symptom free second tri for me thus far!

Not heard back from the hospital so will assume I’m low risk. Would really like a letter though.

OP posts:
TheBirdintheCave · 30/11/2023 11:38

@thislittlebird I'd forgotten about the nosebleeds until they started 😅

countrypunk · 30/11/2023 12:23

@thislittlebird I didn't know that about short women. I'm 5'5 so maybe I'll have an average length preggo!?

I'm starting to get nervous about birth. I think I mentioned before the positive birth book by Milli Hill. It goes into a lot of detail so if you don't want that, don't read! But if you want to know everything, it's really good.

ASGIRC · 30/11/2023 12:23

@IVFAlone Im glad you pursued it! The midwife might not have meant it maliciously, but maybe she should learn better bedside manners! So this will benefit future patients she might have!

@WholeZebra Welcome!

Someone mentioned hypnobirthing to me yesterday, and I read about it, and it is not for me.
I am one of those people who gets stressed out by the words meditation, mindfulness, zen and spa! LOL
So I would not be finding my inner peace or whatever, Id be freaking the F out and wanting to kill people!

Also, I am not sure that is something that is offered here in Portugal. we seem to be very much a straight vaginal or c section country, with pools and other things not widely available.

IVFAlone · 30/11/2023 14:18

Hi everyone. Thank you for the reassurance that reporting the midwife was the right thing to do. I feel like some midwives need extra training to deal with patients that have been through assisted fertility such as IVF. Normal women have pregnancy brain so I shouldn't have been made to feel like crap because I couldn't remember when my eggs were harvested over 2 years ago!!!

I'm a little worried, I'm 16w exactly and haven't felt any flutters today. I did feel one yesterday but I'm assuming it's still too early for consistent fluttering?

KG1244 · 30/11/2023 15:16

@IVFAlone I would try not to worry. I’m 17 weeks and not sure what I’ve felt. It could be flutters but also could easily be wind 😂 (sure I’m not the only one!)
I had my egg collection in March and couldn’t remember. She should have treated you with respect and she didn’t. You definitely did the right thing.

CazzyM1983 · 30/11/2023 15:20

@TheBirdintheCave this lady I’m going to does 4 sessions as a couple and she hypnostises you and teaches you techniques for self hypnosis when you are in labour. Maybe there’s different types of it? I don’t know loads about it yet. I just liked the sound of it.

@ASGIRC i know what you mean. It’s not for everyone lol

@thislittlebird eek I’m short. Might need to read about that!

@IVFAlone ring the hospital if you’re worried. They won’t mind and they’d rather you rang and had your mind put at ease.

@countrypunk that’s good the hear. I haven’t spoken to anyone who’s done it before. My sister in law said her friend did it and recommended it was helpful.

countrypunk · 30/11/2023 15:39

@IVFAlone I didn't start feeling flutters until about 18/19 weeks. Now it's more like little jabs! It's been really inconsistent, it's only now I'm starting to feel more of a pattern. 24 weeks tomorrow.

@CazzyM1983 That sounds like a different kind of hypnobirthing from the one I'm doing. I think the one I'm doing is how @TheBirdintheCave described it - more breathing techniques, understanding exactly what my body's doing and why etc. Let us know what your course is like, I'm intrigued!

ASGIRC · 30/11/2023 17:25

@IVFAlone At 16 weeks I didnt feel any flutters at all.
I only realised I was feeling the baby at 18 weeks.
And even now at 22 weeks, it is inconsistent

Fetal movement (and changes in it) is only tracked for 24 weeks onwards, so you still have a while to go until then!

IVFAlone · 30/11/2023 17:28

So the general consensus is that I shouldn’t be too worried about not feeling any flutters today at 16w?

KG1244 · 30/11/2023 17:37

Had to share this!

IVF pregnancies - Spring 2024 (thread 2)
thislittlebird · 30/11/2023 18:08

@KG1244 that’s a bit mental lmao

@CazzyM1983 I’m 5’1 and read about it a while back, and then my also short SIL told me she went into labour 3 weeks early and it reminded me! I’m planning to make enquiries about an emergency c section but will need a back up plan in case something like that happens. SIL is a midwife, I didn’t tell her I was already considering it and then she suggested I consider an elective c section and I was so relieved, I was worried she’d discourage me.

@countrypunk the first thing my friend who gave me the book said was “ignore the word hypnobirthing” and then she went on to say it was a really good book and all about different things you might encounter in labour etc so I’ll give it a go.

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ASGIRC · 30/11/2023 21:13

IVFAlone · 30/11/2023 17:28

So the general consensus is that I shouldn’t be too worried about not feeling any flutters today at 16w?

Yes. Most people wont even feel anything for weeks still! They are really really small at 16 weeks. Not a problem at all!!!

KG1244 · 01/12/2023 08:16

Happy Friday lovelies! I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and still feel very tired most days. In bed asleep by 9:30/10:00 most days and most days still needing a nap. Is this normal?

thislittlebird · 01/12/2023 08:25

@KG1244 probably! I’m 15 weeks Sunday and I had a few weeks of being less tired but I seem to be back to tired. Yesterday I had two naps and went to bed at 9.30.

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