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where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone PT19

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 11:35

blimey do we really talk that much?!

OP posts:
thesouthsbelle · 17/04/2010 19:30

blondie - fancy doing all of mine for me?!? lol.

kdk - you need to have someone you can be yourself around tbh, so if you can't be yourself from the off is there much point?

juicy - give the man another shot - he knows it annoys you, but I think if he carrys on doing it thou then it's a no go really - a lack of respect I think tbh - after all you're not the same person as his ex. tbh also reading the food ordering thing - well..... that's not on tbh. Offer the man to go first yes and a gentleman will say no you go first sort of thing. ordering for you - this isn't the 1950's!!

eve - athletic moving in really have missed a lot! lol. who's wildlife?

monty - how was the house?

anyhow waves to betty, single mum, lou, and everyone else as well I forget.

(jonny depp btw is currently awaiting my call! lol)

anyhow hope you're all doing ok.

thesouthsbelle · 17/04/2010 19:34

blondie he always has her, is a widow, apart from every other week when she goes to his ex's who he was with for 8 years (also his late wife's sister) it's his weekend with her. apparently i'm too impatient - but I think it's a bit rude if someone rings when you know their with family etc at a wedding & duck out for 2 mins to miss the call & not even text to say hope all is well etc - an nothing today either. (well tbh since thurs lunchtime when I picked ds up) have deleted his number so if he wants to. know his mums just brought him a house thou (nice mum!) also he's been on FB but not MSN/Smooch since b4 we met - used to be on every night- not sure but still how do you play this game of cat n mouse he seems to like - althou apparently whatcha see is whatcha get - i'm thinking actions are not = words he's saying!

thesouthsbelle · 17/04/2010 19:35

eve - is bribary ever in vain? lol.

gonna try to oak these nails now in the polish stuf - they're stick on ones but OMG thy'r a pain in the ass.

Remotew · 17/04/2010 19:37

Belle, he's not moving in, perish the thought, just wants to store some stuff here. I have plenty of space so not a problem.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 17/04/2010 19:39

yep def agree with actions to back up the words belle
were there any hot blokes at the wedding?

OP posts:
thesouthsbelle · 17/04/2010 19:48

lol. well only one who I LOVE to tease every time I see him lol, have known him for the last 10 years - used to work together in butlins, but he's a good mate of my brother's over mine, but well - it was always a yes but no but yes sort of a thing, still I do enjoy flirting & winding him up cos my broth3r give him the glare and he gets embaressed - wicked wicked woman lol. but is all banter.

eve - that's good all is swimming along nicely now then?

(btw will be SOH big time over then next week - he had one text & one call so that's all) will come here to talk instead of text.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 17/04/2010 19:55

yes do
it's amazing how quickly they get in touch when they think you're no longer interested

OP posts:
thesouthsbelle · 17/04/2010 21:32

must not cave! lol. have also put him back on restricted access on my FB as well so he can't see anything apart from the info & pictures but no wall or anything.

date with planner still to be sorted, as is one with soldier, who asked for a drink last thurs but couldn't.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 17/04/2010 22:23

see you have options lady
who's planner?

OP posts:
thesouthsbelle · 18/04/2010 09:05

just someone from the same batch but loads of red flags and also tbh don't really fancy him either lol.

still nada from farmer - it's a nice w.e thou has prob gone camping.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 18/04/2010 11:36

what are the red flags?

OP posts:
Remotew · 18/04/2010 11:41

Right that's it I'm declaring myself celebate. At least I've had it with toyboys.

Athletic came round rather the worse for wear. I had to get him to go before DD came back as he was staggering. Turns out he didn't just want me to store his stuff at mine but install himself.

He is extremely goodlooking, cute and funny (when he's sober), but I'm not that desperate or stupid so told him NO WAY. Didn't take it too well so that's the last I will see of him. Wonder how it would have turned out had he not lost job/home.

Phew feel good to write that down.

Betty79 · 18/04/2010 11:48

Oh dear Eve, what a cheeky sod!

aseriouslyblondemoment · 18/04/2010 11:51

oh eve how horrible for you
thank god you showed him the door!

OP posts:
SingleMum01 · 18/04/2010 15:10

Hello everyone

Eve - omg, what a cheeky devil.

Belle - any farmer news? When are your other dates?

thesouthsbelle · 18/04/2010 15:20

eve - what a cheek. how v rude of him!!.

yup farmer went camping with his DD & is spending the day at the coast. I text this am final one & he replied. will see what goes on from here.

red flags for planner incl, he's got the same job as gymboy for one thing lol. second he seems keen to please. bit as I do like a bloke to say actually I think this way is better etc. ho hum.

DONTtouchMUMSspecialJUICE · 18/04/2010 15:28

eve - and and . cheeky sod. well done you and showing him the door. he obviously been watching too many of these dramas with cougars.

jeeze... hope you accidentally hit him flung him and his bag to the curb sharpish.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 18/04/2010 15:41

juicy i'm imagining that eve did,as i know that she doesn't take crap like that
what's the latest with your latest then?
lolol belle you crumbled,but glad he replied to you,and he gets a thumbs up from me from actually spending time with his dd unlike some fathers we could mention!
sm01 how's things with you?
another day of domestic drudgery for me here,am finally having that spring clean thing going on..
great way to spend one's child free time eh?!

OP posts:
SingleMum01 · 18/04/2010 15:52

ASBM - things are going okay I think! Meeting up again tonight, although don't know what we're doing/where we're going so I don't know what to wear!! He was busy last night so couldn't see me - don't know what he was doing though so I'm a bit . I'll be quizzing him on that one tonight. Think he may have been out with his family for his birthday on Friday. I haven't text him (although he has text me) this week after he failed to reply 2 nights last week, so another . He does seem genuine, but I'm just skeptical.

thesouthsbelle · 18/04/2010 16:05

lol. I know blondie - I do actually really like that about him - he packs up his van (or i'll correct that, he's installed a fridge now and has sleeping bags & the tent always in the back) so they go off to the new forest or coast with his motorbike as well in the back and portaloo for the weekend. always does the school runs and stuff, looks after her horse when she's with the ex - is generally a good guy I think.but once bitten n all that jazz. lol @ you spring cleaning, why do we all do it when childless?

singlemum - what is his name/have you been seeing him long?

aseriouslyblondemoment · 18/04/2010 16:17

yes i'd be running in the opp direction if he was a lazy dad but he sounds hands-on which is great,but i'm guessing that it may prove diff in the long term for you both to coordinate child free time
i say this as i did date a couple of dads,and tho this is prob more to do with them than anything else i did get fed up with the whole dcs/ex issues and there after decided to only date childless blokes also i think it's worked out better for my dcs and i don't think they'd have liked sharing me with someone elses kids iyswim
sm01 you may be overthinking things here you know but i can understand you feeling sceptical,unless he's given you any real reason to wonder i'd just go with the flow and enjoy things as they are

OP posts:
SingleMum01 · 18/04/2010 16:24

Belle - his names Steve, been seeing him since Jan.

ASBM - I probably am overthinking things, my instinct tells me he's not a player, but you know what its like, once bitten (or more!) twice shy!

thesouthsbelle · 18/04/2010 16:24

see the fact he has a DD doesn't bother me, as you say will be co orindating the childless time - I like to try & make the most of mine which is free but need to obv learn patience if he's not free - it's the first time i've considered dating a single dad - no ex per se to worry about. and the DD is 11. ho hum. guess we'll see.

sm - listen to the blonde one (as will I! lol)

out of interest blondie when did you introduce your DC's to your DP? with my XP he insisted it was straight away more or less but I wasn't so keen - am thinking more like a 6 months thing to a year?

thesouthsbelle · 18/04/2010 16:26

trust them then SM - if he's on the level with you don't doubt him. 3 months in i'd have thought he'd of shown if he was a player b4 now or not tbh.

SingleMum01 · 18/04/2010 16:27

Belle - farmer sounds like a good one

I'd think 6 mths + but I have no experience of that never having got that far!

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