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where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone PT19

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 11:35

blimey do we really talk that much?!

OP posts:
Monty100 · 24/03/2010 23:53

Ninah - that sounds hideous.

ninah · 24/03/2010 23:59

it truly truly was
and because I was hacked off I said too much
luckily we moved swiftly on to the importance of finding a truly reliable method of depilation

ninah · 25/03/2010 00:05

anyway having polished off the chocs and wine I better head to bed
it was like they had come to visit the zoo
should sell tickets
our very own Single Mum, who (whisper) votes Labour and isn't very interested in housework
one of them said, I swear I'm not making it up 'my house is a work of art and when someone spotted a toy that didn't 'go' in the room I had to admit it was given as a present'
feck feck feck

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 00:06

Ninah - pmsl at them and at

Sounds like getting teeth pulled.

ninah · 25/03/2010 00:13

thank god you're up monty, I needed a like minded person to speak to! before I have nightmares
they said, 'oh, isn't this cosy' ... rofl
really must go to bed now or i won't be up early enough to match my accesories
nn x

Monty100 · 25/03/2010 00:19

Lol Ninah - hope you enjoyed the wine and chocs at least.

NN x

piratecat · 25/03/2010 07:58

omg ninah, your posts made me chuckle!!

cake, like your style too!!

Betty79 · 25/03/2010 07:58

Morning all, date with trucker was nice went to do a pub quiz at a pub near him. He knew a few people in the pub! But didnt stop to talk them etc i still find him a bit hard work tho. Anyway did have a snog at end this time, which was ok but a bit awkward lol and again he seemed to kinda shy away after like he was embarassed?!

Anyway I'm off to work, still planning to meet EA friday

will def be back tonight to see what everyone else has been up to properly

aseriouslyblondemoment · 25/03/2010 09:09

ninah that sounds truly hideous
i can well imagine the scenario,tis one of the reasons why i won't do PTA stuff{yawns}
hark @ betty and her options lol
still trying to get my head around him being an EA tho!
wasn't there someone once on here who had met or was being messaged by a....
.....traffic nazi warden?

OP posts:
mrsmharket · 25/03/2010 10:46

place marking as have to go, read through all the messages on last thread and by tuime had got to bottom, found out i couldn't post on that one again!!!

aseriouslyblondemoment · 25/03/2010 11:00

morning mrsm
i'm mn-ing loading the car with stuff for the tip/charity shops

OP posts:
mrsmharket · 25/03/2010 11:37

morning asbm

les boots went to les cobblers (or the french equivalent lol) and i'm having a bit of a confidence crisis

hi evryone

mrsmharket · 25/03/2010 11:45

hi cake yes it was me and good for you hope it goes well

sm- hope tonight goes well for you too

betty -
no developments as yet but i've picked uip my boots from cobblers now so we shall wait and see hate feeling insecure was really happy couple of days and one of rl friends said i had a glow about me i hate feeling like i'm on a rollercoaster

mrsmharket · 25/03/2010 12:24

am in a funk now ach

lou33 · 25/03/2010 12:27

i have nothing to report other than i have just washed fox shit off two dogs , who thought it was a great idea to roll around in it

mrsmharket · 25/03/2010 12:29

ooh nice lou

lou33 · 25/03/2010 12:34

luckily i was wearing some clothes of the mechanics to walk and shower them, heh

aseriouslyblondemoment · 25/03/2010 12:35

mrsm what's up?
lou jeeze that's nasty stuff hope it didn't find its'way into the house
so tell me is a puppy easier than having a baby?
i ask as have promised to get one for the kids when we eventually move and prob.a springer too

OP posts:
lou33 · 25/03/2010 12:40

hahaha @ being easier

do you want the truth or a lie?

aseriouslyblondemoment · 25/03/2010 12:41

well i guess with a baby you can kind of contain it in a nappy lol

OP posts:
mrsmharket · 25/03/2010 12:46

well actually ...
i saw a prog the other day and there is a company who will provide (for a fee obv ) for disabled dogs


mrsmharket · 25/03/2010 12:48

am not feeling very self confident at mo yet have spoken to him well while passing on doorsteps but had dd with me so couldn't really say much

aseriouslyblondemoment · 25/03/2010 12:49

might save on lou's bedding!
and i bet the dcs don't go round with the poop scoop in the garden either do they lou?
hmm let me guess it's another job for mechanic lol

OP posts:
mrsmharket · 25/03/2010 12:52

gotta go taek care everyone x

lou33 · 25/03/2010 12:54

all doggy stuff is down to me, aside from the welcomes he gets when he turns up of course

so i feed walk, pick up poo, wash and train

no wonder i'm knackered

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