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IVF pregnancies - Spring 2024 (thread 2)

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thislittlebird · 25/11/2023 10:02

New thread! Do tag everyone I've missed, I'm off out to see the new Hunger Games so can add more later but need to dash! @CazzyM1983 @KG1244 @countrypunk @Misty84 @ASGIRC @TheBirdintheCave @Summerishere83

OP posts:
ASGIRC · 12/12/2023 16:43

@CollsR If it were anything else, no one would expect you to be working while puking every day! But somehow, because you are growing a human, its ok, and you should just grin and bear it!

I am really really tired. I dont know that it is ALL pregnancy related, I think the fact that I havent had any time off since I started this new job in June is also playing a part, both physically and mentally (in my country you are only entitled to annual leave after 6 months on the job. You accrue AL during those 6 months, but cant use them). I have my first holiday in 2 weeks, and honestly, it cant come fast enough!

CollsR · 12/12/2023 22:36

@ASGIRC You are right. I think if men got pregnant maternity leave would be 2 years starting at a positive pregnancy test.

I don’t know how you have coped so long without a break. I had 2 weeks off in Sept & I’m also counting down time off soon… 10 days of Christmas & new years. I also cannot wait!!!

ASGIRC · 13/12/2023 00:03

@CollsR OMG you are soooo right!!!! If it was men who got pregnant, theyd be home for years!

Honestly, I dont know either! And I am not coping! LOL But only working until Boxing Day (have NY off, which means working Xmas), and then Im off until the 9th!

ASGIRC · 15/12/2023 18:37

Hows everyone doing??

This week I started having bad sciatica/SIJ pain, which was mild at first, but has aggravated... So yesterday I decided I needed a few days at home. So Im currently signed off work until Sunday.
Then we shall see how Im doing on Monday, but then I have 2 days off on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Then 6 more days of work until I have almost 2 weeks off!

Summerishere83 · 15/12/2023 20:26

Hi there @ASGIRC

Sorry to read about how bad round ligament pain can be! And that you now suffer from sciatica 😬 it's good you're taking time off, all we need is really a good rest!

I'm recovering from covid 😒 also had 3 days off work and will be on annual leave for 2 weeks from Monday 🥳 I've been looking forward to this for so long! We'll be painting the nursery although not buying cot beds and prams before the 20-week scan. But when you think about it, that's halfway through the pregnancy and the second part will pass quicker than the first I don't doubt! I don't think I've really let myself imagine I'll be a mother and what bringing up babies mean 😅 will have to recondition my mindset quickly.

But meanwhile, constantly feeling awful, I don't think the second trimester energy surge will come around for me! I'm starting to feel restricted by the baby bump now, can't even bend over to pick up the dog poo when I take them out for a walk lol a friend advised me to check whether I can be signed off work on sick leave before the due date and as it turns out, it's not possible in the UK. Apparently, if you go off sick 4 weeks prior to your due date that triggers the start of maternity leave. Unlike other countries, so that's not great as I feel like I want to start making leave now 😂 I'm just tired, constantly, and generally unwell, hate travelling for work and I do travel once per week at least.

Has your bump grown suddenly now?

Hope everyone else is doing ok xx

ASGIRC · 15/12/2023 20:37

@Summerishere83 Oh that also sounds really rough!

hope covid wasnt too bad for you! But yay for 2 weeks off!

That also sucks that you cant be signed off without triggering mat leave!
I 100% plan on being signed off before mat leave! We get 100% pay here in Portugal, if its deemed "high risk". Obviously, if the doctors wont give me the high risk leave, then Ill have to carry on working, as SSP is 60%, which I cant afford to live on.

Hopefully your AL will help you feel better!

My bump is definitely growing, but its still in the "is that pizza?" stage. It doesnt look like a baby bump just yet, but its noticeably larger, particularly if I wear tight clothes.

IVFAlone · 15/12/2023 21:18

Is anyone feeling baby some days and then other days absolutely nothing no matter what you try? Baby hasn’t moved at all today and it’s starting to worry me :( 18 weeks!

ASGIRC · 15/12/2023 22:11

@IVFAlone I am not sure how many different ways we can say this... You keep asking the same question over and over, and ignoring our answers.
YES, that is normal. Regular movement is only expected after 24 weeks, as before then the babies are too small, and any change in position might make their movements unnoticiable.
However, if you are worried, you need to contact your medical team.
Im sorry if this sounds a bit blunt, but you have asked the same thing several times now, and have been told the same thing several times as well!
Your baby is fine! But if you are worried, call your midwife!

KG1244 · 15/12/2023 22:32

@IVFAlone I’m 19 weeks and MIGHT have felt something but not 100% sure. My midwife and online all says you should feel baby by 24 weeks but especially with your first, it is less likely to be early. I also found out at a private scan last week that I have an anterior placenta which makes it’s harder to feel movement.

@Summerishere83 sorry to hear you’ve had covid. Are you feeling any better now? I’ve started taking an iron supplement in the morning called spatone which has really helped me. A lot of pregnant women are low in iron during pregnancy which aids the tiredness.

update from me - getting very keen now for my 20 week scan so I get a baby update ❤️ And then doing the gender reveal on Christmas Eve. Eeek so excited! I do have a slight gender preference but I think that’s fairly normal and as long as they are happy and healthy I will be delighted. Starting to feel real for me and can’t wait to start feeling movement soon.

IVFAlone · 15/12/2023 22:37

@ASGIRC please stop responding to my posts if you have nothing nice to say. Thank you. I don’t actively look on here to be blunt to anyone, I know everyone is in their own special journey going through IVF so I choose to be kind.

I had a hard time conceiving so will ask any question that will bring me any peace of mind. If you don’t like that, ignore my posts. I’m not asking for you to respond to me and on many occasions you’ve chosen to respond horribly blunt. So please if I have caused you any offence just don’t respond to me. Just don’t be horrible either.

ASGIRC · 15/12/2023 22:40

@IVFAlone But you have been told that yes, it is normal before 24 weeks. Many people havent even ever felt their babies by 18 weeks.
And youve been told this a few times now.
I understand the anxiety, but the answer is not going to change (until you are farther along).
Im sure your medical team will be glad to reassure you, though.

CazzyM1983 · 16/12/2023 08:12

@Summerishere83 i think I’m feeling like you! Bending to put my shoes on is a bit of an effort and I’d love to be off work now just to potter and enjoy my belly.
ive worked my annual leave so after Xmas I’m only working three days a week for the next few months and then I’ve got two weeks off before my mat leave starts in April. But I’m guessing after speaking to the lady in my birthing class they don’t let us go full term when we’re ivf? so I might need to rethink my dates when I’m off.

I haven’t sorted the nursery out yet. It’s still a junk room. Whoops! I’ve hade good progress on decluttering the whole house and making it child and child paraphenailia friendly which has taken some planning. You know like making space for pram, high chair, space in living room etc. It’s quite an epic effort! I’m nearly there.
not ordered any nursery furniture or a pram yet which I had wanted to do by now but waiting til after Xmas now I think.
sorry you’ve had covid. Have you had to go on clexhane? No complications from it? Hope you are well recovered now. I’ve just had the worst cold ever. Been in bed for a week. Did tests and it wasn’t Covid or flu thank goodness. It was bad tho. Colds don’t normally wipe me out.

what are peoples thoughts on getting a flu jab? I’ve read about it triggering miscarriage etc and the research I’ve found seems sketchy. I don’t really want to get flu when this cold has just nearly wiped me out. It’s made me rethink my choice not to have it. What are peoples thoughts?

@KG1244 aww gender reveal Xmas Eve is exciting!!! when is your 20 week scan? I was just mesmerised in mine. It’s really real when you have that I think. You can try and let yourself enjoy that you have got this far.

@ASGIRC ha ha is it pizza stage lol that made me laugh lol I’m just coming through the is it pizza stage but you could look at me and think wow she’s fattened up for Xmas lol

hope everyone else is good!

KG1244 · 16/12/2023 08:23

@CazzyM1983 Ive now had both my flu and covid jab. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make but discussed it with my ivf consultant at my 7 week scan, maternity consultant and a retired GP I know and they all said to do it. My 20 week scan is on Friday 😊can’t believe it!

CazzyM1983 · 16/12/2023 08:26

@KG1244 I’m just so scared what the right thing to do is. I don’t think it’s helped that I’ve over thought it. Kind of messed with my own head.

aww 20 week scan yey! Had mine last week. It’s so exciting!!! Hope it all goes well! Are you finding out gender?

thislittlebird · 16/12/2023 09:57

@ASGIRC the time off sounds like it’s come at a good time! I have two weeks off for Christmas so will be away for a few days during that but would really like to do not very much at all over Christmas.

@Summerishere83 sorry you’re feeling rough, that sounds tough. Can work make accommodations for you under the circumstances? Like no travel etc. The leave triggering holiday thing is annoying, but at least you know you can take less than 4 weeks, I suppose.

@KG1244 when is your 20 week scan? Soon? Or did you do private for the gender? Mine is 6 Jan, I think we’re erring towards not finding out but it’s hard to decide.

@CazzyM1983 I’m considering buying some slip on trainers or something because I’m nearly 17 weeks and already finding some movements more awkward, putting on shoes with fastenings being one of them.

And yeah you’re not supposed to go over 40 weeks, I keep trying to plan for this but get fobbed off and have yet to be referred to the ‘birth choices’ team

@KG1244 yeah I also just look fat for Christmas! What fun! I’m planning to get vaccines, but haven’t booked in yet. They told me I need whooping cough as well as flu and covid, it’s a lot in one(?) go, potentially! When I first had a covid vaccine I was quite sick for a day, so I’m going to get them in the new year and can be off sick with any side effects. Don’t normally get side effects from flu jab at all.

OP posts:
countrypunk · 16/12/2023 10:56

@CazzyM1983 I've had all the jabs! There's absolutely nothing to suggest the flu jab causes miscarriage, it's completely safe. I was a little bit nervous about the covid jab because it's such a new vaccine, but I read some research papers and they reassured me. And all medical professionals told me to have the jab. Covid in pregnancy can be very serious, same with flu. I've actually had a horrible cough for the past week and it made me really glad that I'd had the jabs. Your immune system is suppressed in pregnancy so any illness you do get is likely to be worse - I've definitely felt that with this cough. The jabs protect you and your baby.

I know it's nerve racking though, I really do.

countrypunk · 16/12/2023 11:01

@ASGIRC Ugh I'm in a similar boat - not round ligament pain but pelvic girdle pain. It sucks! I'm worried I won't be able to move by the time I get to 40 weeks...

TheBirdintheCave · 16/12/2023 12:47

@KG1244 My 20 week scan is on Friday too :) Christmas has thankfully sped everything up. I can't believe we're nearly half way 🤯

I haven't had any jabs yet. I've been too much of a coward. Normally I'd get every jab going but it took so long to get here I'm too afraid to risk it.

countrypunk · 16/12/2023 13:16
Doughnut89 · 16/12/2023 14:10

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve not been here for a while. I had a family bereavement in October which came as quite a shock and was a struggle so I sort of stepped away from everything. I’m doing better now though and have been catching up on everyone’s threads in here. 
It’s exciting that everyone is starting to get to their 20 week scan point. I’m so pleased for everyone here making it halfway through 🙌🙌
@thislittlebird I think it was you who said the second trimester was a pain in the arse. I completely get that. I think the second trimester has been more stressful for me than the first. I’ve been spotting everyday for the past three week’s (had to get rushed to hospital for an emergency anti D injection) I have round ligament pain and lower back ache plus I had a nosebleed last week 🙃😂

However I don’t think my pain has been as bad as yours @ASGIRC , I’ve still been able to go get out and walk the dog most days. I’m sorry you’ve had it so bad

@KG1244 I also found out I have an anterior placenta so haven’t been feeling the baby move that much. I had been worried at first but after ending up having about six scans in the past month, I’m feeling reassured that the baby is okay. Plus last week I went to see Moulin Rouge the musical and suddenly felt him move loads. I think he was dancing away lol. Good luck with your 20 week scan on Friday, that’s nice to do a gender reveal at Christmas 

@CazzyM1983 i had my whooping cough injection last month, I ached for days afterwards but all was okay with the baby. I haven’t had the flu or covid injections but that’s because I already had Covid whilst pregnant and thought I’d probably built up the antibodies anyway so there’s be no point. @Summerishere83 I hope you’re not struggling to much with covid. Mine thankfully was manageable 

I’ve bought the pram and cotbed as wanted to get the expensive items sorted in advance but I won’t be decorating the nursery until the new year because I still have a lodger in my spare room at the moment.

I feel like I’m finally starting to show a bit but I don’t know if it’s that noticeable. Someone at my work Christmas party said you couldn’t tell I was pregnant at all from the front lol. I got given a bump to baby photoshoot gift voucher so I’m really looking forward to doing that in the next few months. I’m thinking about re-enacting the Demi Moore Vanity Fair shoot 😂😂😂

ASGIRC · 16/12/2023 14:58

Many exciting news!

@KG1244 and @TheBirdintheCave one week until your 20 week scans!!! Wopp woop!! Nearly half way there!
And I love the idea of a xmas gender reveal!

@CazzyM1983 I only started sorting out my "junk room" this week! I threw out all the cardboard boxed I had accumulated, and moved things to other places!
Today the housekeeper is coming to do a deep clean of the guest room, and the junk room, and then the junk room will start becoming the nursery!
However, Ive done nothing else to the house and it is NOT kid friendly!
But it will be a while before she can walk, so I have time! LOL

@countrypunk Ugh Im sorry youre suffering from PGP. From what Ive read, that is horrific!

@thislittlebird Im going to London for a week on my holiday, so its not going to be exactly a relaxing time, but it will be FUN! Im booked to see 4 shows, and have loads of friends to see! Fortunately, having lived in London for 14 years, I wont be a tourist and dont have to walk loads. Just commute from place to place!

@Doughnut89 Im sorry for your loss, but glad you are feeling a bit more with it now!

As for vaccines, Im getting mine on the 2nd week of Jan. And Ill get all of them. They protect the baby for a few months, which is what really matter to me.
I have been looking into the new RSV vaccine, but information about it is scarce... Even the doctors dont seem to know much about it...

Summerishere83 · 17/12/2023 17:08

Good to hear everyone's updates and thanks for the considerate comments ❤️

I've had both covid and the flu jab early on and I have no problem with vaccines in general, they can only protect you!

The fact that I got covid just demonstrates that indeed our immune systems are suppressed during pregnancy... I was quite poorly but it would have been worse if I hadn't had the vaccine. I didn't get a fever though and that's the most important thing, had to take paracetamol a couple of times to prevent that but altogether I'm alright, on the mend, thank you all!!

Exciting about the 20-week scan, congrats ladies!!! Please share news ❤️ Mine is on the 29/12 and as much as I want it to come quicker I don't want the holidays to be over 😅

My work is flexible and line manager amazing so we've talked about plans after new year and will definitely get help so while someone is being 'trained' to take over my projects they will always be doing a lot of my work to help me out too:) so I won't have to travel that much and that's the best relief right now.

Due date wise I am hoping to get to week 37 and that's more realistic in my case now but will hear more at the 20 week scan I suppose.

Not feeling any movements yet (18+4) 🙄 and I'm slightly uneasy because of how unwell I've been recently but hopefully soon! Still get the heartbeats with the Doppler device so at least that's some reassurance.

I think I get pelvic girdle pain to on some days too, it's not too bad but gives me an idea how bad it can be at times. Today I had a strange feeling, I woke up feeling lightheaded and my head was spinning for some time. Google said it's normal but I did not like that at all. I've checked my heart rate on Fitbit and from the low 60s up to 3 weeks ago it's now been in the mid 70s. That's also supposed to be normal, just sharing in case someone's interested and has noticed the same 😅

Good luck with the nurseries ladies, little by little we'll get there, still a few months left ☺️

Lovely idea about the Christmas gender reveal, it will be especially special this year!! I was too impatient and just told everyone right away 😂

A photoshoot will be an awesome and beautiful memory, nice!!

Have a good rest everyone, sorry I didn't tag people, I had missed quite a few updates ❤️


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CollsR · 17/12/2023 22:47

@Doughnut89 Sorry for your loss.

CollsR · 18/12/2023 11:57

Good luck to all having their scans in the next few weeks.

Had my 20 week scan today & all is perfect. I have to go back in a week as the baby wouldn’t show its face front-on.

Found out we are having a boy. It still doesn’t feel real but glad the baby is healthy.

TheBirdintheCave · 18/12/2023 13:14

@CollsR Congratulations! :D

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