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Anyone due July 2004

775 replies

Jemma7 · 06/11/2003 10:46

Well never thought i would be the person starting one of these threads!

Thought i was due 29th June but have now realised it's 6th July.
5 weeks and 2 days at present, am so unbelievably excited - I am so looking forward to being pregnant and having a beautiful baby at the end of it.

Loving it already and only found out yesterday - hasn't really sunk in yet but sure it iwll in time - Cannot wait to tell everyone now

Someone hurry up and join me!

OP posts:
Freddiecat · 06/11/2003 11:13

Probably me! I calculated due date as 30th June but going to docs tomorrow and as DS was 10 days late I expect this one will be early July.

Teeth are sooooo sensitive and I am sooooo greedy!

Jemma7 · 06/11/2003 11:15

Hi Freddie, glad i'm not on my own!

I haven't really got any symptoms apart from boobs feel huge and sore. Have got a headache today but think that's from all the excitement.
Keep getting cramp in my tummy so hopefully theres some action going on in there

OP posts:
niknik · 06/11/2003 11:46

Well Jems now youve started the thread, I best come and join you. I am 2 days before you 5th July, but as its a leap year I don't know if it should be the 4th.
Went to see my midwife yesterday to get booked in and I'm due to have blood tests etc next Friday.
I'm so glad we will be pg buddies

Jemma7 · 06/11/2003 12:03

So am i Niknik.

I've got so many questions to ask

When should i arrange a visit to doctors to obviously tell them i am pg? When do i register with a midwive?

OP posts:
Freddiecat · 06/11/2003 13:00

Jems - arrange docs appt now. I asked if I could just register with the midwife but apparently the doc needs to confirm the preg first. Last time he asked how I knew and when I said I'd done a test then he just congratulated me and told me to register with the midwife!

splash · 06/11/2003 14:13

Congratulations Jemma 7!! Im so pleased for you, I was shocked when i saw this thread and both delighted at the same time it was started by you. Also well done to nik nik and freddiecat too Best wishes to you all.

Jemma7 · 06/11/2003 14:17

Just met up with DP at lunch and he's on about decorating the spare room into a nursery already!

Bless him - good he's so excited and showing an interest really

OP posts:
Freddiecat · 07/11/2003 11:32

Nice one Jemma7! I ended up decorating DS's room when I was 39 weeks and stroppy ("so what's the worst that can happen - I go into labour - bring it on!".

Saw the doc today and registered with the midwife. Got a pack of stuff to read from the receptionist. Mostly the same stuff as before but REALLY pleased to see the babygroes book about environmental stuff which I had to hunt around for only 2 years ago!

Getting really excited now, even tho it's so early. I didn't find out for another 3 weeks last time.

Sore boobs - already so big they get in the way in the shower!

Jemma7 · 07/11/2003 12:49

I cant wait to go to the Doctors Freddie - need to give them a ring today - it's not too early is it?

Told parents last night - i knew they would be pleased but they are ecstatic - haven't stopped smiling all day! Feels such a huge releive to tell all the important people

OP posts:
niknik · 07/11/2003 12:52

Hi Jem and Freddie, hope your both feeling Ok today,

I'm still getting the cramps and back pain, there a bit unnerving really. Are either of you getting them?

And my memory is terrible I keep forgetting my folic acid, mind you seeing as I have been on it for the last 18 months hopefully I have enough in reserve.

Freddie have they told you when your scans will be, where I live they are 12 and 22 weeks but they don't do a nuchal so I might ask on Friday at the clinic into the possibility of having this done privately. The only problem is Leeds is the nearest and that is about 100 miles away.

niknik · 07/11/2003 13:01

Hi Jems

Glad your parents are so delighted. Who else are you telling? I've only told my parents and DH has told his. We haven't told siblings yet but probably will after my appointment next week as I will be 7 weeks then.

My mum and dad are really cautious about being excited yet following my early m/c last time.

I'm not telling work until after my scan (about a week before christmas). Not that anybody will be suprised they all know about me ttc, m/c and seeing the fertility doc

niknik · 07/11/2003 13:04

Told you my memory is terrible.

Meant to say Jems that you are about the same as me and I've already seen the Midwife and I'm booked in for tests.

You might not even have to see the doctor, your surgery might book you straight into see the midwife for your booking in

Jemma7 · 07/11/2003 13:51

I keep getting period like pains - keep going to the loo to check!

Boobs are soooooooo sore - feel like someone has stuck a couple of inflatables on my chest

Will ring the doc's this afternoon and arrange to go in - cannot wait to find out when my tests will be.

OP posts:
Jemma7 · 07/11/2003 14:18

Just booked my doctors appointment - 5.30 tonight.
Got butterflies now

OP posts:
Freddiecat · 07/11/2003 14:34

From last time the scans were 12 weeks and 18 weeks. No nuchal scans here either I don't think. But I'm only 29 and from reading other threads having the scan causes so much heartache if you get an inconclusive result.

I didn't ahve the bloodtest thing last time as at my age it would only have been 50% accurate. The main thing is that if we had a DS baby then we'd probably just get on and love it like we love DS so why have the stress of extra tests.

I told HR at work but might be facing redundancy so need to get my rights registered early.

Niknik is this your first?
Good luck at doctors Jemma7. Doc felt my tummy and asked if I was constipated - how can he tell?!

niknik · 07/11/2003 15:18

Good luck Jems

Yes Freddie if all goes well this will be my first.

When the District Nurse said that I have a scan at 12 weeks I asked if this included nuchal as I know some places do it as standard. When she said not I thought never mind I won't bother as I am only 31!!! and no family history.

But when I mentioned it to DH he was very keen to have it, so that we can at least know one way or the other. So I'm in a bit of a quandry really. But will check on Friday re what Midwife thinks.

Knowing DH he will have forgotton all about it by 12 weeks anyway

ANNIE1 · 09/11/2003 00:18

Hi, Congrats everyone! I'm due July 10, so I'm only 5 weeks today. It's still so early but I'm so excited it's all I think about. I went to the doctor yesterday and he didn't bother to confirm the pg and he just registered me for midwife care. Jemma7 - I've also been getting pains in my stomach, some are sharp pains some are an all over dull ache. I get worried and also am in the toilet checking constantly!! But it's really common and don't think it means anything.

Jemma7 · 10/11/2003 09:49

Where's Helsbels? She's meant to be joining us from the TTC thread!

Congratulations in advance Helsbels Well Done!

Had my doctors appt. on Friday - went fine - have got midwife appointment on 18th Nov, just to be introduced and go through Medical history - should then be put forward for my scan Cannot wait!

DP has now picked out everything for the nursery, cot, crib, changing unit, changing matt, curtains, tie backs, wallpaper, border etc etc.

I know it's nice he is getting so involved as most blokes don't but have told him to calm down until after the scan - so know he's decided that as soon as we've had the scan we are going straight away to buy everything. Bless

OP posts:
Helsbels · 10/11/2003 10:07

I'm here - sorry having a crap busy morning at work!!!! Told DH as was bursting and couldn't wait. Also, my sister and bil were there so they know!! I'm so crap at keeping secrets! Still, not telling anyone else until Christmas Day when all at my house! Can't wait though!! Anyway - only a very very faint dot so not getting too excited yet!! Am going to do another test in a couple of days and then call doctors. Take care

Egypt · 10/11/2003 20:05

Hi girls, hope you dont mind me butting in from another thread - but was reading yours. so pleased for you all. Jemma, i am over the moon that you are now pg. you have waited so long. not sure about the rest of you but congrats of course!

anyway - wanted to butt in re: nuchal scans. i was worried about whether to get one or not and was told that there was not one available on nhs in my area (surprise surprise). anyway. mulled it over for some time and then decided to on the basis that it was slightly more reliable than the blood tests, even though i am still considered young - 28. we went private at proscan at nottingham. (they have a website). Now i realise why they are reluctant to do do nuchals on nhs - they can take so long to do! we were in for about an hour. but it was WELL well worth it. got a good result - 1 in 3140, but apart from that it was great because of the clarity of the scan. i had to get up and down from the bed 4 times to walk around and try and move the baby so that she could measure the nuchal fold properly, so got to see the baby loads and loads. cos it was private we got loads of piccies of v good quality. oh yes, the scanner was top of the range!!!! so i would recommend it to anyone. of course if you want screening for downs. oh yes, it cost £100

niknik · 11/11/2003 09:33

Thats really helpful Egypt I have decided to definately have the Scan. Nottingham is not too far for me, about an hour and half away. Egypt did you have the blood test as well

Jemma7 · 11/11/2003 10:09

I haven't even spoken to DP about this as yet!
Have been reading up on it but it doesn't actually give you an acurate result does it? My understanding is that it just tells you whether your baby has an increased change of having downs syndrome.

Nto sure what we will do - DP will probably want it done - not sure if my hospital offer it!

I cannot stop weeing at the minute - hopefully i wont get morning sickness as i haven't had any signs of it as yet - just weeing for England and have the sorest boobs ever!
They feel huge already

OP posts:
Helsbels · 11/11/2003 10:40

Morning everyone - hope you are all ok!! I feel v. sick (had no sickness with ds1 so fingers crossed My surgery offer a blood test that gives an indication as to whther you should have amnio tests. Because I am an old croc (35) I have to have it really. I think if it showed a high probability, I would go to Proscan (nottingham is about 15-20 miles from me)so thanks, Eygpt - I did not know about it. Still waiting to do 2nd test - have not had time. DH will not belieive it is true until he sees 2nd positive (he is a bit of a scientist!)and then off to the doctors! Take care all {{{}}} to all

Jemma7 · 11/11/2003 10:46

Obviously it's completely up to you Helsbels but i'm not bothering to do a second test!
A Positive cannot appear without the hormone Hgc (or hcg, can never remember which way round) !

I'm hoping i wont get any sickness- most people i have spoken to said if your going to get it your likely to get it right from the start - fingers crossed though, could do anything not to be sick!

Have told everyone now - Close family & friends know and people at work know - i thought they would probably twig at the rate i am going to the loo so decided to just tell them.

Cannot wait for my scan to see my little baba's heartbeat and little webbed fingers and toes - ahhhh, makes me go all gooey

OP posts:
Helsbels · 11/11/2003 10:49

Getting a scan is the best thing ever - me and DH both cried at the first one - it's amazing - we had one at 10 weeks and I couldn't believe it - you could see head and backbone and it was just unreal. I wouldn't do 2nd test either Jems but it's worth it just to convince DH!!!! He is cynical about everything

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