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Recurrent Miscarriage Support - tests, treatment, trying again - thread 12

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bakingtins · 13/09/2014 20:32

Welcome everyone! A thread for anyone who has suffered recurrent losses and is in need of support, information, moral support or tea and sympathy. Newbies very welcome.

Please can we start (as is traditional) with a recap of where we are on 'the journey'.

OP posts:
charlieis30 · 13/09/2014 21:00

New thread, chatty ones aren't we?

Me 31, DH 43. Started TTC Nov14. MC1 Feb14 at 7.5w (measured 5.5); MC2 Aug14 low HR (62bpm) at 8w (measured 6.5), HB stopped a week later so ERPC.

MrsChocolateCupcake · 13/09/2014 21:45

Can I join?
Me 26, DH 29. Started TTC July 2013. Mc1 Dec 2013 at 19+1, Mc2 Aug 2014 at 20+6.
We haven't started TTC again yet waiting for our follow up appointment to see what they will offee us in terms of medical interventions etc.

cloudjumper · 13/09/2014 22:52

Thanks for the new thread, baking

Me 42, DH 45, 1 DS (3.5). TTC since July 2012, MC1 Jan 2013 (ERPC), MC2 April 2013 (natural), MC3 August 2013 (medical/natural), MC4 April 2014 - all were discovered around 8 weeks, apart from the last one, which was found at 17 weeks (all had looked fine until we got dodgy results from the combined screening and went to have amniocentesis, where no heartbeat could be seen anymore).
I'm on aspirin and heparin for every pregnancy due to a previous DVT, had progesterone as well for the last one. Chromosomal abnormalities found in MC3 (trisomy 2) and MC4 (trisomy 18).
DH and I are currently taking lots of vitamins and supplements meant to improve egg and sperm quality and hope for the best...Confused

longestlurkerever · 13/09/2014 23:42

Thanks Baking. Welcome newbies, sorry to read your stories. It is just so shit, isn't it?

Me: 33yo, dd born Aug 2011. Ttc dc2 since March 2013. 1 chemical pregnancy, 2 mmcs of early gestation. Tests at St Mary's pretty clear except for very slightly arcuate uterus and possible pcos (long cycles). No treatment recommended. Ttc with trepidation from this cycle but BFN yesterday.

Had some old friends round for dinner and a giggle. Their kids are with grandparents and dd was in bed so was like old times. Good for the soul. Night everyone.

Triplespin · 14/09/2014 00:27

Thanks baking!

Me 36, DH 36 - TTC #2 since March 2013.
June'13 Mc1 - natural at 5+3
Feb'14 Mc2 - natural at 6+3, blighted ovum
Aug'14 Mc3 - erpc at 9 weeks, no hb, foetal pole measuring 6weeks. Trisomy 22.

TinyTear · 14/09/2014 08:55

Wow 12 already

Me and DH 41
DD born Jan 12
Mc1 to 3 in 2010 at 10, 6 and 8 weeks
RMC tests in St Mary's all normal
Mc4 in 2013 and mc5 in march 2014

Went to Coventry for nk cell testing all that normal as well...

Now 9w pregnant with cyclogest from CD21 and clexane from scan at 6w as prescribed by Coventry. Scared of what will happen as this is my last attempt...

Bristolian1 · 14/09/2014 09:03

Hello all, thanks for the new thread baking

Me 32, DH 33
TTC #1 since December 2013
MMC 1 at 11 weeks (foetal pole measured 6 weeks) in April 2014, had medical management.
MMC 2 at 8 weeks (saw foetal heartbeat at 6+4 weeks, measured small, then one week later no HB) in September 2014.
Waiting results of genetic testing and testing for molar, also being referred for surgery on a dermoid cyst before starting TTC again.

InternetFOREVER · 14/09/2014 09:39

Hi all, please can I join you? (although this is the last place any of us want to be Sad)
Currently at home recovering from MC 4, stats are as follows...

Me 36, DH 39. DS4, TTC #2 since June 2013.
MC 1 at 9 weeks Aug 2013, blighted ovum, medical management (at home).
MC 2 at 7 weeks Dec 2013, suspected ectopic but self resolved
MC3 at around 10 weeks in the end March 2014, not looking good from scan at 6 weeks but unsure if ectopic or another blighted ovum, ended up having laproscopy and ERPC, no ectopic found
MC 4, on heparin and aspirin as lupus anticoagulant found - all looked good at 6,8 and 10 week scans. Got to nuchal scan at 12+2 and found baby had died at 10+5. Went in Friday for medical management in hospital so they could send for testing.

Not sure what's next, still reeling, with lots of thoughts swirling round my head and lots of questions which I hope you'll be able to help me with - sadly the combined knowledge of all of you on this thread is probably greater than most consultants (there's nothing like learning through experience).

tannyLoo · 14/09/2014 09:53

I added a post and then MN went down!

Chocolate sorry you're here. Such late losses must have been awful, it is currently what gives me nightmares.

My stats...

Me 42, DH 44, DS from previous relationship age 14, DH has 2 DCs from previous relationship, age 9 and 6, and we have one DS together age 2.5.
MC @ 6 weeks in Dec 12, MMC @ 12 weeks (measured 6 weeks) in April 13, MC @ 6 weeks in Oct 13, MC @ 6 weeks in Dec 13, MC @ 6 weeks in Feb 14. All approx, as I have tried to forget some of the details...

Blood tests normal. Hormones normal. Clotting normal. DH has a rearrangement on Chromosome 3, but it's not the cause of MCs. Uterus normal. NK cells normal.

Currently 15+5 and last scan was good. Was taking progesterone, heparin and prednisolone for first tri under advice from Coventry, as NK results weren't back in time. Now drug free!

Can't believe we have got this far, and still don't feel in the clear. Without this board I'd be lost. Blush

tannyLoo · 14/09/2014 09:57

Internet, sorry, cross posts (and me taking forever to type out stats). Sorry you're here, but you're right, this thread is full of knowledge and support. Welcome.

MrsChocolateCupcake · 14/09/2014 10:06

Thank you, It is really hard but I am hoping to get fab advice on here ready for my consultant appointment so I feel knowledgeable! I have done my home work on a cervical incompetence but not sure what else to look at!
All tests from my first mc came back clear, the silly thing is I was found to have Gestational Diabetes at 16 weeks with mc2 so had changed my diet and thought I was going to be safe because all my scans of cervixs looked good too :(

Bristolian1 · 14/09/2014 10:06

Hi chocolate and internet and sorry for your losses Flowers

MrsChocolateCupcake · 14/09/2014 10:25

Thank you!
Random question - Me and H are already talking about ttc again if the consultant agrees that we need some sort of medical intervention!
I know its very quickly but I have that need to be pregnant and have a baby!
Do you worry about what people will think? I have had a lot of you should let your body heal etc etc!

Bristolian1 · 14/09/2014 10:37

chocolate my mum keeps going on about that - 'maybe this time you should give yourself some time to heal' - it makes me feel like she thinks there is something wrong with me or it's somehow my fault that it's happened twice, because we didn't wait around after the first MMC (it makes me quite cross thinking about it!)

I think that only you and your other half know what's best for your mind and body so stick to your guns, and try not to worry about what others think - they probably just don't understand.

Aoifebelle · 14/09/2014 10:38

Hi all,
Me 39 (just), DH 38
1st mc about 7 weeks july 2012, eprc
2nd med term after multiple issues at 12 week scan may 2013, eprc
3rd mc feb 2014, 6weeks, natural,

Seem to be able to get pregnant at the drop of a hat, but all goes tits up after that. My suspicion is that I have an unfussy uterus that accepts any old embryo.

Got faint positive yesterday. On thyroxine for low TH and the rip-off that is pregnacare max (its expensive so it must work, right?).

Just getting my head around it all doesn't feel quite real yet, not least due to the negative boots test this am. My tits are telling me its wrong and like shakira's hips my tits don't lie.

I tend to pop up here when preggers as I find it tough dealing with our reality on a daily basis, so tend to avoid this end of mn. I hope that's ok, but understand if you find it a bit selfish, women like bakingtins support eachother through thick and thin on here. I hope I am not being disingenious by dipping in and out.

Chocolate such late losses must be devastating. I hope you get some answers and a good plan for the future with your consultant.

internet so sorry for your losses. I hope you are being looked after.

tannyloo keeping all crossed for you. I am not daring to hope for myself yet, so you can have all my hope reserves for a bit

MrsChocolateCupcake · 14/09/2014 11:35

Bristiolian - I am glad it's not just me then, I have already started taking my medication (Just over the counter stuff) that helps get me pregnant mainly to help mu cycle get back on track it helped my after my 1st pregnancy get it back to normal. So if the consultant has a good plan in place and not just monitor me then we will TTC that day haha!

Belle - Could it be too early for boots test to pick it up? I have my f7ngers crossed so tightly for you!
I don't see it as a problem you popping in while pregnant I guess we all need support at different times and I know I will prob need support for my whole pregnancy next time :) But I am new hereso not sure on the other ladies.

bakingtins · 14/09/2014 13:49

Didn't add my own stats - doh!
DS 2006, MC may 2009, DS 2010, MC sept2012, March 2013, June 2013, all at 9-10 weeks. NHS tests all normal, high NK cells diagnosed at Coventry, dd born may 2014 after treatment with steroids, progesterone and heparin.

Welcome to chocolate and internet and sorry to hear what an awful time you have had. chocolate I would not give a shiny shite what anyone else thinks, if the doc gives you the all clear and you and DH are ready to TTC it's none of their business. That said most of us who have had an enforced break for testing have found it a positive thing. But you deal with it the best you can, everyone handles loss differently.

aoife you post as much or as little as you want or need to. Hope your boobs are right!

tiny is your next scan this week?

OP posts:
TinyTear · 14/09/2014 14:03

Hi, yes on Thursday evening, also doing Harmony bloods then... Scared shitless...

And Tuesday going to Gothenburg on business till Wednesday night so at least that will get my mind off things... Now, do I risk travelling with my clexane or just take when I get home?

In my only successful pregnancy I went to Sweden on business too so hoping it is a good sign Grin

Welcome to the newbies, and sorry to hear your stories.

chocolate were your late losses cervical incompetence? A friend of mine nearly lost her daughter at 18w and afterwards had a trans abdominal stich and went on to have two more children

MrsChocolateCupcake · 14/09/2014 14:34

Baking - I am sure I wont give two hoots but just wondering lol! I might have an enforced break I dont know yet..just have to wait and see I guess! Congrats on your little girl!

Tiny - Could you get a letter from your gp why you need clexane and fly with it?
I have no idea if they are due to cervical incompetence the word was thrown around after my 1st mc - I had scans at 16 weeks and 19 to check them and had a reading of 4.3cms and then 3.5cms which are good but I am wondering if my cervic just gives up without warning so not a slow decrease...I will see what the consultant says but I am hoping they agree too a stitch too.

Justonemoretime · 14/09/2014 15:15

Thanks for the new thread, Baking.
My stats are:
Age 38, DH 36 (toy boy!)
TTC since autumn 2011
Mmc#1 Oct 2011 @6 weeks after HB seen
Mmc#2 May 2012, same stage
Mmc#3 June 2013, 13 weeks (baby died at 10 ish, strong HB seen at 9.1 weeks). Was Turner syndrome (girl, missing chromosome).
All tests @ st Marys clear, septum removed by them last Oct.
All tests @ Coventry normal (lower end of range).
Currently failing to conceive monthly.
Trying acupuncture, reflexology, hypnotherapy and sex. Might try stork...
Welcome new ladies, sorry for your losses!

charlieis30 · 14/09/2014 16:44

just I just had a visual of going out and buying a stork, keeping it in my living room in a birdcage where I can just stare accusingly at it.

charlieis30 · 14/09/2014 16:45
Justonemoretime · 14/09/2014 16:51

Charlie, lol. Bargain!
If I get really desperate, I could even try the margarine! (Eeww!)

girliesaints · 14/09/2014 17:13

Hi Everyone, I joined tyesterday having suffered my second mc this year, both at 6 weeks, although both delayed and picked up at 9 & 11wks. First picked up at 9 week scan and had op and second this started on its own accord. Based on what I've gone through this weekend much preferred the op as I'm a woss with pain!

I know I'm lucky as already have three year old that I conceived with no problem and compared to my sister who's had multiple attempts at ivf with no positive outcome however it still bursts nether less Hmm

Thanks Bakingtins for your comments on tests. Think I will give myself time before deciding what to do next.

girliesaints · 14/09/2014 17:17

One question I do have is whether the magic three mc have to be recorded by the gp before a referral will happen. Back in jan I had a positive test but I then went in to have my period within a few days which at the time I assumed to be a faulty test however reading on the internet probably was a chemical mc. Of course I didn't see the doctor at the time so wondered if I saw my doctor now whether they would take it into account or not?

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