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Life-limiting illness

My son may be dying

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aloneinthenight · 04/04/2020 06:07

Just that.

He has cancer, they have not been able to control it.

They have given him one last chemotherapy to see if it can turn a corner but his body may not be able to tolerate it and it may not work.

We have been told to prepare ourselves for him to deteriorate suddenly.

My husband can't be with us because my son also has Coronavirus so we are in isolation and he is with our other son.

OP posts:
PeepeeDarling · 04/04/2020 06:22

I’m so sorry op, wish I had wise word but don’t. Im wishing your son all the strength in the world 💐

SunStruck · 04/04/2020 06:29

Didn't want to read and run, just want to say that I am so, so sorry OP. I'm really hoping your son will turn a corner! Sending you lots of love and thoughts ❤️

Mumdiva99 · 04/04/2020 06:34

What a horrible time for you. I hope your son pulls through. 🌈 Here's a rainbow to give you hope for the future. Really no words are enough. But the MN collective are here to hold your hand.

Nothingoriginalhere · 04/04/2020 06:46

I have no words to help, just know I am thinking of you.
So so sorry for what you and your family are suffering.
Hoping for recovery.big hugs

Mummyoflittledragon · 04/04/2020 07:01

Oh bless you and your ds. I hope he will get better. Sending you big hugs and Flowers

WreckTangle95 · 04/04/2020 07:03

You and your family are in my prayers OP, sending loads of strength and love your way. I can't imagine what you must be going through right now ♥

Nicecupofcoco · 04/04/2020 07:14

So sorry op! Thinking of you all.

Brenna24 · 04/04/2020 07:20

I am so sorry @aloneinthenight. Your family is in our prayers.

KatherineJaneway · 04/04/2020 07:21


aloneinthenight · 04/04/2020 07:22

It's just so awful. All staff are in PPE. Up until yesterday they just had paper masks.

We can't get clean clothes as they say they are not allowed to wash them for us and noone else is allowed in.

No one can comfort me because they have to keep their distance.

I'm not even allowed to leave the room to make myself a cup of tea.

OP posts:
barefootcook · 04/04/2020 07:27

I am so sorry to hear that- what a terrible thing to happen. I will pray for you from the other side of the world. Thanks

converseandjeans · 04/04/2020 07:36

That sounds awful. How old is DS? The whole thing is devastating first the cancer and now coronavirus. Stay strong Thanks

Salene · 04/04/2020 07:38

Aww this is awful, how old is your son.? Do you want to tell us about him, about the person he is 🥰. Sending you so much love , I can't imagine what you must be going through

Potentialmadcatlady · 04/04/2020 07:40

Thinking of you.

Hippywannabe · 04/04/2020 07:41

I am sorry x

Squarepegina · 04/04/2020 07:48

I am so sorry to read this. The worst thing to face as a parent and without the support you need because of these times. Hold on to whatever you can including the support of virtual strangers on here.

Sending you and your strength and love and hope.

I’ll be thinking of you both today

coachman · 04/04/2020 07:51

I'm so glad you are able to be with him. Thinking of you; we are all here for you.

RaraRachael · 04/04/2020 07:51

So sorry Flowers

Msfoxy17 · 04/04/2020 07:58

What an awful situation to be in,for all of you. My thoughts are with you x

MayMiracle · 04/04/2020 07:59

This must be unbearable for all of you, I'm so sorry. But, you're there beside your son offering him comfort and support. Your other DS is being cared for by his father. You're doing you're absolute best in the most appalling, hideous circumstances - that's all you can do. Thinking of you and sending love Thanks

Gwynfluff · 04/04/2020 08:02

Just so sorry for every single shitty aspect of this. Flowers

Seventyone72seventy3 · 04/04/2020 08:04

I am so sorry. I wish I could comfort you but you are both in my thoughts. FlowersFlowers I hope your son reacts well to the treatment and turns the corner.

maleficent53 · 04/04/2020 08:04

Thinking of you sending love and prayers. So sorry you are going through this you are doing your absolute best. xx

Curious78 · 04/04/2020 08:12

I'm so sorry to read about this OP, I can't begin to imagine how you must be feeling Flowers thoughts with you all x

inisfree · 04/04/2020 08:19

Just dreadful. Sending you love and hope Thanks

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