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where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone PT19

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 11:35

blimey do we really talk that much?!

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 18/04/2010 16:32

sm01 it is really hard esp when you've been messed about before but if he's backing up his words with actions then he sounds as tho he's a safe bet tbh
belle dp met the kids about 5wks after we first met,but i had really checked him out first before allowing this to happen ie had met family,close friends etc so even tho he seemed to good to be true he actually was lol
saying that i decided that even if things hadn't have worked out the kids would have just met one of my friends as it were
we kept the truth from them for a while until we felt that the kids were happy with having him round etc,he's the first bloke i've dated that they've met btw

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