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where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone PT19

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 11:35

blimey do we really talk that much?!

OP posts:
Monty100 · 16/04/2010 21:41

SM - Sword fight. lol

Eve - OMG what is it with you and wildlife this week! Has he been texting you at all? Fill us in. You don't want to look too keen tho do you? No you don't. Repeat until mood wears off. Have a glass of red, it's Friday after all.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 16/04/2010 21:46

no i'm lurkin' between doing other things!
kdk at least you sound grounded about the date,i always felt either meh or excited..tho as the others will vouch for i was quite neutral before meeting dp
agree with suggestions for jeans and nice top or shirt
and hey if the school mums are talking about you then that means that they're leaving someone else alone for the afternoon!let's face it these women have no lives and are mostly trapped in unhappy marriages

OP posts:
SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 21:46

Eve - I agree with Monty, dont text him!

SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 21:48

ASBM - how do I start the 'talk'?!

aseriouslyblondemoment · 16/04/2010 21:50

monty haven't got it

OP posts:
Remotew · 16/04/2010 21:51

Monty, I'm on my last glass of rose now.

Saw him Wednesday morning and he said 'ring me'. As if! So SOH atm but seriously tempted to text. He runs out of credit most of the time so wants me to ring him but he will get my text to say hey get in touch.

Gawd think I've got it bad.

Went to a car park tonight to give DD (15) nearly 16 an introduction to driving. Nerves were getting frayed. She did OK but it brings it back how hard it is.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 16/04/2010 21:54

SM01 you don't, he does
are you def off the market atm?
have you ever discussed the online thing?

OP posts:
Remotew · 16/04/2010 21:59

Thanks for advice. Havent text, have come on here instead.

I'm mnetting from the PC atm, laptop is in for repair so forgive me if I'm missing stuff.

Monty100 · 16/04/2010 22:01

Eve - last glass! Bit early for a last glass imo! You have got it bad with athletic. Has it gone any further yet? Just don't give him a big head that's all. Be patient and let him do some chasing. You know he wants to.

ASBM - don't know what's happened there, will investigate. Sent them early eve yesterday to both addies I think.

SM - good advice from ASBM there, he needs to make a move to confirm exclusivity.

SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 22:01

ASBM - ok! Ie haven't been back on the site for ages. Asked him if he'd told his mates he was dating - he has - but that could be more than me. Discussed the site briefly but not in depth. He always asks me what I'm doing at the weekend, but haven't asked if I'm/he is seeing anyone else. Get the impression he isn't but you never know, reckon I need to check - how can I without sounding offensive?

Monty100 · 16/04/2010 22:02

Eve - forgot to say... at driving lesson. My dd has been banging on about this too.

Betty79 · 16/04/2010 22:04

Eve-def soh....surely he would have some credit/free texts on his phone at some point??!

asbm-I've gone from being excited at meeting people to a bit meh now, but that might be cos I feel a bit crap!

kdk-sorry thought u were on ur date today, another week to plan for it then

Remotew · 16/04/2010 22:16

Betty meh is good. I did that once and fell in love with my first ever date from POF. Did Dating Direct etc a couple of years before. As everyone knows on this thread it didn't work due to family pressure, however it was just before this thread started, so perhaps no-one knows my history.

Long and short is meh is great!

Got back in touch with that one recently, he is working abroad, seem to remember I chatted about him to Lou33 but it is a distant memory.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 16/04/2010 22:18

mont will check the other addy
normal email is heaving atm too much ebaying!
evening eve!jeeze you need the rose if you're doing the old driving malarkeyi'm dreading it tbh tho ds1 reckons he's already got it sussed,oh to be in yr6..
soh atm?and he's got no credit on his phone?well you could throw caution to the wind and think hey ho why not?your shout here esp.if you're after uncomplicated fun which he obv is too
betty we know that feeling..some you really have to drag yourself along to and have emergency vital calls from mates and check out where the nearest escape routes are..i went on 2 successive dates like that
oh all the girls on the thread did take the p big time!
smo1 can't remember which site you used but you can go on in a hidden mode and check things out

OP posts:
Remotew · 16/04/2010 22:25

ASBM, I love you! I am up for non complicated fun and you have got my gist. So my hand are not sat on anymore.

I do love you though because you keep posting and we all know that you have found your love but yet you keep it all close to your chest. xxx That's the way it should be too.

Us notherners should get a meet up planned. That includes Lou as she is north of London, I reckon.

Monty100 · 16/04/2010 22:29

ASBM - Just sent them again. Is ds on fb? You can see them on there using his id but hopefully they'll arrive this time.

I must do some ebaying myself.

I'm looking at a really fugly house tomorrow lol. It's nice inside and cheap as chips. Will report back. Am looking at doll's house too.

Monty100 · 16/04/2010 22:32

Eve -

I come from further up north than London, do I count?

Remotew · 16/04/2010 22:48

There would be no party without 'Monty' Punch!

Monty100 · 16/04/2010 22:50

Eve - I'm in and bringing the Baileys! .

Did you text him??.....

aseriouslyblondemoment · 16/04/2010 22:52

right back at ya eve
you're one of the thread's pioneers lol
hey you know the score with this one and you can handle enjoy it, so what the hell!!
and btw i'm not married/co-habiting yet so i think that entitles me to stay on my fav thread,and it's nice to keep in touch with all of you lovely lot and hear about your men stuff!
am still waiting to be approached for the movie tho lol remember that one?!
mont we need a catch-up pronto and no god forbid ds1 not on fb,can you imagine...

OP posts:
aseriouslyblondemoment · 16/04/2010 22:54

need our mont and her mary poppins bag at our jolly

OP posts:
Remotew · 16/04/2010 23:07

No I didn't text, rang instead. Poor little boy lost has lost his job and wants to store some stuff in my spare room.

So what thinking about what our lovely ladies would say on this thread, which would be no, I decided to say yes!!

No fool like an old fool. Ringing him tomorrow eve to sort it out.


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aseriouslyblondemoment · 16/04/2010 23:12

payment in kind then eve?
right lady crack that next bottle....!!

OP posts:
Monty100 · 16/04/2010 23:15

Eve - omg, soooooooo you didn't answer how far its got so far????

ASBM - I have whatsitcalled on msn, that's it. lol Did you check your email??

Monty100 · 16/04/2010 23:18

ASBM - you are a minx did you know that??

Eve - have you cracked another bottle open yet??

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