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where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone PT19

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 11:35

blimey do we really talk that much?!

OP posts:
ninah · 25/03/2010 23:25

yes, go on sm
I am on my second glass, mind

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:26

Ninah - he's a nightmare all round tbh. Vv bright, thinks he knows it all about what he needs and doesn't need. Och, I could go on, his df is a twunt, and really bad for him, I could go on all night but I won't. He's not happy with his Options choices, I'm not sure how old your dcs are I have a feeling they're younger, am I right? Anyway, Options, aren't really options. You don't really have much option iyswim. Anyway, it's done, with a note saying he would really like to do Spanish and Music, but see according to the Options form he can't do both!!! Grrr

As you were. lol. Hark at me.

What's up for your weekend?

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:26

Ears here.

Have just poured myself a really lovely glass of something or other.

SingleMum01 · 25/03/2010 23:27

just had great date at pub. Asked him in for a coffee after, I said after my mum's (who was babysitting) has gone. He said 'what would your mum think?', I said 'no after she's gone'. He said 'let's do it next time'. Okay he was yawning, he'd had a hell of a day yesterday, but really to refuse 'coffee'?!

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:30

SM - Glad it went well. But did you ask him to wait in the car until your mum had left? Might have been embarrassed by that. And tired.

Ninah we're going to be cross posting again.

ninah · 25/03/2010 23:31

I can imagine .. my ds is only 7 but my art pupil has just done the forms, and nm/ex's ds - it seems to be more like sudoku than actual choosing from what I gather - you want to do a and b? well you can't, you can do a with d, or b with c etc etc - and dc are so passionate at that age
My ds seems to have turned a corner atm. I was desperately worried about him, but things are getting better for him. I am sure he will be a tricky teenager, but I'm enjoying the calm before the storm.
I'm not bragging like one of those school mums I hope but he's gonna be given a head's merit tomorrow - they do give quie a lot lol but if you'd offered odds on this last year, you'd have been laughed out of ladbrokes
so it always changes, innit

SingleMum01 · 25/03/2010 23:32

Yes I suppose I did Monty - its either that or get the 3rd degree which I don't I'm (or would want to put him through) that! Have I fucked up again

ninah · 25/03/2010 23:34

sm the mum thing is a real bucket of cold water
I can see why he said no, nothing to do with not liking you
chill out and enjoy, it's early days!

ninah · 25/03/2010 23:35

no of course you haven't sm! but do enjoy this stage and don't rush ...
he's only a chap you know

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:38

DS didn't choose Art either . He said he isn't good enought at it.(I'm sure he has a talen). IT is compulsory and it was in that box that he had to choose IT. How old is your ds. Congrats on award tomorrow, .

SM - No you haven't fucked up, give yourself a break. I deffo wouldn't have wanted to invite him in while 'mum' was there, but neither would you want to hang around until she left I don't think. He's deffo a back burner, which is GOOD! Take your time. (Although I do sympathise when you fancied a 'coffee'). Is your mum your main sitter?

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:39

Talent! der

SingleMum01 · 25/03/2010 23:39


Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:41

SM -

ninah · 25/03/2010 23:43

sm does your ex ever take dc for you so you have a longer break? I think that's how I first 'got in on'
it's v stressful and premeditated compared with before dc dating, isn't it
monty ds is 7, and dd is 4
I left motherhood til the last minute lol

SingleMum01 · 25/03/2010 23:43

Monty - yes she is

Yep I suppose its good that he isn't jumping on me, but I want to be jumped on!!! I'm not used to it, normally thats all they want!

He's just text me to say he's had a top evening, so I guess he must felt it went okay.

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:43

SM - tell us the good bits.

ninah · 25/03/2010 23:44


you are worrying when there is no need!

ninah · 25/03/2010 23:45

I rest my case

SingleMum01 · 25/03/2010 23:45

Ninah - no, I don't get any time, apart from school and an hour on a sunday afternoon without DS. Maybe I need to suggest him cooking a meal at his - but I don't know how to or if he'd want that either.

ninah · 25/03/2010 23:47

ask him if he can cook
what is his fav recipe
mmm that sounds great would you make it for me
or words to that effect

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:48

SM - he sounds lovely. I can understand wanting to be jumped on, but fortunately, just every now and again, you meet someone who will wait until it's right. So, do you have 'weekends off' from dcs?

Ninah - Me too. Not exactly the last minute, but late. I wish I'd done motherhood a lot earlier. Doh. Still, I didn't expect a DS . And boy am I paying for it. lol Lovely ages, yours.

ninah · 25/03/2010 23:48

on the other hand, bloody hell, wait and let the penny drop and he'll surprise you with it himself

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 23:49

SM - cross post. Why don't you want him to cook for your at his?

SingleMum01 · 25/03/2010 23:50

Monty - we just have a good time, there are no awkward silences etc, we have a laugh, but I'm not really sure what he thinks. I suppose that maybe because its still early on.

SingleMum01 · 25/03/2010 23:52

Monty - i suppose I could suggest it, but i'm a crap cook!

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