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IVF/ICSI June/ July 2018 (Part 2)

534 replies

Tigerlily99 · 25/06/2018 23:25

Hello ladies, I think we reached the maximum no of posts on last thread so I opened a new one. Hope you are Ok with this OP (@cannonball)? X

OP posts:

Tigerlily99 · 28/06/2018 12:35

I seem to have put on half a stone in the last 1 week!. Not sure why, I’ve been snacking a lot in evenings but not that much!
@cannonball- I’ve not taken any norethisterone on this cycle so no tablets to stop.
@physicskate- try not to worry too much about how dark the line is. On my last cycle I had a fairly faint line but hcg on same day was nearly 1000 so it’s not always accurate! Hope you have a successful outcome. X

OP posts:

Ginandtonic31 · 28/06/2018 14:10

One little embryo has made it! At first I was disappointed but now I’m just grateful one has made it! At least now I can enjoy the summer and have my holidays without worrying about starting round 2. If I have to do a 2nd round at least the test will be built.


Beherenow32 · 28/06/2018 14:30

@Ginandtonic31 good news! 🤗🤗🤗


Beherenow32 · 28/06/2018 14:31

@Ginandtonic31 good news! 🤗🤗🤗


Ginandtonic31 · 28/06/2018 15:06

Thanks @Beherenow32 I wish it was more but I realise how hard it is getting any to the freezer. So now I’m a bit surplus here as nothing is happening now.


CritterTamer · 28/06/2018 15:13

@Ginandtonic31 - good news! I’m so sorry you now have to wait 6 months - I really hope it all works out for you xxx


Ginandtonic31 · 28/06/2018 15:29

Thanks @CritterTamer. You know what, I’ve realised I’m at peace with that now. Now I know the test is being built I can relax, get back to getting fit and losing some weight and enjoy my holidays I have booked. I just hope this little one is unaffected.

Thank you to everyone for the support and I wish you all luck. I will keep coming back to check. Hopefully if I have to cycle again I won’t be in a thread with any of you as you will have all moved on. X


Beherenow32 · 28/06/2018 16:28

@Ginandronic31 enjoy your me time! It’s very important to have that! Xx


LopeyLopez · 28/06/2018 17:02

Egg collection over for me - now chillin at home. There were 12 follicles and they got 7 eggs. I am ok with that. I find out tomorrow how many were mature enough / fertilised etc. Whole experience was over so fast and no bother at all - almost quite pleasant and certainly interesting from a sciency point of view....! Although my insides do ache now....going to be on the paracetamol every four hours for at least the rest of today me thinks.

Great news @Ginandtonic31 on your lovely embryo!


cannonball8726 · 28/06/2018 18:33

@HJ82 good to hear no more norethisterone! I finish norethisterone on Saturday. Counting down...

@ginandtonicformeplease The build-up of a couple of months must have been hard. But so close now!

@tigerlily99 I've been snacking a little too! Also ate out a lot last week so put on half a kilogram! I can't really blame any of this on my meds though...!

@Ginandtonic31 well done! Great news. Enjoy the next few months and all the best with testing.

Great news @lopeylopez! Hope you're resting up.

How are the TWWers doing? Good luck with tomorrow @physicskate! @crittertamer when are you due to test?


Beherenow32 · 28/06/2018 19:12

Found out today that we have 2 embryos frozen. Which is great! But having an emotional wobble tonight. Because I can feel some aches in my womb.
Oh well...

Hope you’re doing ok @cannonball8726 what stage are you at now? X


CritterTamer · 28/06/2018 20:34

@cannonball8726 my OTD isn’t until Tuesday. At the moment I’m just happy that AFIs now almost 3 days late - that’s 3 days further than I’ve ever gotten before 😊 If AF stays away that long I’ll probably test on Sunday though as I wouldn’t be able to face going in to work on a Tuesday after a BFN....


Tigerlily99 · 28/06/2018 21:24

Great [email protected] and @beherenow!

@physicskate and @lopeylopez- good luck for tomorrow!

Hope everyone is doing ok! Thanks for all the book recommendations btw. X

OP posts:

Beherenow32 · 28/06/2018 22:20

@LopeyLopez sorry! Should have said congrats on the eggs 😊 hope you’re feeling ok xx


LopeyLopez · 29/06/2018 07:16

Thanks @Beherenow32 : congrats on your embryos! Just a waiting game now....


ginandtonicformeplease · 29/06/2018 16:27

I'm on quite a high dose of progynova- 4mg 3x daily- and now adding cyclogest into the mix is making me absolutely starving all the time!

I meant to ask at the clinic but completely forgot - how many frosties do they take out of the freezer for FET? We're just transferring one, but do they take two out just in case one doesn't defrost well?


Tigerlily99 · 29/06/2018 16:31

Ginandtonicformeplease- I think it depends on the clinic. At mine they only thaw what they will be transferring. Good luck for next week!! X

OP posts:

Beherenow32 · 29/06/2018 16:56

@HayleyLIsa86 this is the new thread 😊


LopeyLopez · 29/06/2018 20:36

Well out of 7 eggs only 6 were injected using ICSI and only 3 fertilised. This is a pretty crap fertilisation rate for ICSI (50%). I read it was meant to be about 80, or at least 70%. I mean, they're injecting the sperm right into the egg!! So I really hope we have even one embryo survived for transfer on Tuesday - at this rate not sure we will. Feeling quite downhearted about it. Obviously ICSI is not the answer to our problems. Been googling like crazy all the bad things like attrition rates for IVF and low fertilisation rate for now I feel like utter shit. I just can't help myself. Already planning my next cycle...


LopeyLopez · 29/06/2018 20:37

@physicskate , how are you doing? Any update on the test? Would love to hear some good news...! X


physicskate · 29/06/2018 20:56

Sorry to hear about low fertilisation rate - but it only takes one! I have already planned for three rounds, but it looks like (at least for today), I am pregnant. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but today is a good day...

I feel both unlucky and very lucky - I have to deal with infertility which has sort of ruined me as a person, but I have had a positive result from round one (even if it doesn't stick). I am happy, but not excited - if that makes sense?


Beherenow32 · 29/06/2018 21:01

@LoeyLopez my last cycle I had 2 eggs fertilised from 7, and I did have one which made it to transfer. Hoping this will be THE one for you.

@pyhsicskate this is still good news. Even though I understand that you feel apprehensive. Do you feel ok physically?

I’ve been walking a lot today. Then felt rubbish later when I was getting some aching in my womb area 😣 this is so hard! Xx


windy2909 · 29/06/2018 21:31

As promised checking how all you ladies are doing.

Always feel the need to get my tuppence worth in....

@physicskate - amazing news! Hope things continue to go well for you!

@LopeyLopez - I think you arrived on thread after I had to bow out. I had icsi, 6 eggs and only 3 fertilised. 2 made it to day 5 and we’re good enough to freeze (freeze all due to OHSS). I know it’s hard, but keep the faith. Hope you get good news x


Ginandtonic31 · 29/06/2018 23:10

@ LopeyLopez I only had 4 eggs, 3 fertilised and 1 has made it to day 5 to the freezer. Would have liked more but as I keep saying - I’m still in the game!


LopeyLopez · 30/06/2018 06:29

@physicskate : that's great news. I understand your trepidation but, for now, in this moment, you are pregnant!! And that's amazing. So happy for you. I totally understand your feelings though. I've heard people who finally get pregnant after years of trying that they just feel numb....I imagine I would be the same.

@Ginandtonic31 @windy2909 thanks for your kind words and encouragement, and stories where a few eggs turned out to be enough. I need to step away from Dr Google and mumsnet and chill out for a few days. I don't get any update til Tuesday anyway.

Good luck to all those waiting at the various stages...

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