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IVF/ICSI June/ July 2018 (Part 2)

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Tigerlily99 · 25/06/2018 23:25

Hello ladies, I think we reached the maximum no of posts on last thread so I opened a new one. Hope you are Ok with this OP (@cannonball)? X

OP posts:

LopeyLopez · 30/06/2018 06:31

Thanks also @Beherenow32 for your support....I guess I am still in with a chance. Nothing I can do now but wait....


cannonball8726 · 30/06/2018 08:34

@physicskate that is brilliant news! Fingers crossed for you. Will you have an early scan?

@LopeyLopez sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for :( Take it easy over the next few days - sounds like a good idea. Good luck with upcoming news on the embryos xxx

@beherenow32 great to hear about your two frozen embryos! I'm on Day 25 so due to finish norethisterone today. Have a strong feeling that my period is going to be delayed.... how long did it take for your period to arrive after stopping the tablets?Did anyone skip their last dose of norethisterone?! I'm slightly tempted...


cannonball8726 · 30/06/2018 08:37

@crittertamer Best of luck for tomorrow! Sending good vibes :)


physicskate · 30/06/2018 08:42

Hey @canonball8726 - thanks! Scan is booked for July 16th, so need to make it til then! One step at a time!

Good luck to everyone else!


Beherenow32 · 30/06/2018 08:49

@cannonball8726 I didn’t take norethisterone. Does it bring on your period?


Tigerlily99 · 30/06/2018 11:01

Hi @cannonball, generally takes me 4-5 days to get AF after stopping norethisterone. I haven’t been on it whilst taking buserelin though. Have heard that buserelin itself can sometimes make AF late. Mine is due tomorrow and should be on time under normal circumstances as tracked LH surge at CD14 this cycle but will have to wait and see what happens. Was getting some cramps yesterday but nothing today, waiting for AF is such a pain!
@physicskate- congrats!!! But totally understand you want to be cautious for now. Hope this is a successful pregnancy for you. Xxx
@beherenow- congrats on your frosties, when is OTD?
@Lopeylopez- good luck with embies, fingers crossed for transfer Tues
@maiarindell & HJ82- how are you doing? @Maiarindell did AF eventually show?

I forgot to set my alarm and took my buserelin quite late today. I doubt it’s gonna make much difference but a bit annoyed with myself. How am I going to manage to remember to swap oestrogen patches every 48 hours when I can’t remember a daily injection! Oh well, need to pay more attention. I think I’ve become a bit lax as it hardly feels like you are on treatment with FET. Still waiting for menopause symptoms to kick in- nothing so far. I don’t really want any side effects but then at least I’d know something is working. X

OP posts:

ginandtonicformeplease · 30/06/2018 11:52

@Tigerlily99 I'm actually getting more symptoms now than in the run up to EC - all those injections didn't seem to bother my body, but now that FET is getting closer and my dose has increased I'm a complete mess - kind of like PMT on steroids!


Ginandtonic31 · 30/06/2018 12:12

@ginandtonicformeplease I remember our nurse saying there’s no side effects for EC drugs and I would be fine. She then said ET we’ll thats something else and i’ll Talk to you about that at the time 😳


Tigerlily99 · 30/06/2018 12:22

@ginandtonicformeplease- PMT on steroids sounds pretty awful! I hope it doesn’t get worse before your transfer, is it Mon you are due?
Looks like I have lots of side effects to look forwards to after starting oestrogen and progesterone so should be grateful for lack of symptoms now!

OP posts:

Beherenow32 · 30/06/2018 12:26

@Tigerlily99 test day is the 6th next Friday. I’m terrified! Feeling a bit like I want to cry today but going out and spending time with family, so better suck it up!

I found the drugs for FET to make me feel a lot worse than fresh. I had oestrogen tablets, and they made me feel rough! Xx


Ginandtonic31 · 30/06/2018 13:56

You lot aren't filling me with enthusiasm haha!

I'm grateful for a break before we know if we can transfer but I am also now feeling at a loose end! I've spent a month doing this and now on a come down and don't know what to do with myself. My holidays are 2 and 3 months away so now I'm just lost!


kelou75 · 30/06/2018 17:26

Hi everyone sorry I’m not sure if anyone can shed any light on this but I’ve seen fertility specialists and done all pre test and my partner has very low sperm count, so ivf is our only chance. Filled in forms with consultant re bmi etc and forms were sent to our primary care trust for approval. The consultant said we’d know in matter of weeks if we’d get nhs funding and today we’ve had a letter with a appointment back with consultant and forms for child welfare....does this mean we’ve been funded ? as the letter doesn’t say 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sorry probably seem dim but it’s taken forever to get to this stage


ginandtonicformeplease · 30/06/2018 17:30

@Ginandtonic31 The nurse didn't say anything about side effects for FET, but before/during EC it was all about avoiding OHSS. One of my epilepsy drugs makes the oestrogen not as effective so I'm on double the usual dose, plus of course the progesterone. DH has gone out for the day, I suspect to have a break from yours truly, but the man isn't brave enough to say that!

I had acupuncture this morning and it's relaxed me a bit thankfully. I've got another session booked in pre-transfer on Monday, and then one post-transfer later in the week.

Hi @kelou75 sorry you've had to join our thread. Our CCG doesn't fund IVF at all so I'm afraid I can't help, but I'm sure someone who knows will be along shortly. We did have to sign forms to say that we've never been convicted of/investigates for child abuse so the child welfare one is probably on similar lines.


kelou75 · 30/06/2018 17:45

Thanks for the response @ginandtonicformeplease I know it’s rubbish I wish none of us were in this situation. Well after 5 years of trying, diets, vitamins n tests, I suppose we are finally going in the right direction. I’ve hovered on few of the threads but not felt further along on the journey to comment....and seriously need to brush up on the lingo! Feel like I’ve just plodded on n tried not to think about it too much. Oh I could kill for a nice gin ( alas must be good) lime n soda for me!


Tigerlily99 · 30/06/2018 19:19

Hi Kelou75, our recent fresh cycle was NHS and to be honest, I think all the funding applications etc must have happened in the background as no one really mentioned it to us before we had our first appt at fertility clinic. At our first appt, we were told we were funded for one fresh and one frozen cycle and then cracked on. We were sent all the child welfare forms etc before our first appt so hopefully there’s a good chance your funding is approved. Perhaps you could call the clinic to double check before you go? X

OP posts:

LopeyLopez · 30/06/2018 19:44

@ginandtonicformeplease @Ginandtonic31 I think I am having quite a bad reaction to the progesterone: cyclogest, 800 mg (2 pessaries) a day. I feel awful: tired, aches, weak, grumpy, depressed, cramps, stomach ache....and my abdomen is still tender from the ec (I presume) despite it not hurting at the time. I guess it is like extended PMS, or PMS on steroids as someone said!! Funny, you'd think all the injections would be much worse, but I was fine with them; these simple pellets of cream are sending me loopy...! To top it off I can't exercise as I've been advised not to and I don't want to upset things after the trauma inside from the ec. That's where I'd usually get my stress relief and so I can't get any, and am even more fidgety and moody because of it!

How are others / did others cope with this? I have still at least 16 days of these pessaries! My skin is breaking out too, and I'm so bloated and craving do you survive?!?!?!


Ginandtonic31 · 30/06/2018 20:25

@LopeyLopez poor you 😞I can’t do transfer yet so I stopped all medication after EC. I was sore for a few days after EC though. And constipated is had that pain too. I would say it took about 4 days for me to stop feeling tender. A week later I’m completely fine. Back to swimming etc (could you swim as a gentle exercise and help stress relief?) and then got my period so back the pill now 😫


Maiarindell1 · 30/06/2018 21:11

@tigerlily99 Hi, nope on day 30 and still nothing, my scan is next Friday so hoping it starts before then. I’ve eaten my weight in chocolate today so hopefully that’s a sign it’s coming! Are you feeling ok on the buserilin?


Tigerlily99 · 30/06/2018 21:27

Hi @maiarindell- I’m feeling surprisingly OK so far! How about you? Waiting on AF which is due tomorrow. Have been having AF like pains for last 2 days but it’s not progressed beyond that yet. Hope starts for us both soon! My first scan is week after next on Tues. x

OP posts:

Maiarindell1 · 30/06/2018 21:49

@tigerlily99 A little tired over past couple of days but otherwise fine. I’ve had mild period pains throughout so have no idea what’s happeneing down there! I’ve never wished for my period to come before!! 🤞 for you too


Viletta · 01/07/2018 23:56

@kelou75 I would call the clinic and double check. We got appointment letter and forms but week before appointment got a letter saying that NHS won’t fund us.


Viletta · 02/07/2018 00:03

@LopeyLopez Hi, I have exactly same numbers!! 7 eggs, 6 mature, 3 fertilized. I have male factors, DH’s sperm is very very low count and rubbish motility/morfo. I was happy at least something fertilized from it. Waiting for the call tomorrow to see if any of these 3 develop. Do you have male factor too? Fingers crossed for you! Good luck with 3 ferties x


Tigerlily99 · 02/07/2018 09:22

@ginandtonicformeplease- good luck for ET this afternoon!

How’s everyone else?

OP posts:

Viletta · 02/07/2018 10:23

Out of 3 embryos only 1 is developing. Doctors recommend transferring it today (day 3). On my way to the clinic now xxx


Tigerlily99 · 02/07/2018 11:31

Good luck @viletta- hope it’s a sticky one! 🤞

OP posts:
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