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where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone PT19

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 11:35

blimey do we really talk that much?!

OP posts:
LouIsOnAHighwayToHell · 24/03/2010 21:09

Well I am bored so am scrolling through match and there is a guy dressed as a viking. Hmm not sure I really want to be pillaged.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 21:24

scl it's crap i know but at least you're sounding pos.which is a good thing,do you think proper closure would help or aren't you fussed now?
lou after BSH a viking dresser might seem ok!

sm01 in case you're not back with us before tomorrow night do hope you have a good 1

OP posts:
cake4ever · 24/03/2010 21:24

SCL hope you solve the mystery of the mobile phone!

SingleMum I can't remember details of date tomorrow but how exciting. Hope it goes well for you.

Thanks Monty - I'm ok now but was a bit upset earlier. Still no news so I can at least move on. I did put the ball in his court in the text so at least I know now. How's it going with the neighbour (think it was you!!)

SingleMum01 · 24/03/2010 21:27

SBM and Cake - thanks.

Just out of interest if you're going out for drinks what time would you normally go out?

hatesponge · 24/03/2010 21:28

scl - but also for you re exbf, & is good you're not even feeling tempted to contact him atm.

betty - hope tonight goes well - and with EA on friday; full reports on both dates are expected!

monty -not much to report here, winking man is STILL winking (another one today), gardener has emailed me again, which is nice even though his spelling and grammar make me wince a bit

lou - cant believe have missed the viking on surprised he hasn't winked at or emailed me already, I seem to have attracted most of the other oddballs on there

aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 21:31

sm01 8-ish tbh but's a week-day/school night

OP posts:
piratecat · 24/03/2010 21:43

good evening! kinda lost you all for a bit there.

juice, my ringtone thing, i just have kept it off since got so much hassle from ex dh. Yet on looking the choices are the alarming buzz or a ridiculous tune. I am sure i tused to a different tune, it's abit knackered!

cake, good call, I htink there comes a time when you have to say your truth, otherwise you will feel dishonest to yourself. I think I was getting pissed off, becuase i have had similar to you, the relationship, the I really hope we can do stuff altogether with your dd stuff. i though, hey, hang on a minute.

Anyway, I hope you come to some sort of conclusion, soon.

I had a nice chat with mine today. he texted very nice text, and said he was on lunch break. So i rang him (asked if he was free first). blimey, a phone call!

SingleMum01 · 24/03/2010 21:46

Thanks ASBM - I normally go out 8ish but that's 'cos I'm falling asleep by 12, courtesy of the DS being up at 6! Bloke wants to pick me up at 8.30, but we are only doing drinks tomorrow.

cake4ever · 24/03/2010 21:47

Thanks Pirate. Was wondering earlier how you were getting on. Pleased to hear that he text and you talked to him. Did he have a nice voice? Sometimes voices can really put you off! Am I right in saying that you were supposed to be seeing him tonight? It's good news anyway that you heard from him.

piratecat · 24/03/2010 21:57

yeah he has a nice voice! I have seen him a couple of times, so knew how he sounded. He had plans for tonight, to do with some volunteer stuff he does.

I said no prob, as we'd had crossed wires. he then said he'd see if we can get together this weekend. So we will see.

any news cake? how you feeling.

Monty100 · 24/03/2010 21:58

Cake - lol it was Puss in Boots MrsMharket who had a dalliance with the neighbour.

MrsM - any developments?

Sponge - Grr at winkers.

SM01 - hope your date goes well.

cake4ever · 24/03/2010 22:08

God sorry Monty. My memory is dreadful - knew there was an M in there somewhere!

Sorry also to you Pirate for not remembering that you had seen him a couple of times before! I'm up and down to be honest - now I keep thinking I overdid it with my text. Perhaps he really was just very busy and back late tonight. I don't know - there is still the Facebook thing and my gut feeling.

piratecat · 24/03/2010 22:10

no problem cake. Maybe you should hold onto your gut feeling a bit longer, and have faith in that?

Remotew · 24/03/2010 22:21

There you all are. Thought you'd all been quiet today. lol

I'm still on a break but I got a message on fb from the hideously younger man, sometime in the middle of last night, passing on his mobile no. and telling me to ring him.

I am well aware that I should just ignore it but I've added him on my phone and may find the temptation to at least text my no, too hard to resist once I've de-stressed with a glass of wine at the weekend.

cake4ever · 24/03/2010 22:25

Abouteve, what's the story of the hideously younger man?

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell · 24/03/2010 22:25

I had forgotton about BSH! I wonder if he found a nice girl to share shoes with?

My plan to have a dirty weekend away with an ex while I was back home has fallen through. I was looking forward to that too .

sincitylover · 24/03/2010 22:28

well it seems to have been delivered to the wrong address and they say they wil have to retrieve it

Forgot to add got a long message on smooch from someone who said that the most important thing in his life was god no offence to anyone religious but it sounded as though the woman would have to take second place. His profile was very wordy and full of rubbish.

hatesponge · 24/03/2010 22:33

eve is this the younger man from your night out some weeks back? Or was there another one?!

scl agree re smooch man.

have had another almost minded to ask match to block him, he's boring me now!

men are so strange sometimes.

Remotew · 24/03/2010 22:37

cake4ever hi!

I had a night out a few weeks ago and met a cute guy, turned out he was locked out of his flat so I let him have my sofa. He turned up the next night saying he'd lost his cash card just as my Dsis arrived. She thinks she saw him in a restaurant a few nights later so I asked him via fb, first I've heard back today as he doesn't seem online much. Did I mention he was very cute and funny! I'm not looking for serious atm so...... Cannot meet him out people will think I'm out with my son and cannot invite him here unless home alone.

Will need to read back a bit to get everyone's up to speed on what everyone is up to dating wise. Will do that at work tomorrow .

Monty100 · 24/03/2010 22:38

Hi again everyone. Sorry about the abrupt end to my last post, had a small emergency.

Cake no worries, its hard to keep up on here at times wishful thinking. Was quite flattered actually.

Eve - how young?

SCL - hope you get your phone.

Lou - hopefully there'll be others. lol

Anyone else going on holiday? I'm feeling really ready for one. But skint. Oh, by the way, exh just gone off to Spain for a week, second time this year already.

Remotew · 24/03/2010 22:38

hatesponge, definitely a major winker, isn't he?

Monty100 · 24/03/2010 22:40

Eve - oh him!

cake4ever · 24/03/2010 22:58

Told you I wasn't gonna give up. I've just secured a date with a fireman for next week! Bit wary but it's only a coffee.

AboutEve sounds good - are you gonna text him?

Monty100 · 24/03/2010 23:09

Cake - Good for you! You go girl. If only for a confidence booster, and a fireman to boot!

ninah · 24/03/2010 23:40

cake I like your style
I like the way you texted roofer and didn't accept any rubbish, and your positive attitude, good for you
I have just had the most soul destroying evenign with some school mums who came round (I tried loads of times to get out of it) one thinks you can 'cure yourself' of 'aids' and when we started to talk about secondary schools they had no clue I meant state
oh feck it was bizarre

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