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where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone PT19

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 24/03/2010 11:35

blimey do we really talk that much?!

OP posts:
aseriouslyblondemoment · 15/04/2010 20:13

eve snap
have the blighters as well tho only a few trying to make their way in
i've found that those weird looking plastic containers work
but eww when they reach their flying ant season
sm01 think that you're getting lunch will suffice tbh

OP posts:
Monty100 · 15/04/2010 20:22

Kdk - missed that! Ooooh. How exciting. Hope it goes well.

ASBM - I sent you the vids at last.

Is everyone ok with the vids being on fb or shall I take them down now that we've shared them??

Still that the silly vid was on and not the camera.

SM - lunch for bday is fine, and a card of course.

kdk · 15/04/2010 20:42

SM - bluebeard because he has many wives and uncountable number of children - well, three and six at last count. Have discussed and decided that neither of us are ever planning to do the marriage thing again!

Monty100 · 15/04/2010 21:07

Kdk - well that's that minor detail sorted. lol

Am refusing to watch the political debate. Is that bad?

Remotew · 15/04/2010 21:11

I watched first half hour then got bored.

I've sprayed them and it seems to have worked.

SingleMum01 · 15/04/2010 21:14

KDK - okay!

I'm watching the debate, surprisingly I think the liberal bloke is doing the best, he's not waffling on about crap so much as the others!

kdk · 15/04/2010 21:15

I'm with eve - now watching HIGNFY ... only slightly more amusing!

Monty100 · 15/04/2010 21:17

Eve - lol, that was Freudian, you got bored so sprayed them . Tis the only way to go .

I'm not listening, I have hands over ears going 'la la la la la la.' To no tune in particular.

Monty100 · 15/04/2010 21:20

Kdk - at least HIGNFY is at least slightly amusing.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 15/04/2010 21:49

was waiting for that lol...!
and kdk congrats on your date
he sounds intriguing
the nickname i mean
i'm getting all POTC here

OP posts:
ninah · 16/04/2010 12:50

or you can pour boiling water on them if you have no spray, around where they next etc

ninah · 16/04/2010 12:51


Betty79 · 16/04/2010 18:18

Well ladies, dont know about anyone else but Im very glad its the weekend! I have really struggled at work this week and am feeling a bit run down have decided im not doing much this weekend, am babysitting for a friend tommorow night and taking my 2 with me so wont be tempted to go out lol!

sm and kdk-hope ur lunch dates went well, look forward to hearing about them!

juice-wow to meeting the family already....def a fast mover this one!

eve-are you seeing athletic this weekend?

sponge-when is ur date with younger man, or have i missed it?

I've arranged to meet big goggles next fri night for a lemonade and bag of pork scratchings lol

Hi to asbm, monty, belle, ninah, lou and anyone else I've missed.

Monty100 · 16/04/2010 18:43

Betty - ditto, am worn out. Hope you get to chill while babysitting .

Why the lemonade date??

Hope everyone else is ok. What dates are lined up. SM hope you enjoy yours.

SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 19:03

Hello everyone,

Kdk - how was your date?

Betty - Mine was good thanks. I insisted on paying for lunch (although he wanted to)
Looking forward to a couple of quiet nights before seeing him again on Sun.

ASBM - what is POTC?

Betty - aren't you drinking??

Is anyone else wondering why there are so many giant bees around?!

Betty79 · 16/04/2010 19:08

monty and sm-It was just a bit of a joke really lol im sure we will both have a drink seeing as it's fri night

SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 19:49

Betty - good on you then! Hope it goes well

aseriouslyblondemoment · 16/04/2010 20:07

sm01 pirates of the caribbean lol
glad your date went well,have you had the talk yet?
grr think we're all knackd after the easter hols,2 wks id def too long imho,am dreading the summer ones

OP posts:
SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 20:26

ASBM - what is the 'talk'?!

kdk · 16/04/2010 20:37

Evening all

Date's not till next Friday (sadly? not sure really). We've been chatting (quite a bit) on msn and I always worry that firstly I come over as too cynical and secondly that we won't 'click' irl - does that make sense? And have no idea what to wear bearing in mind that I've got Pilates in the morning and don't want to get too dressed/made up as don't want any 'what you been up to' sort of thing at school pick up time ....

SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 20:40

Kdk - I'm excited for you. I would go with nice jeans and a nice top (not evening type, but nicer than t-shirt top).

SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 20:42

ASBM - wouldn't mind dating Johnny Depp!


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Monty100 · 16/04/2010 21:20

SM - hands off he's mine .
In ASBM's absence - the talk is the convo where you commit to being in an exclusive relationship I guess.

Kdk - oooo, wear what you wore last friday night, or similar, you looked cool!

ASBM - did you see the vids?

Where is everybody else??

SingleMum01 · 16/04/2010 21:30

Hi Monty - fight you for him! They all must be out on dates!

Ooooh the 'talk' - no we haven't, though I asked him if he'd told his mates last week he was dating and he said 'yes', but that could mean more than just me!!

Remotew · 16/04/2010 21:36

Giant bees, OMG, was sat in my car and one was hovering outside had to put the windows up promptly. It was massive. I've got rid of the ants now.

I'm currently SOH as I want to text Athletic to ask if he is free even for an hour this weekend. Tell me not to do it! Want him so .

Good luck to everyone on dates this weekend.

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