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IVF/ICSI June/ July 2018 (Part 2)

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Tigerlily99 · 25/06/2018 23:25

Hello ladies, I think we reached the maximum no of posts on last thread so I opened a new one. Hope you are Ok with this OP (@cannonball)? X

OP posts:

HJ82 · 03/07/2018 11:08

What's the word on exercise during stimming? I cycle to and from work and swim 2 times a week. Did you all just slow down and do gentle exercises or stop all together? I guess you just go at your own pace with what feels tolerable?

I'm nervous about how I'll feel 3-4 days into stimming. I have to travel to Birmingham for Roger Waters Saturday night. At that early stage I'll feel normal right? My left ovary hurts from one follicle growing Hmm hope I'll be fine to travel and I guess I'll carry my meds on ice on the train... any of you travel for the weekend whilst stimming?


HappyHedgehog247 · 03/07/2018 11:53

Hello Ladies

Would you be up for a late joiner? I’m about to have 2nd round of ICSI with injections starting tomorrow and egg collection hopefully around 16th. Am guessing I am running behind so might be too late.

I was on a thread last cycle and it was great to share learning and experience.

Will go and read more of the thread!


Viletta · 03/07/2018 14:05

@ginandtonicformeplease I did feel a bit of pain mostly in my cervix. It went away the next day. I think after all procedures it’s fine feeling something there but if it is painful perhaps you should ask the nurse.


ginandtonicformeplease · 03/07/2018 14:36

Thanks ladies, you've put my mind at ease. Logically it does make sense that after all the procedures it's a bit sore! Logic however doesn't appear to be my strong point at the moment .

@HappyHedgehog247 , welcome to the thread. We're all at different stages - I've just started the 2WW.


Tigerlily99 · 03/07/2018 17:09

Hi guys! Welcome @Happyhedgehog!!

Pleased to report I finally started bleed today, am so so relieved!! Fingers crossed for all of us with baseline scan and those in 2WW. Is anyone stimming at the moment? X

OP posts:

Viletta · 03/07/2018 19:33

@LopeyLopez good luck for tomorrow! Hope everything goes well x


Cobblestones · 03/07/2018 19:43

Hi all - also a late joiner. About to start a cycle of FET.

Hello again @happyhedgehog

Do you think it would make sense for us to have a different thread for those about to start a new cycle?


cannonball8726 · 03/07/2018 19:46

Three days since I stopped the norethisterone and no period yet! Cancelled my baseline scan tomorrow. Hope it comes soon! Want to start stimming now...


cannonball8726 · 03/07/2018 20:04

And after posting my last post, I'm started to get cramps... thinking I shouldn't have cancelled my baseline scan tomorrow!

Great stuff, @Tigerlily99! Hoping to join you soon on the stims.

HJ82 are you starting stims tomorrow?

Hey @cobblestones and @happyhedgehog - a few of us are about to start stimming/ have just started.

Well done on embryo transfer, @Villetta and @ginandtonicformeplease!

Best of luck for tomorrow @Lopeylopez!

How are you doing @beherenow32?


Beherenow32 · 03/07/2018 20:14

@cannonball8726 it’s always the way! Your period is coming just because you cancelled the scan! 🙈

I’m ok... I’ve kind of accepted that this is out of my control. Been keeping myself busy in the house, and it has never been so clean and tidy. I’ve been really bad though. Googling symptoms and reading all the pregnancy boards on mumsnet 😩
When I wanted my period to start I tried ginger tea, hot water bottle and walking. Good luck!

Welcome to the newcomers. There’s quite a mix of stages on this thread. So you’re more than welcome here.



Gavinmaxine1 · 03/07/2018 21:30

Just need to vent. My right ovary has whopping 25-30 mm follies but is inaccessible, so disregarding altogether. Left has follies 12-14mm. They hoping my last dose tonight will mature the left so can go ahead with collection. If not they will cancel altogether. Totally floored me today. Back in morning for more bloods & scan.. devastated today hearing could be cancelled .. let's pray the left grow few mm 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


HJ82 · 03/07/2018 21:47

@gavinmaxine1 I'm so sorry. Why can't they access it? Maybe that will change in the next 48hrs. Do you have pain in that ovary? Hoping for the best for you x


HJ82 · 03/07/2018 21:48

@cannonball8726 I'm not sure, I guess they will tell me when I have the scan. Assume you start right away 🙂


Beherenow32 · 03/07/2018 22:15

@gavinmaxine1 oh no. That’s so frustrating. When were they hoping to do your collection?

My tummy is so bloated tonight. It’s hard not to look into everything that’s going on! I am calmer tonight anyway xx


Gavinmaxine1 · 03/07/2018 22:47

@Beherenow32 @HJ82 the right ovary is too high up for catheter to reach 😞. Will know either way tomorrow afternoon.. had wee cry and I'm preparing for worst case .. such a rollercoaster this whole thing .. for everyone involved xx


cannonball8726 · 03/07/2018 22:52

@beherenow32 the incessant googling is unpredictable. I'm glad you're keeping yourself busy at the moment! Are you back at work?All the best with staying sane over next couple of days. Are you due to test on Thursday? Very best of luck to you xxxx


HJ82 · 03/07/2018 22:54

@Gavinmaxine1 argh. They must be able to move an ovary down or around... Massage? I guess that's not an option. I'm sure your other ovary will perform! You'll get your eggs I know it Smile


cannonball8726 · 03/07/2018 22:55

@gavinmaxine that is gutting- I'm really sorry. A lot can happen in two days. Fingers crossed for you. I hope your other half is looking after you during this tricky time.

@HJ82 I'm sure you will start tomorrow!


ginandtonicformeplease · 03/07/2018 23:54

@Gavinmaxine1 I hope those follies grow - I remember mine just seemed to double in size overnight!

@Beherenow32 I'm really bloated too, and I seem to be getting bigger ever day! I went to yin yoga tonight to try and take my mind off everything. Worked for about 2 minutes!


Maiarindell1 · 04/07/2018 07:17

@HJ82 I had read that you shouldn’t do intense exercise when stimming as your ovaries can get twisted 😮 I think I’m going to try to keep going to the gym for the first part of stims then lay off it towards egg collection. Hope that you are able to enjoy your Saturday night out!

@gavinmaxine1 fingers crossed for your scan today and hopefully you’ll have lots of good ones on the left.


Beherenow32 · 04/07/2018 09:02

@ginandtonicformeplease I feel like my actual stomach is being stretched to the max 😵 Are you keeping quite busy then?

@cannonball8726 no. I’m off work. I do randomly burst into tears and worry about moving too much. Hopefully will get out the house today, and off the Internet!!

@Gavinmaxine1 wishing you lots and lots of luck xx


HJ82 · 04/07/2018 12:44

@cannonball8726 scan was good. I'm starting stims tonight. But they want me to have scan and bloods Saturday. So typical. The only day of the month I have something on! Let's hope They can fit me in in the morning!

Slight dilemma.. if I start taking drugs at 8-9pm each night what happens if I have to have at 6pm one night. It's this silly fridge business. I doubt I can take the drugs to an event and do in toilet. Maybe... what do you all do if you have dinner plans? Take them later? 10-11pm? Maybe I'll just take them late to cover all bases 🤔


HJ82 · 04/07/2018 12:46

@Maiarindell1 yes I read that too. I think casual pace cycling on upright bike to work shouldn't be too bad. 🤔 I'll take the tube the 2nd week 🙂


Viletta · 04/07/2018 12:54

@HJ82 I did mine right before going to bed. So it was always around 22:30 - 23:00. I found this at no matter what were my plans I was always back for my shot. I liked my drums actually, was looking forward to them all day as I felt that I am actively doing something to help our situation x


ginandtonicformeplease · 04/07/2018 14:34

@HJ82 DH bought me a little pack that keeps drugs cool - you cool it down simply by putting in cold water! It's designed for diabetics and I found it worked really well when I had to go away overnight for work.

@Beherenow32 I'm at work (though may be on google a bit too much Blush). I started a new job a month ago, and it's really busy - I knew that if I took time off I'd go crazy thinking about it all. I feel bloated and exhausted but at least I'm keeping my mind occupied.

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